Why gaming laptops are so heavy?

Why gaming laptops are so heavy?

Have you ever thought about why we are getting heavier and heavier laptops every year? While slim laptops like Macbook air, Zenbook are also capable of giving good performance. Then, why laptop manufacturer companies/brands are producing heavy laptops specifically for gaming. Let’s discuss this interesting topic today.

If you are thinking laptops are heavier because of GPU, RAM then you are not completely correct. Offcourse GPUs like 2080 super makes the laptop heavy but we can see a huge physical difference between the laptop version and desktop version GPUs.

Basically, laptop GPUs are very slim since they are specifically made for laptops.

So, we can say that the GPU is not the only reason behind the heavy laptops. Then, why gaming laptops are heavy?

Well, there are too many reasons which combining, gaming laptops become heavy. Don’t worry, I am gonna cover the all reasons today.

Better airflow:

When you are using powerful parts in your laptops, desktop, the cooling is the most important factor to get maximum output from the parts. If any cooling system can’t cool down the laptop properly, then obviously user have to face problems like frame drop, overheating, etc.

Since most of the gaming laptops use powerful CPU, GPU, RAM, PSU, etc so they need more power to run and ultimately produce more heat. That’s why nowadays, gaming laptops have more space, heatsink for better cooling systems for this purpose.

Also, to make the cooling system more effective, gaming laptops consist of bigger heatsink, bigger fans, more space for airflow. And all these parts, space add on the overall weight and size of the laptop.

So, for better cooling/airflow, the weight of the gaming laptops increases. However, this is not the only reason, but this is quite a big reason. There are some other factors too behind laptop’s weight, here they are-


With the passing time, the screen quality/size is also getting importance for gaming. Gamers are understanding that there is no sense is building a powerful PC where the screen can’t show the maximum output from the cabinet.

In laptops also, manufacturers keep on refining their screens by terms of refresh rate, response time, resolution, etc. Also, gamers love big screens. It is not enjoyable to play any game on a tiny screen.

So, nowadays gaming laptops generally contain a bigger screen than older versions. But, they are not increasing the size of the laptop, they are reducing the bezels more.

Not only that, but some gaming laptops also contains two screens (one near keypad) for better gaming experience and multitasking.

So, the screen size is also impacting on the overall weight of the gaming laptops. Since we generally see a bigger, more solid screen with a higher refresh rate, response time in gaming laptops, the weight will also higher.


Why gaming laptops are so heavy?

Batteries also play a very important role in making gaming laptops heavier. As you know, gaming needs lots of power because of high-end PC parts, the battery should also be big and powerful to hold that kind of load.

So, in gaming laptops, the batteries are unbelievably huge compared to laptops for general uses like Macbook. Their battery can’t give good performance in hard-core gaming.

Also, without electricity, when you play games on a gaming laptop, it doesn’t last long while having a big battery. The reason is the same, while playing games, GPU, CPU, RAM, cooling everything is running at their extreme, and they need a huge amount of current.

Ultimately, because of the big and powerful batteries, we can see a massive increase in the weight of modern gaming laptops.


It is strange but too many ports of gaming laptops are also a factor behind their weight. In the latest laptops, we get HDMI, display port, USB Type-C, type-A, audio jack, etc, etc.

Since the number of ports placed in a gaming laptop is way more than old laptops, it directly increases the weight of them.

So, we cay say that different ports also increase the overall weight of gaming laptops.


However brands are continuously making laptop parts slimmer, but in some cases, this phase justifies powerful=large more.

Not all cases, but in majority of cases. For example, a GPU works properly if it gets enough cooling, so it needs more fans, which means it is gonna be bigger with more fans.

Not only that, the latest keyboards usually contact RGB lighting. It is also responsible for increasing the weight a bit.

I think these are the main factors that impact the weight of the gaming laptops or increases weight.

Weight comparison of different gaming laptops:

Now, I hope you have understood the several factors that put impacts on the weight of the laptops.

So, it’s time to compare the weight of some best gaming laptops. Let’s see what is the average weight of the gaming laptops and how much fluctuation we can expect from it.

Laptopsweight (pounds)K.g.check price
Asus ROG Zephyrus G143.64 pounds1.65 k.g.check in amazon
Asus TUF A155.07 pounds2.3 K.g.check in amazon
Alienware Area-51m8.5 pounds3.8 k.g.Check price
Razer Blade 15 Advanced4.56 pounds2 k.g.Check in amazon
Acer Predator Helios 3005.9 pounds2.7 k.g.Check in amazon

So, from the above table, we can see that the weight of gaming laptops varies from 3 pounds (approx) more than 5,6 pounds. So, it is hard to tell the exact weight.

But, we can see that the stronger laptop weights more. Like the ROG, predator, these laptops consist of awesome hardware for gaming and that’s why they need better cooling and ultimately their weight is also higher than others.

Overall, the weight of gaming laptops depends on what type of parts it is using and how their cooling system is.

Now, let’s discuss some frequently asked questions and their possible answer related to this topic.

Lightweight gaming laptops?

After all this conversation, is it even possible to get a lightweight gaming laptop? 

The answer will be it depends at which level (resolution) you wanna play games. If you want to do gaming in 1080P resolution, not in 4K, I think you can get not super slim, but an average weighted laptop.

However, the upcoming GPUs are gonna run games up to 8K resolution, so if you can sacrifice that, and make your mind for 1080P, yah! there are chances that you can get an average weight gaming laptop.

But, if you wanna really nail the top tier, expecting the best performance available in the market, don’t think about the weight of the gaming laptops especially for a few decades since in high-end laptops are gonna be bulky and weight until a new extraordinary invention happens.

Wrapping up:

In this post I have discus about why gaming laptops are always heavy, the factors behind it and is it possible to get a lightweight laptop.

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That’s it for today, see you in the next one, tada:)

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