Fix: Steam won’t open in 20 ways

Steam is one of the best platforms to buy PC games. But, before a month, when I was trying to open to play GTA V, steam won’t open. Then, I did lots of research to fix it and finally fix this problem. Now I think I have to share my research to get rid of this problem.

What do I do if my Steam game won’t open?

There could be too many reasons due to which, you are seeing this problem. Since there are too many reasons, obviously there are too many solutions to fix it. Here are the top 20 best ways to fix steam isn’t opening-

Please backup your Steam's Data before doing these steps

#1. Close steam:

The basic step I think you have to do is close it for some time. Don’t forget to exit steam from the taskbar After closing it by clicking the cross icon on your window.

It is very important to close steam from the taskbar also unless it will run in the background. To do so, simply click on the taskbar icon, expand it and right-click on the steam icon and exit from it. But, if you can’t see the steam icon after expanding your taskbar, you don’t have to close it from the taskbar.

Then relaunch steam and see if it is fixed(steam is working/opening)? It is strange but it works more than 30 out of 100 times.

Steam won't open

If you don’t get succeed, don’t worry I have more 19 steps for you.

#2. Shut down your system for some time:

The next step you should do is shut down your PC. If you have tried the previous step and get no results, just close every software running in your computer and shutdown it.

Some people advise to restart the system but as per my personal experience, in this case, wait for 2,3 minutes after shutdown gives a more positive result.

Then power on it after 2-3 minutes and check if steam is opening or not.

#3. Check your internet connection:

Steam isn’t an offline software. Obviously, you are gonna need a good internet connection to open it. So, just give a look at your internet connection.

If needed don’t hesitate to restart your router or turn off your wifi connection for some time. Let’s move towards the next step:

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#4. Run as administrator:

This simple trick has the power to solve tons of computer problems. Just right click on the steam icon and run it as administrator and hit ok.

Then see if you can get rid of steam won’t open problem.

#5. Flush your DNS:

If you have an old internet connection or you are using the same internet connection no matter from wifi, router, etc, please do this step before moving forward. Because corrupt data can be stored in your system if you are using the same internet connection for a long time.

Steam won't open

If you do this step, all your corrupt data will be cleared.

To do it, open command prompt by clicking win+X key. Then type that command ipconfig /flushdns and wait until you see a successful message.

After doing this step, check once again by opening steam.

#6. Check your computer parts:

It’s very important to check your PC components if you are getting steam won’t open the problem. Because, if one of them stops working it can directly impact the output.

Checking RAM:

RAM (Random Access memory) basically boost your computer and also help your CPU by taking the load. Due to RAM, you get smoothness in games, softwares. So, more powerful RAM you have, your overall system will be more smooth as well as powerful.

Steam won't open

To check, if your RAM is working fine or not, just right click on my computer icon and go to properties. There you can see your RAM status just like I have seen you in the image.

It is good to see your other parts like GPU but if they don’t affect steam software directly. So, it’s ok to check RAM only.

#7. Fix steam:

(Please Back-up data before applying this method)
Do you know steam has a repair feature? Yes, you can simply repair steam by the following method. To do this step, go to the folder where you have installed Steam. Generally, it always installs in the C drive but in case if you have changed the path, you have to go to the folder where steam is installed. You can see it by right-clicking in the steam icon and click in open file in the location.

Let’s assume C drive in my case, search for steamappps in C drive and copy the file and paste it in the documents folder.

First, go to your C drive and search for steamappps and click on open folder location after right-clicking the folder.

Then go to steam’s official website and download the steam installer and after downloading it will automatically ask for repair.

This is the best method to fix steam won’t opening error without uninstalling it. But, if you don’t get succeed yet, move on to my next step.

#8. Monitor your antiviruses activity:

Do you know cheap antiviruses can block software/games? Yes, it is true. Antiviruses always monitor your system’s activities. They scan all the small-big files of your PC.

But, if in the case of cheap antiviruses, they can’t decide properly which file is not a virus and which is. So, sometimes they delete small files of games, software due to which you have to suffer.

Just turn off your antivirus and restart your system and try opening steam. And please choose a premium antivirus if you are fond of gaming.

Let’s move towards our next step

#9. Update drivers:

It is very important to keep your drivers up-to-date. If you don’t do it, you might see more problems like that.

So to update your drivers go to your device manager by pressing win+X key and there update the drivers manually by right-clicking them.

Steam won't open

But if you don’t wanna do it just go to this website, install the software and they automatically scan your computer and update drivers.

But make sure to have a good internet connection throughout the whole process.

#10. Untick compatibility settings:

Steam actually doesn’t support Windows 7, 8, 8.1(the latest version). It is specially designed for windows 10. So if you are using one of these old o.s. make sure to do the following step.

Right-click on the Steam icon and go to properties. In properties go to compatibility and untick the box run this program only for … as shown in the picture and finally save it.

You are done, I hope now you shouldn’t face the error steam won’t open.

But, I always recommend using Windows 10 to use software like steam without any disturbance and buttery smooth gaming.

#11. Try checking extra devices:

If you are using external hard drives, USB adapter, etc. Storage devices try to open steam after disconnecting them.

This because, if you don’t disconnect the external drive for a long time, some files of your PC automatically save there.

#12. Don’t overclock your GPU, CPU:

If you overclock your GPU and CPU regularly, you should disable it for some time. You can read how to overclock a system and how to disable it from here.

Don’t get success, don’t worry, let’s move:

#13. Clean your PC:

It’s not only a good habit but also you can escape from many problems(computer regarding) if you clean your PC after an interval of time. Because if you use a PC for a long time junks, softwares that you don’t use anymore, files stored in your device. And it can also harm your device. So, let’s clean your PC.

First, go to programs and features and uninstall all the unused software by simply right-clicking them. Then empty your recycle bin. And you can also delete unnecessary files to completely avoid this type of problems.

#14. Update your windows:

If you are using Windows 10, then you should keep it updated. Because personally I get tons of errors like this because of not updating my operating system for a month.

To do this, go to settings, then in settings go to Windows update and click on check for update and you are done. After some time update will automatically installed in your PC.

With every new update, companies like Microsoft fixes various bugs, so after updating windows generally, these types of problems solved.

#15. Clean your boot menu(in BIOS):

Steam won't open

Some softwares run in the background of your screen and there are possibilities they restrict steam to open. To solve it you have to clean them.

First, open Run and type the code msconfig and hit enter. Then a menu will pop up, go to the services section and there select all and disable them. Then go to start-up and click on open task manager.

After that select everything you don’t need (if any) and disable them too.

Therefore hit on the apply button. And simply restart your system. Check if your steam account in loading or steam won’t open.

Steam won't open

#16. Change your CMOS battery:

Do you know if your date time is wrong, you can’t search for anything in your chrome browser? If the CMOS battery (in your PC) is expired, you can see this problem. And all the problems regarding time on computer cusses due to CMOS battery.

So, please check your CMOS battery and Change it if you are facing problems with data and time.

#17. Check your hard drives:

Hard drives can also be an important factor in this problem. If some parts of your hard drive are corrupted or damaged, it loses data. Overall, you can see problems like steam won’t open.

Please, check if your hard drive is alright to do it, go to This PC and right-click on C drive. Then go to properties and in properties go to tools option. Now, you can see an option like check. Click here and simply allow and after scanning it will automatically say you the results.

You can also do it for the other drives.

#18. Scan files:

In this step, we are gonna scan if all files are alright. Open your command prompt and type chkdsk c: /f (note that if you have installed steam in another drive like D or E, type that in place of C in the code) it scans your drive and says that if it is ok or not.

#19. Reinstall steam:

If your problem hasn’t finished yet, the only way remains is to reinstall steam. Because it is the best way to get rid of this problem. To do it open program and futures and uninstall steam by Right click on the steam icon.

Then go to its official website and simple download steam. After installing it you are ready to go.

#20. System recovery: (I don’t recommend)

What to do if you don’t want to uninstall steam? Then you should perform a system recovery. But, to do it you have to back up your data before steam stopped working. I don’t suggest it because after this system recovery all your PC data might be erased.

So, please prefer #19 step before this. To do a system recovery, go to settings and there go to recovery option. There go to advanced startup and click on restart now.

After some time a blue window will be pop-up, just click on troubleshoot, in troubleshoot go to advance option and apply your restore.

After some time your restore will be completed.

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Why is my Steam not opening?

There are tons of reasons due to which your steam won’t opening. But generally, I see this problem occurs because of your internet connection or corrupt files.

SATA hard disks are not as fast and strong as SSD’s. So, when you use a hard disk for a long period of time, it’s speed and capacity decreases. Because of which it started losing data and once data of your software is corrupted, it stops working. That’s why SSD’s are far better than usual SATA hard drives.

And the second most common reason is your internet connection. If your internet connection is not good, then also you can see this error.

With the passing of time, softwares need more resources. And with it, the internet speed limit is also increasing to run softwares like steam. And though you have to download big games which are very big in size, you obviously need a powerful internet connection.

You can face steam won’t open error because of your RAM also. If your RAM isn’t working properly in your device, you just can’t even load software.

RAM helps your CPU in opening powerful softwares. So, if your RAM is corrupted, then all the load if the software goes to the CPU. And that’s why you might see this error.

So, just check your RAM as I said before in step #6.

How do I fix steam not responding?

Steam not opening and not responding, both the terms are different. Not opening means, simply you can’t even open steam. And not responding means, you can open steam but after some time it doesn’t give any reaction if you click anything in the steam software or it not responding.

So to fix this steam not responding problem, do the steps from #1 to #10.

steam won’t open windows 7:

Since steam is updated for the latest versions of Windows i.e. Windows 10, you face problems while using it in Windows 7.

But, don’t worry, I have properly mentioned how you can fix it without changing the operating system. Just see my step and fix your steam problem.

steam won’t open when I click the icon:

It seems like steam software not responding to your click. As I said before, follow #1 to #10 steps to get positive results.

steam won’t open from taskbar:

If you can’t open steam from your taskbar, do the following steps to fix it-

  • Close the software and reopen it. Then check it if you can open it from the taskbar.
  • First, open task manager from the control panel.
  • Then find explorer.exe file in the process section.
  • Then click on end task by right-clicking on the icon.
  • After that, rerun the task by simply clicking it.
  • Just check it if your problem is fixed or not.


In this post I have described the top 20 ways to fix Steam won’t open problem. I hope your problem is now fixed. But, if it is not solved yet please comment down below with your PC specifications, I would love to help you.

That’s it for today, See you in the next post. Till then Tada:)

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