Top 11 Pro tricks to Play Pubg like a Boss

Top 11 Pro tricks to Play Pubg like a Boss:

Howdy gamer’s, welcome to my new post and in this post, I am gonna talking about some best tips to play Pubg so that you can survive, kill and improve your skills in gaming.

Pubg is a multiplayer game and it is one of the biggest games in the gaming industry. This game is the next level where you can make strategies with your teammates to kill others squads.

When it launched a free version in mobile i.e. Pubg mobile it became the most played multiplayer game last year and broke many records as well.
Overall The feeling while playing this game is amazing.

Top Tricks for playing like a pro:

1. landing is the most important:

I think to choose a perfect landing place is very important. If you like to rush, kill then you should go to the places where too many players come like pochinki, military base etc.

But if you want to play safe then you can go to Other places where generally players don’t go.

2. Take Cover before fire:

many people fire without thinking and proper cover due to which they have to suffer. So take cover first, then attack your enemies. 

3. The map is important:

You have to look at the map time to time. If you don’t you are wasted in the zone. The majority of people think for a good loot first. But you should look at the map first and if you are in a safe zone.

Top 11 Pro tricks to Play Pubg like a Boss:

4.Enable peek and fire:

This option really helps to fire when you are in cover. If you don’t enable it yet, you can’t see this option. You have to enable this by going into settings and after enable, you can fire from cover by slightly bending your body.

5.Knock out first:

If you are facing a sandwich situation means you are surrounded by several enemies, then you should knockout them first. This can profit you in two ways.

First, if the knockout one’s partner comes to revive him, then you can also kill his partner. 

And if you are dealing with too many enemies you have to react fast, if you wasting your time in killing one enemy after the knockdown, then other enemies can kill you.


6. Vehicles are better than foot:

If you are traveling a big distance to go to a safe zone, then vehicle is the best option for you. And this also helps to get rid of enemies fire for a level.

Even I also recommend carrying a gas can for critical moments.

7. Use the pan:

Do you know no bullet can pass across the pan, not even AWM? So if you don’t have a gun, you can also kill your enemies with this pan.

8.Use grenades:

If you are fighting against a team then you can use grenades to kill the team at once.

9. Don’t leave doors open:

If you see the doors of a house is open then you know that someone is in the house, this also implement on you. Never leave doors open, if you do this enemy comes and kills you and you can’t do anything.

10.drops are dangerous:

Looting drops are not easy. You have to go in proper cover with your teammates. Remember everybody is looking for a drop and there are possibilities someone is looking at you with a scope and when you go to loot in the drop they kill you.

So be careful while looting drops. 

11. Knowledge of Guns:

You should have a good knowledge of guns found in this game so that you can choose the right one according to your needs and wish.


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