What is V Bucks and how to get them free in Fortnite?

Hey guy’s I am back with another awesome post, especially for fortnite lovers. Today I am gonna write about the currency of fortnite game. Yes, it’s V bucks and also writes how you can get them for free without wiping out your bank account. So, without any time waste let’s start our new post what is V bucks?

Before I start, there are too many options to get v bucks for free. But, all the sources are not safe. So, make sure to verify if they are really reliable from which you are gonna get free v bucks. Because most of them use you and don’t give any output. Or you can simply go with my ways to earn free V Bucks because I have personally used them and they are secure since all I am gonna tell is about in-game activities.
First, know what is V bucks in fortnite.

What is V Bucks and how to get them free

What is V bucks?

Basically, V bucks are the in-game digital currency of Fortnite by which you can buy awesome dress, emotes, skins and also the Battle pass. Using these V bucks you can become more attractive and can collect many unique items from the game.

Overall, there are too many options to get superb cosmetics with V Bucks. After using these cool items you can be undoubtedly one step further from your 99 competitors (by look wise:-). But these cosmetics can’t affect your gameplay at all. So, if you don’t want to buy them (even for free), it’s ok.

The Fortnite Battle Pass costs around 950 V Bucks. And every fortnite Player has a dream of buying it once. The Battle pass also consists of superb items and you can’t get them without Battle Pass. To buy it you can use V Bucks gift card also.
Now, the fact is that what to do if you don’t have enough money to buy these V Bucks? well, that’s why I am writing this post. Let’s discuss how you can get these free V Bucks.

How to get free V Bucks:

Now, let’s talk about how you can get V Bucks free of cost-

#1. Completing Events:

Fortnite comes with exciting events and if you completed them you get huge amount of V Bucks. Generally, they bring these events with new characters, new updates, etc. If you want to receive huge amount of V Bucks please keep seeing the events from time to time.

Not only that if you are successfully did the instructions given in the events, you get awesome items like skins, outfits, etc to make your character fancy. So, these can be a game-changer for you without spending your real money.

#2 Completing daily challenges (only for Fortnite’s Save the World mode):

If you own Fortnite’s Save the World mode, this method is probably the best way for you. Because Fortnite himself gives an opportunity to earn free V Bucks to the players.

They do this because they need more involvement of players in the game and by giving them some V Bucks and cool cosmetics, this can inspire every single player to play Fortnite all the time. That’s simply what epic games wanting.

However, these challenges refresh daily and if you can complete them you are gonna gifted approximately 50 to 100 V Bucks, which is really awesome. Thereafter if you can be able to get them all you can easily spend them in-game purchases in Battle Royal mode as well as Save the World mode.

#3. By completing Battle Pass challenges:

Well, you might be thinking that how can I get free V Bucks from Battle pass without purchasing it by real money?

Here is the answer- If you somehow complete the challenges given in battle pass, you can rank higher in Battle pass. And with the increase in Battle Pass with Battle stars you are rewarded with beautiful outfits, emotes, skins and also V Bucks.

In this way, you can be able to get more V Bucks by playing fortnite. But, this method is not predictable. Because there are also possibilities of not getting V Bucks as it completely depends on your luck (and fortnights pattern:-). For this reason, I suggest this trick with those who can’t buy Fortnites Save the World mode.

By using this tactic you can simply get V Bucks.

#4. Login Rewards:

I don’t know why I am mentioning this, but you already getting free V Bucks if you play fortnite regularly. Because fortnite gives rewards many awesome items if you log in to your fortnite account daily. And these rewards contain V Bucks also.

So, it can be also a good way of getting free V Bucks. But, this is the slowest way ever to get Free V Bucks. Make sure to log in daily for free V Bucks.

#5. Timed Missions:

These times Missions are also a good source for collecting free V Bucks. These missions refresh daily and each can give you at least 40-50 V Bucks.

Do you want to know how to see the timed missions? It’s very simple. Go to the map and you see a clock symbol. This symbol refreshes every 24 hours. Basically, this is your time challenge. You have to complete it and you will be rewarded.

You get too many different things if you can complete this challenge. But, the only mini-boss challenge can give you real V Bucks. So, make sure to play only that for getting free V Bucks.

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What is V Bucks and how to get them free


Fortnite is now one of the top played games in the Earth. So, obviously, Players are always looking to get free V Bucks. And seeing this, many dishonest people promise you to give free V Bucks and they are actually a scammer. Don’t fall into their traps.

The ways I mentioned in my post are the most secure ways to earn free V Bucks. Keep playing, complete the events and you will be automatically getting these V Bucks.

The actual price of V Bucks:

But, if you need V Bucks urgently then I suggest you to buy it with real money as the methods I mentioned above can give you V Bucks but it is a very slow process. You don’t get them altogether. So, for quick V Bucks buy them with real money.

For your help here is the actual price of V Bucks-

Amount of V Bucks Actual Price
1,000 $9.99
2,000 $24.99
5,000 $39.99
13,500 $99.99

Real costs/price of V bucks:

For purchasing a fortnights Battle Pass, you need 950 V Bucks. And if you purchase 1000 VBucks you have to pay $10. So, according to me, you should buy V Bucks worth $10.

For your help, I give you the best value for money packs of V Bucks.

As I said before, if you want to buy only Battle Pass, I suggest you go with 1000 V Bucks pack since it costs only $10 (actually $9.9). But if you want to buy it single you have to pay more. That’s why I prefer to buy these in a bundle.

If you want more V Bucks, don’t worry 2,800 pack is best for you. The actual cost of this lack is $25 ($24.9) and it gives you 2500+300 bonus V Bucks, which is really awesome. I suggest this pack for those who want to buy awesome items with V bucks.

Don’t want to stop here, I have also a $39.99 pack which can give you 4000+1000 bonus V Bucks. With the increase in money, you get more bonus and you can utilize them to shape your character like a pro.

The last pack I have for you is $99.99 plane and on this pack, you get around 10,000+3,500 bonus V Bucks. This pack is for hardcore fans who don’t see money in front of Fortnite.

With these V Bucks, you can buy different types of Fortnite items like outfits, cosmetics, emotes, etc. You can also get them from your Battle Pass, but if you have a huge amount of V Bucks it is very easy to buy them at once and also you can unlock every single item quickly by using V Bucks. Overall, from look wise these V Bucks play a very important role in fortnite.

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How to buy V Bucks:

When you are on lobby move your mouse courser to the top-right corner where you can see ‘V‘ option. If you click there you directly go to the V Bucks store where you can easily select your V Bucks pack, payment method, etc. After your payment is done you receive V Bucks and can use them according to your wish.


I hope after reading this post you have a proper idea about what is V Bucks and how to get them for free? The ways I mentioned here are totally safe as they are offered by Epic Games, publisher of Fortnite himself. But, don’t trust unofficial sources to buy V Bucks, Battle Pass for fortnite.

If you have any kind of problem just comment down below and I will try my best to solve it. See you in the next post, tada!

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