Which processor is best for you || Intel vs AMD

Which processor is best for you || Intel vs AMD:

Howdy gamer’s welcome to my new post and today I am gonna talk about one of the biggest rivalries in PC world “Intel vs AMD

Do you want to build your own PC and finding which processor (CPU) is best for you? Whether it is Intel or AMD, then this post is for you. In this post, you know how to choose a processor for your PC according to your system requirements and budget as well.

So before starting you should know some terms like processor cores, threads, clock speed, etc.

Here is a description so you can know the parts of a processor:


Let’s understand this with an simple example. If a processor is a human body then cores like the hands of the body. If the processor is quad (4) core, assume your body with 4 hands.

Now if you are asked to do a work then you work with your hands, like this the work by the processor is done by the cores. So do you think higher cores equal to higher performance?

Well, this is true but due to a level. If you have two healthy hands and others has two average hands then the speed of processing work of yours is obviously better than others. But maybe the diet (power consumption) of your hand is much then other ones. So too many factors depend on the overall performance.

So simply cores mean the efficiency of processing a command. If you have more cores then a command is divided and distributed to all cores and they do the work and combine the work and so you get the fast result.

But if work can’t be divided, then there is a need for multiple cores. If a work can be done by only a single core then why you go for multiple?
So it is very important to choose a processor with more core or less like quad-core, hexa-core, octa-core according to your need in your budget.

Clock speed:

Clock speed is basically the speed of the work done by the processor. The processor also pumps like a heart. Assume that you have a room and a door in the room. You have to open the door and go to the other room by opening the door. So the rate of open of the door is like the clock speed of the processor.

The more your door open, the more percentage for your going in the other room. Like that the more your processor’s clock speed is the quickly your CPU can solve your command.
But if your clock speed is more then your processor needs more power.
Now let’s go which CPU you should choose for better performance:


The first category is obviously price. In this factor, AMD is better than Intel. Don’t matter it is Ryzen 3, 5 or 7, AMD always ahead from Intel.
The price of Intel processors is a little bit (sometimes huge) higher than AMD ones.

Clocking speed:

If you want to play games at a good frame rate then clocking frequency/speed is very important for you. Intel processors have a way better-clocking frequency than AMD ones. So if you have a good budget please go with Intel processors.

Single-core performance:

See, the single core is one of the most important factors in gaming. If your single core performance is high enough then you can be able to get a decent fps and smoothness in the gameplay, while if your single core performance is not quite good then your fps decrease. Because a game doesn’t use all core, the modern gamed use up to quad-core while gaming, so if your those four cores are not powerful enough then obviously your performance sucks. So no matter how many cores you have but it is better to choose processors with higher capacity. In for core performance, Intel is always ahead from AMD. So if you are fond of gaming go with Intel.

Multi-core performance:

But in multi-core factor, AMD beats Intel. AMD is giving 4 core processor’s almost the same rate with Intel 2 core processors.

Long life battery:

If you are looking for a laptop and you want long-lasting battery life, simply go with Intel.AMD consumes power much more than Intel processors.


AMD processor’s heating is higher than Intel processors. So if you want your PC/laptop cool then go with Intel ones.


It completely depends upon you which processor companies you give preference. I try to give information so that you can be able to choose the right one. Best of luck for your processor journey, I hope you can choose the best for you. If any suggestions please comment below.

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