Fix: Windows update service not running

Updating your operating system (windows) is a very important process if you want to use the full potential of your system without any issue. Moreover, it helps to get rid of the annoying bugs from your system in your system and enhances the overall performance. But sometimes users get different kinds of errors while updating windows. One of them is windows update service is not running. In this post, I am gonna discuss how to get rid of this.

There are tons of suggestions available on the internet to fix update service not running but I personally think these fixes I am gonna discuss here can be very helpful for you and the main thing is that these are not time-consuming (not the last one). So, without any time waste let’s fix windows 10 update service not running.

What is windows update service not running error?

When updating your windows you see an error message with these lines windows update can’t currently check for updates because service is not running you may need to restart your system to update. It can occur for different reasons for different users.

But don’t worry this is a very common error and generally, you can fix it with some really simple steps which I am gonna discuss to update your windows successfully-

#1. Restart your computer:

In this kind of problem, your first step should restart your computer. I know it is common sense, you definitely do this without my saying, but it’s better to discuss every topic since all the readers are not tech experts.

And believe me this simple step can fix your problem in seconds so try to update your windows after restarting it.

But it doesn’t work, try the other steps too-

#2. Check your internet connection:

You need a good internet connection to update windows. Since you have to download the hole windows files come with the update you need a really strong internet connection, especially for big updates.

Therefore, if you have anything problem with your WiFi router or WiFi connection, the download will not start. So, make sure your internet connection is working fine.

You can simply connect your internet connection with other devices or open any software like Chrome, YouTube, etc, to check the health of your internet connectivity.

#3. Detect the problem with troubleshooter:

After these two steps now it’s time to check why you are getting this update service not running error and then fix it with windows troubleshooter. There is a built-in feature (troubleshooter) in windows which automatically scans your whole PC and fix the problems. But this process can take some time.

Windows update service not running

So, to fix it with troubleshooter-

  • Go to your control panel.
  • Search and open troubleshooter.
  • You can see an option fix problems with windows update, click there.
  • Then a window will pop up, just click on next and after some time it fixes the problem automatically.

Troubleshooter takes only 10-15 minutes to fix according to the problem. Once troubleshooter does it’s work, just restart your computer and try to update your windows.

#4. Cancel and reset windows update manually:

Basically in this step, you have to stop the windows update running in your background and restart the updating process manually. Because it some cases the system keeps on running in your background and you ignore it. So, it is always better to completely close the updating process then retry it manually.

Windows update service not running

In this solution, our first part will be to close the updating process completely.

  • First, open your Run by searching it in your search box (it also pops up if you type windows+R key)
  • In run type services.msc and go to services.
  • In services right click on windows update and select stop option.

Bingo, our fist part is completed. Now, the next part will be to delete the older data you have downloaded. Because, If you don’t clear the data you have downloaded earlier (should be corrupted) while getting this windows service not running error, this step may not work for you. And don’t worry, it doesn’t affect your system.

Windows update service not running

To delete the older downloaded files-

  • Open my computer.
  • Open C drive and in C drive, go to windows.
  • In windows, you can see a file named softwareDistribution.

Just delete that folder and all your corrupt downloaded data will be formatted.

Now, in the third step, we manually start the windows updating process. To do so-

Windows update service not running
  • Again go to services by Run as I described before.
  • In services right click on windows update and select start option.
  • Check if you are getting the same error.

If you don’t get any errors, congratulations, your windows update service not running error is fixed then don’t worry I have more fixes for this error.

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#5. Disable your antivirus:

You can also get windows update service not running error because of your antivirus. If you are using a free/not trustable antivirus, I suggest you turn it off for some time and then try to update your windows.

Because antiviruses scan all the files of your system and they block the suspected files for security purposes. Now, if you are using an average rated one it just can’t decide which file is really a virus and which is not. So, it blocks all the files shows strange behaviour.

And the update files(downloaded files) obviously need permission to do a proper windows update and if your antivirus blocks the files, you can see the error.

To see it, just turn off your antivirus and restart your PC and try to update your windows once more.

If the error is not fixed after disabling your antivirus, disable your windows firewall also and try to update your windows again.

#6. Update the Intel drivers:

Do you know you get these kinds of errors because of outdated drivers also? So, it is very important to keep your all drivers up-to-date like your operating system.

In case of windows update service not running error, rapid storage technology drivers could be the reason behind it (Intel). So, let’s update this driver-

Windows update service not running
  • First, go to the Intel’s official website and search for rapid storage technology drive, rst in short.
  • Then choose your windows version like windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and download accordingly.
  • Open the downloaded driver and install it by clicking next and install.

Now, after updating this driver, re-update your windows and if you are still getting the error try updating other drivers too.

#7. Clear older update data:

What if your older downloaded data is corrupted? So, I suggest to delete your older data and try to update after that. Because it can give you problem while updating windows.

To delete your older downloaded data-

  • Go to Local drive:C and then in windows.
  • In windows, right-click on softwareDistribution and delete it (you can also back up the data or just rename it and if this step don’t work just give it the older name)
  • Now, your older downloaded data will be cleared and now time to download once more. So, go to settings and try to update windows.

#8. Flush your DNS:

If you flush your DNS, the junk in your system which saves automatically while using the internet is deleted. So, it can also help you to get rid of some small but irritating windows problems.

So, what’s wrong in trying this one too. To do it-

Windows update service not running
  • Open your command prompt as an administrator (you can open it from your start menu or win+X key)
  • Then type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter.
  • After some seconds you can see a successful message.
  • After doing this step, restart your computer and try once more.

#9. Do a System restore:

If you can’t fix windows update service not running yet, you should restore your computer. Basically, after restoring, it automatically goes into the previous state (where you create a restore point) and that’s why if you apply this step problem automatically fixes.

Make sure to create a restore point in the control panel before applying any restore so that you can easily apply the backup data if anything goes wrong.

To restore your system-

  • Open control panel.
  • Go to system recovery and click on system restore.
  • Choose a previous restore point.
  • Finish this after the restore is complete.

#10. Reinstall Windows:

The last solution for you is to reinstall windows. I know it is a very lengthy process, but to fix this error, you should do it. And the updates come regularly and if you don’t update your windows, your system doesn’t work perfectly. So, if nothing works for you from the above steps, this is the final and the best fix you.

To reinstall your windows-

  • Make sure to back-up your data before doing this process.
  • Format your pen drive and insert it in your system.
  • Download the official Windows ISO files.
  • Boot your system and format C driver and install new windows 10 from your Pendrive.
  • Activate new windows with your product key.
  • Then try to update windows 10 again.

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Some frequently asked questions (FAQs):

How do I fix Windows Update service not running?

There are tons of ways available on the internet but I have discussed the top 10 best fixes and if you apply them properly, you can easily fix this error.

Your first step should be to restart your PC and try to update it again. Then turn off your antivirus and your firewall as well and do step 4. Because this 4th step is the most important one to fix windows update service not running error. In case you don’t succeed, try the others too.

Why is my Windows Update not running?

There are too many reasons due to which this error occurs. But generally, you can see it if you haven’t cleared your downloaded cache, corrupted data, etc. As my personal experience in updated PC’s these types of error doesn’t occur.

So, always keep your device updated and I am sure you can’t get this error. But, somehow if you get it these 10 fixes can easily help you, but in case you can’t comment down me below.

How do I turn on my Windows Update service?

It is very simple to turn on your windows update service-

Method 1:

You can simply update your windows in settings. Just go to settings and click on check for updates.

Method 2 (manually):

  • Open your Run by win+R.
  • Type services and enter.
  • In services right click on windows update and turn it on.

Wrapping up:

Windows update service not running is not a big issue. If you follow these steps properly I hope you can easily fix this issue. But in case if you can’t, please let me know in the comment section. I would love to help you.

That’s it for today, see you in the next post, tada:)

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