why ram is called volatile memory?

why ram is called volatile memory?

Have you ever come across the words volatile and non-volatile memory. If you are interested in gaming PC, gaming like me, then you might also think why RAM is a volatile memory?

In this post, I am gonna discuss what is volatile and non-volatile memory and why RAM (Random-access memory) is a volatile memory. So, let’s start-

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Reasons due to which RAM is called a volatile memory:

Before talking about why RAM is called volatile memory, you have to know what is volatile memory and what is a non-volatile memory.

In lemon terms, volatile memory needs the power to keep data. After the computer is turned off once, the whole data is wiped out and starts collecting data newly after reboot.

If we think about RAM, it can store data or fast forward the processing speed but will your computer is turned on. After turning off your computer it erases all the data and starts capturing data when you switch on it again.

So, RAM is a perfect example of volatile memory and now I hope after reading you understand why it is a true volatile memory.

But, on the other hand, components with non-volatile memory can store data without power also. For example, the hard disks of computers can store data without power. 

Once you insert any file into the hard drive, it will stay there forever until you delete it manually or the hard disk gets corrupted.

So in general RAM is called volatile memory and a hard disk is called non-volatile memory.

why ram is called volatile memory?

Why ROM is called non-volatile memory?

In the previous section, I have discussed why RAM is called volatile memory. Now, I am gonna discuss why ROM is a non-volatile memory.

ROM (Read-only memory ) can store data after power off the system until you manually don’t delete it. That is a feature of non-volatile memory.

That’s why ROM is called non-volatile memory.

What is volatile memory and non-volatile memory?

Basically, volatile memories are those which can’t store data without electricity or power. They erase all the stored data as soon as the system is switch off and starts recollecting the data when it turns on again.

Basically, volatile memory is installed to help in processing. RAM is a perfect example of volatile memory.

On the other hand, non-volatile memory can store data with power also. After saving data on your computer, it doesn’t wipe out automatically.

Generally, non-volatile memory is used in a hard disk, SSD, etc. That’s why it can store data without power.


I hope after reading this post, you can understand the difference between volatile and non-volatile memory and why RAM is called a volatile memory?

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