Why PC games are cheaper than console games?

Why PC games are cheaper than console games?

Do you love playing video games? If you do, then you may love this post, because today I am gonna discuss why most of the PC games are cheaper than console games.

Before starting, I am not saying that every game i.e. released on PC is less expensive than consoles like PS4, XBOX one, but we can see it maximum times. So, why this happens?

There are several factors because of which you can see the price fluctuation of games on different platforms. Let’s discuss in detail-

#1. Compititive marketplace:

If you have to buy games for consoles, there are not multiple medium available from where you can buy them. For example, if you want to buy games for ps4, you have to buy from PlayStation only or from Amazon.

Moreover, the consoles have their own exclusive titles that are only launched in their console and that particular console brand can set the value of those games.

So, there is not enough competition among platforms where console games are sold, actually, there are not many platforms also.

While, in the case of PC, there are tons of websites which provides game buying facility, there are steam, gog, origin, green man, etc. These are only a few of them.

That’s why, we can see awesome, competitive pricing in PC games because there are tons of platforms out there.

I think this is one of the biggest factors due to which PC games are less expensive or the price of the PC games decreases quickly after a few months of release than console.

#2. No physical copies:

The use of physical copies is continuously falling down in case of PC games. But, in 2020, large numbers of physical copies of games are produced for consoles and they are quite popular.

Now, to manufacture these physical discs, companies have to spend more. And that’s why the price of the game automatically increases in consoles.

However, you can also buy console games digitally, but they have to manufacture the physical copies for selling.

But, in PC games, the trend of physical copies is decreasing and gamers generally buy games in digital copies because of attractive offers.

#3. Exclusive titles:

If you use a console then you know that each console launches its own exclusive games so that gamers buy their consoles to play them.

For example in PlayStation 4, they have exclusive games like God of War, Marvel Spiderman, Uncharted, which are very popular but at the same time, they are super expensive too compared to PC games.

This is because to develop these games exclusively for them they have to pay heavily to the brands who actually make those games. And not only that, the complete advertising fees, launching costs, bug fixes costs are also bear by these console companies.

Obviously, after making any game exclusive for any console, the price of that game also increases. And this is also an important factor because of which PC games are cheaper.

#4. Advertising:

Console companies like Sony, Microsoft have to spend tons of money on advertising their products, games, consoles.

How do you think they make up this money?

Ya, you are right, they make up this money by selling their games and consoles. That’s why console games are expensive.

On the other hand, the publishers like Ubisoft, Capcom spent some grands in advertising of PC games, their games. But, compared to consoles, the is very much less. That’s why PC games are cheap.

#5. Indie games:

PC games contain Indie games (games created by individuals or by a small team) and their price is really cheap. They can’t fight with the big brands but if you don’t have a budget to buy super expensive games, you can still enjoy these Indie games since some of them are really good.

Although generally, these Indie games are not financially very strong, not comes with good graphics but according to my experience, most of them are worth buying because of their story or super fun gameplay.

Do you know Minecraft is the most successful Indie game?

But, in consoles, we can only see games from big publishers and obviously they cost too high.

So, in these Indie games the price of PC games are cheaper than consoles.

#6. Royalty fees:

Each game company that sells games in consoles they have to give the console companies royalty fees. Because of which they have to increase the price of the games so that they can make up the money.

But in the case of PCs, there are not any restrictions and fees and that’s why companies can launch those games at a cheap price for PC.

#7. Hardware manufacture:

The console companies manufacture new consoles at an interval of 4-5 years. They use more powerful parts every time for the next few years.

Now, the PlayStation 4 Pro can run games at up to 4K resolution and costs $399 while launched. If you compare it with a PC which can run games at 4K, it costs a minimum of $1000.

I know, a PC has more parts than console but the main and the expensive parts like CPU, GPU, RAM, cooling system are the same in both.

That’s why the console companies don’t receive a large amount of profit in selling consoles.

You might be thinking, why they do that? Because if anyone buys their console once, they have to purchase games from them to play. So, rather increasing the price of the console, they increase the price of the games, marketing, you know:)

That’s why we can see a huge price differences in console and PC games.

Wrapping up:

In this post, I have discussed why we find the price differences between Console games and PC games, the factors that affect their pricing. I hope after reading this post, you get my point and understand the facts.

That’s it for today, see you in the next post, tada:)

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