why PlayStation is the best console

7 reasons why PlayStation is the best console in the market

Are you looking for the best console which can not only give you the ultimate gaming experience but also comes in a good price range, I mean in your budget? If you are, your research is gonna be end here because in this post I am gonna discuss 7 reasons why PlayStation is the best gaming console in the whole gaming industry.

Playstation is basically introduced in 1994 by SONY and from the last two decades, it is the most popular console which actually can give a good fight with the PCs and sometimes it also beats that in some categories like price to performance ratio.

Now, I am gonna tell some facts of play station due to which other gaming consoles like Xbox, Nintendo switch are far away from it and why it is the best gaming console:

#1. Play station exclusives:

Have you ever heard about play station exclusive games? If you do gaming. Then you should hear about it. In lemon terms, the PlayStation exclusive (PS exclusive) games are extremely popular, some are even popular than PC games.

Play station exclusive games are only made and available for play station. Meaning, you can’t play those games on PC or other consoles than PlayStation. For decades, Sony’s manufacturer companies are making exceptionally good games with the awesome storyline, graphics and introduced them as exclusive titles.

Games like God of war, Marvel spiderman, Uncharted, The last of us, Days Gone, Death Stranding are one of the exclusive titles from Playstation (Sony). If you don’t know bout them, they are very very good games and PlayStation fans always eagerly wait for these game series to continue.

Interestingly, if you compare PS4 (latest PlayStation console) with XBOX one (latest Microsoft Xbox console), you realize that the hardware of Xbox one console is better than PS4, and the price difference is also not very big between the two consoles, then why Xbox one is not as popular as PS4?

The answer is simple- the play station exclusive titles. As I have discussed above there is a craze for the PS exclusive titles among the people and off course, everyone wants to have a console where they can play good games. And that’s why everyone chooses play station.

Overall, Playstation is well known for its reputed play station exclusives. I think if SONY launches PS5 with the same hardware as PS4 (just an example), still tons of people are gonna buy it because of Play station exclusive titles. So, you can understand the craze for it.

That’s why I think PlayStation exclusives are the strongest factors behind its success and making it the best console in the market.

#2. Strong Hardware:

I am not saying that play station 4 has the best hardware than other gaming consoles (Xbox one wins in this category), but seeing the price of PS4, it looks like PS4 completely justifies its price and also capable of playing games at up to 4K resolution.

Moreover, the hardware difference between the two consoles is not too huge so that it can affect performance too much.

The hardware specifications of Playstation 4 pro are:

  • The CPU contains 8 Cores and 8 threads.
  • CPU can give 2.75GHz, 4.20 TFLOPS.
  • The GPU contains 8 cores with a clock speed of 800MHz.
  • The pro model contains 1TB storage.
  • It has 8GB GDDR5 RAM.
  • 310W maximum power consumption.

Overall, if we compare this hardware with Xbox One, PS4 is only ahead in GPU. But, seeing its launch price, i.e. $399, it completely worth buying and can easily run all the modern titles.

#3. Competitive Price:

Price is also a very big factor among the consoles. Comparing all the current-gen. consoles it looks that Play station 4 pro wins the battle. This is the cheapest current-gen. gaming console with powerful hardware that can run all the latest moderns titles up to 4K resolution.

why PlayStation is the best console

Note that, Sony can customize its exclusive titles specifically for PS4 to run smoothly. But, we can say that PS4’s hardware is good because it can also run those games which are also launched in PC like battlefield V, GTA V smoothly in PS4 pro.

So, PlayStation 4 Pro comes with very powerful hardware and interestingly in between $399. If you want to buy one now in 2020, you can buy it much cheaper than its launch price:


Check the current price of Playstation 4 pro at amazon by clicking below:

If you compare this with a PC like if you build a custom PC that can give up to 4K (4K minimum settings) resolution gameplay, you have to spend at least $1500. But, in the case of Playstation 4 you are getting it is only $347 which is really cheap.

Here is the price list of all the latest Playstation consoles:

Consoleslaunch pricelatest price
Ps4$399Check Price
PS4 slim$299Check Price at amazon
PS4 Pro$399Check Price at amazon
Xbox one$499 (with Kinect)Check Price
Xbox one S$299Check Price at amazon
Xbox one X$499Check Price at amazon

So, Playstation 4 has a very exciting price and it is hoped that this same can be seen in its next console i.e. Play station 5. That’s why the price factor, which is the second most important factor after performance according to me, makes play station the best console.

#4. Marketing:

Well, without good marketing any product can’t reach to that top level and it is also a very strong factor behind Sony’s successful PlayStations. Don’t understand?

In lemon terms, Sony is properly using the marketing strategies for the benefits of PlayStation. I am not a marketing guru, but I can see how Sony makes the good game series their exclusive titles and increase the craze between players.

Not only that, Sony knows how to reveal new consoles, get advantages of excitements, create them. So, they have also bought some big game development companies so that they can make the games faster.

I don’t know but I have heard that GTA 6 is gonna be play station 5 exclusive, I don’t know, it’s still a rumor.

So, good marketing always helps in taking any product to the top level. Sony has already proven that.

#5. Amazing features:

Sonys PlayStation offers us some unique features which other consoles lack. Like play station has a custom sharing button by which you can stream, record gameplay directly in storage.

Play station also supports VR known as play station VR (PSVR) and now VR games are also trending step by step. These games are awesome and can give you real feeling like you are playing it live in that situation (but if you have motion sickness like me, you have to face many difficulties).

As Sony confirmed it’s new play station 5 controller, it has duel sense features by which you can feel different situations by the sensitivity/vibration. And you have to apply multiple pressure to execute your move, which is the next level.

So, Sony is way ahead in these types of features and can easily give you awesome gaming experience at around $350.

why PlayStation is the best console
credit: PlayStation

#6. The controller:

I hope all of you agree with me in this category. Because if you can’t get comfortable with the controller in a console, you are never gonna enjoy well any game no matter how good it is. 

And as we know, Sony is continuously working on its controllers. First, they have their DualShock features till PS4 but now the new ps5 controller will have duelSense features, you can read about it in Sony’s recent post.

credit: PlayStation

Overall, I think play station can easily beat Xbox in terms of their controllers and it is another factor which makes Plantation no. 1 console.

#7. Bigger fanbase:

No matter how powerful and good your console is, if it doesn’t have a huge fanbase, companies are not gonna make games for it frequently and that’s why PlayStation is so successful at this time.

PlayStation consoles are so popular in the market and almost every gamer wants to try it and their exclusive titles (unless some hard-core Xbox, PC fans).

So, game manufacturing companies are also making games for PlayStation so that their games are sold maximum. So, having a huge fanbase, activities users matters for maintaining the success rate.

Wrapping up:

In This post, I have discussed 7 reasons because of why play station is the best console and ruling the console war. I hope you like my points.

If you have any suggestions let me know in the comment section or mail me.

If you buy from our links, we may get some affiliate commission, but don’t worry, no extra cost for you.

That’s it for today, see you in the next one, tada:)

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