Why a TV can’t be used as a monitor?

using TV as a monitor for gaming?

Yesterday, I was at my friends house and we were just playing some games. But, then he said -“I don’t know why people buy monitors when they have large TVs already”. Then I thought, I have to discuss my opinion about why you shouldn’t use a TV as your main monitor with you guys.

In this post, I am gonna specifically answer these questions- why I don’t recommend using your TV as your monitor? Is it even possible to get performance like a monitor on a TV?

Before starting, I am not saying you can’t connect your TV with your CPU. You can, but what about the results. If you do it, you may have to face problems like lazy cursor movement, frustrating response time, etc.

That’s why, a TV can’t actually replace a monitor by its performance.

Can a TV give the same performance as a monitor?

If you are also thinking except the size there is not a vast difference between a TV and a monitor, you are completely wrong. You are observing them by looks-wise.

People often think, man I need an HDMI, VGA port to connect my super big TV with my CPU cabinet, then why should I buy a monitor separately? If you are thinking the same, you should read the following.

Do you know according to a survey a super expensive TV gives response time up to 20-40 times less than a good gaming monitor?

In terms of modern monitors, they can give up to 1ms response time with 240Hz refresh rate. So, if we compare it with the refresh rate and response time of a high-end TV (gonna be super expensive), then we can imagine the real difference, right?

Now, if you are wondering what are refresh rate and response time, here why they mean:

Refresh rate:

Refresh rate means how many times a monitor can display new pictures in a second. Since the videos we see are the summation of lots of pictures that’s why having a monitor with a higher refresh rate gives of smoothness and performance while using any PC.

Why a TV can’t be used as a monitor?

If you are a gamer, you really need a good refresh rate to compete there.

In 2020, you don’t have to pay much higher to get a monitor with a good refresh rate, 144Hz. Now, 144Hz means the monitor can update/change the images 144 times in one second.

However, if you have money, you can also go with 240Hz monitors, they are just awesome.

So, if we compare the refresh rate of a monitor with a TV, modern TVs can also give a good refresh rate (60Hz), but the problem occurs in response time. But, I haven’t seen any TV giving refresh rates like good monitors, which I think is a drawback.

Response time:

In lemon terms, the response time refers to the time takes by a monitor to change/update the pixels.

Some also say that it as the time taken to respond to any command given by you by your monitor. On an average, the decent priced monitors come with a response time of 1 millisecond.

But, super expensive TVs take from 20 to 40 times more than it to respond. However, it is often seen brands display lower response time but ultimately a TV can never give output as promised.

So, if you want to play games on your PC, a TV is probably not gonna be a good option for you. You can see that, a tv can’t compete with monitors in terms of refresh rate and especially response time.

I hope after reading this, you have understood about Response time and refresh rate and why they are very important for any high-end work. If you are thinking only these two factors differs a Tv from a monitor, wait, there are tons of other factors too, let me explain-

Color accuracy:

Do you like to edit photos and videos on your computer? If you do, just don’t use a TV for this purpose. Because the color accuracy of any TV is not very perfect.

Why a TV can’t be used as a monitor?

You might be thinking how can this be even possible? After all, TV shows better and crystal clear images and videos, right? But that’s not true always.

A TV is made for entertainment. That’s why the pictures, videos shown by any TV make them more cinematic (which everyone likes). Because of it, people feel the pictures/videos are dull while seeing them in their monitors. But their colors are accurate.

If you just edit any video in a TV, it is gonna look awesome in the TV only, since you are not seeing the right color, rather a cinematic look of it in the TV, when you upload those particular graphics in any social media, watch in your mobile or monitor, you might get disappointed with that.

So, if you are a professional in graphics designing, do graphics works or love doing editing, TV can’t give good results for you.

TV is not good for long run:

If you work hours a day on your computer, the monitor will be the best option for you. Sitting in front of a big screen can also affect your eyesight.

Moreover, a TV is not made for near uses, while a monitor is only made for that purpose. So, it is way better to use a monitor for hard-core PC users than a TV.

Here are the top reasons because of which a TV can’t be used as a monitor. I am not saying you just can’t connect, you can. But, a TV can never fulfill the requirements a PC user wants from his computer. So, should you use your TV as your monitor?

should you use tv as a computer monitor?

I am related to computers and games for over a decade now and after trying lots of things, my answer will be NO. A year back, I also connected my 55-inch TV as a monitor. For some days I got an awesome feeling.

Playing games and seeing videos in a 55-inch foom a computer gives another feeling. But, after a week, I got frustrated with its problems:

The response time of the TV is too bad while my Tv is a high-end one ($1500). Then I thought it was my TV’s problem only but when I checked it on the internet, it wasn’t only me, tons of people were getting the same problem.

The second problem is that it is not possible for me to sit in front of such a big screen. Since I am a hard-core computer user, I spend at least a few hours with the computer a day and with a TV, that’s not possible to look it constantly (nearer) for hours at least for me.

That’s why I don’t recommend using your TV as a monitor for your computer at all. Rater you can just buy a cheap monitor if the price is an issue for you.

But, if you are a console user, you can use TV to play games. I know in this case also, you have to face response time issues, but since most of the consoles games are not competitive games, you can use a TV as monitor for consoles without having many troubles.

Wrapping up:

That’s why if you are thinking of using a TV, ya, you can totally use that, but you are never gonna get the joy in playing high-end games while editing videos and doing high-end works.

Basically, a TV and a monitor have their own advantages and disadvantages and can’t fulfill each other’s requirements.

I hope after reading this post, you have understood why you shouldn’t use your TV as a computer monitor. Comment down below if you have queries regarding this topic.

That’s it for today, see you in the next one, tada:)

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