water cooling vs air cooling

Water cooling vs air cooling, which is the best in 2020?

As you know, water cooling is the new trend and seeing its increasing demand, after some years we can see a significant amount of people building their own water-cooling PCs like air cooling nowadays.

The water cooling system comes with tons of benefits compared to air cooling but it has its disadvantages too. Are you still confusing around water cooling vs air cooling? Which one you have to choose? Don’t worry, in this post, I am especially gonna discuss which is better between water cooling vs air cooling in 2020. So, let’s start-

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Water cooling vs air cooling:

water cooling vs air cooling

Which can cool better?

We mostly use Air or water coolers for cooling computer parts like processor and graphics card but the question is which can do it better?

See, air cooler just throws away the warm air from the computer cabinet to outside and that’s how it can maintain the CPU temperature. But, in heavy uses, when you overclock your computer, your computer may be heated up more than general cases.

In that situation, air coolers are not too effective. Since they only sent the hot air outside, they simply can’t work properly where a high amount of heat is produced.

But in the case of water coolers, they directly work on a specific part. Like you have to give a direct supply of water (distilled water) to a specific part whether it is GPU or CPU.

And water cooling runs on distilled water or other colored liquids however you have to install fans with it, but cooling with water is much more efficient than traditional air cooling.

Overall, water cooling PC performs way better than air cooling PC, especially in high-end uses. If you think that you are gonna use your PC at such an extreme level, overclock it and importantly afford it, ya, you can definitely choose a water cooling PC.

Produce less noise:

Have you ever noticed when you start overclocking your PC, it produces more heat and cooling fans produce noise? If you are also irritated by this noise, which is a common problem seen in gamers, a water cooling PC can be a very good option for you.

Since the whole air cooling system works on fans, so obviously with the increasing temperature, the fans have to work more and more hard (faster) and that’s why you have to compromise with noise with air cooling.

On the other hand, water cooling directly cools pc parts via water and that’s why the few fans don’t have to work hard and you don’t have to hear those irritating sounds.

So, water cooling PC produces less noise compared to air cooling and perfect you if you hate irritating noise of cooling fans.

Good for overclocking:

If you want to get the maximum performance from your PC parts like form processor, graphics card, you must have to overclock them. And I have discussed- overclocking your PC can produce hot air, which is not good. That’s why we need a good cooling system.

Now, water cooling can perform better than the general air cooling system. Since water cooling directly controls the temperature of any part via water, it becomes pretty easy to cool down the system parts which are overclocked frequently.

Moreover, a water cooling system can work more efficiently and give way better results than an average air cooling system.

On the other hand, the air cooling system works the whole computer, it keeps on sending hot air outside of the case. This theory works well until a computer doesn’t heat up too much.

But, when it heated up very high (when overclocking), air cooler can’t handle it well. But, the premium air coolers (comes with thermal paste) are also quite effective like water cooling.

Overall, a water cooling system can perform better than an air cooling system when the system is overclocked.


This is the most important factor for budget gamers. Every time, you don’t have the luxury to spend thousands of dollars on a gaming PC. Interestingly, the gaming industry is running on most of the teenagers and most of them can’t get such a big amount of money. So, price is a really important factor, especially in the gaming category.

A powerful air cooler costs around $100 but to buy a water cooling system you need at least $300, which is very expensive especially for casual gamers.

That’s why most of the people can’t afford it. But, if you are in a competitive gaming field, you should go for a water cooling system.

Overall, the water cooling system costs you around 3 times more than an air cooling system.


Look matters. Nowadays, PC users like to have awesome RGB lighting, cool-looking parts in their computers. And RGB parts can give 100 times more fps:) just joking.

If you compare a water cooling system and air cooling system, the water cooling system looks better than air. The perfect combination of pipes consisting of water, RGB fan makes the computer like heaven.

Since everyone has different choices, some also like air-cooled systems. Moreover, the water cooling system is not enough popular yet, some even don’t know about it.

So, it can’t be told perfectly which one more liked by the majority of people in terms of looks, but I personally love water cooling PC more.

These are the direct comparison between air-cooled PC vs water-cooled PC and interestingly, water cooling PC wins most of the time except the most important factor i.e. price.

So, ya you can definitely choose any of the two according to your need. Now, let’s discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages of a water-cooled PC.

Advantages of water cooling PC:

Awesome for cooling specific parts:

The water cooling not only cools down your CPU but I also the graphics card directly with the help of only one water cooling system and GPU mounting kit.

If you deal with competitive gaming of other high-end computer stuff, water cooling is perfect for you. It can continuously maintain the temperature of the cabinet and also the exhaust fans send the hot air of other parts outside because the main parts of your PC which produces heat are gonna be cool down by the water.

That’s why a water cooling system is awesome for professionals and can cool the system with extreme parts quiet well.

Good for hot/summer days:

Generally in hot weather, the airflow gets hot quickly and air-cooled systems face problems in cooling. But, in the case of water-cooled PCs, since they directly cool parts via water, the weather doesn’t affect it most.


If you don’t live the irritating sounds of air-cooled PCs, water cooling systems are for you. Because the fans of the water cooling system don’t create noise too much and major parts are cooled by water, it becomes very quiet.

Awesome of customization:

Do you like customized computers? If you do, with water cooling systems you can easily customize your computer at a high level and also apply the fancy RGB lighting.

Undoubtedly, you can also customize your air-cooled PC too, but comparatively water-cooled PCs look better than the other one.

Disadvantages of water cooling PC:

With advantages, water cooling computers also have disadvantages too. So, let’s discuss the disadvantages of it-


As I have discussed above, the cost of water cooling systems is around 3 times more than expensive air cooling systems.

On average, a complete water cooling kit costs around $250-$300, very expensive, you know.

So, water cooling is not for budget PC builders.

Should have proper planning:

If you haven’t build your PC before, you should not directly build water cooling PC without any research.

It is a little bit tricky to install than air coolers and very important to have good knowledge about the products you are gonna use for the water-cooled PC. 

So, make sure to know about it first before practically starts building it. Other, you can also make from professionals.

I hope, now you have understood which one you have to buy for your PC, water cooler or air cooler.

Which one you should use, water cooling vs air cooling?

Since water cooling is the most powerful and can cool system at an extreme level, so high-end users should consider it.

water cooling vs air cooling

On the other hand, those who use computer for casual gaming, YouTube, twitch streaming, I don’t think you need to buy such an expensive product.

Moreover, it is very important to have good planning before actually starts building a water cooling system. It is a little bit complicated than orthodox air cooling.

So, if you have a good budget and importantly use your PC at that level, go ahead and buy it. Otherwise, air cooling is perfect for you.

Here is some best water cooling kit you can buy:

Thermaltake Pacific C360 water cooling kit with 5V pump:

This is the best water cooling kit I have ever seen. You may also see this kit in tons of water cooling PC builds since it is pretty good in performance and also awesome in looks.

This fully customizable RGB Water cooling kit supports all the latest motherboards from Asus, MSI, gigabyte, etc. and can give really amazing performance nd cool download your PC.

One kit of Thermaltake consists of a pump, copper radiator, RGB fans, ARGB water block, liquid, etc. Overall, you get all the requirements to build your own water cooling system in This kit.

Not, only that this kit also comes with a 2 years warranty, which is really helpful.


Check the latest price of this water cooling kit from here:

EKWB EK-kit RGB 360:

Although its a heavy price, this water cooling kit from EK is the next level. It features fully customizable RGB lighting.

water cooling vs air cooling

A water cooling kit of EK contains a water pump, RGB fans, a CPU water block and all the materials which you need to build your own water cooling system.

Note that, most of the parts of this kit comes with RGB, so it looks amazing if you apply colorless distilled water.


Check the latest price of this EK-kit RGB from below-


In this post, I have discussed the advantages of water cooling PC, disadvantages of it and also which one you have to choose. I hope after reading it, you get sufficient information to choose one according to your wish.

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That’s it for today, see you in the next post:)

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