RTX 3070 PC Build under $1500

$1500 PC Build using RTX 3070 (with monitor)

Hello, you awesome people (as you are interested in PC building). With Nvidia’s new 30 series, building a high-end PC costs much cheaper than before. So, today I am gonna discuss the best PC build with RTX 3070, importantly in budget ($1500).

Note that, this PC can be able to play games up to 4K resolution (I am not kidding). This will be my first 4K gaming PC build at this price range.

It feels weird to build a 4K PC in $1500, where the GPU only costs $1500 till a month ago:)

But, to constantly hit that 4K 60 fps mark, I don’t recommend this PC. Because the processor we are choosing here is Ryzen 5 3600X. Yes, it can run games at 4K but if you want the best 4K experience, you have to increase the budget.

So, here we go:

ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 3600X$209.09
Graphics cardNvidia GeForce RTX 3070$499
CPU coolerCooler Master Masterliquid$79.98
MotherboardGigabyte X570 Gaming X$169.99
RAMCorsair Vengeance 2×8 GB$59.99
StorageSamsung 970 Evo 500 GB$89.99
CabinetCorsair Spec-Delta RGB$79.99
Power supplyEVGA BR 700W ATX PSU$74.99
MonitorAsus VP28UQG 28-inch Monitor$249.84
Price may fluctuate a bit over the time


AMD Ryzen 5 3600X:

As my personal experience and knowledge when we play games at higher resolution games uses more GPU resources than a CPU.

I hope now you understand why you haven’t seen a significant increase in performance while you shifted from i9 9900K to 10900K. Because after a certain point games/software starts using the GPU more.

RTX 3070 PC Build under $1500
photo credit: pcpartpicker.com

That’s why I am yelling you can do 4K gaming with Ryzen 5 3600X. But, to constantly maintain 4K 60+ or even 8K gaming (8K=which isn’t possible with this card), you have to upgrade this CPU (Ryzen 7).

Why I have chosen it?

I have chosen it because:

  • It is the best budget CPU that can touch the high-end performance (just touch).
  • It comes with 6 cores and 12 threads with 4.4GHz (overclocked) frequency which is amazing at this price.
  • Otherwise, I have to choose Intel i5.

Frankly, I was a very big fan of Intel, but after seeing their high priced CPUs, different sockets every time, I just don’t want to go with it anymore.

You have to change the motherboard every time you buy a new CPU, so I am done with Intel. 

This Ryzen 5 3600X costs around $209.

Our CPU part is done, now, comes the GPU:

Graphics card:

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070:

As mentioned at the top of the post, we are choosing Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070. Where you can get 4K 60fps gaming in $499. Seeing the chaos caused by AMD last time, Nvidia played safe and launched these GPUs at unbelievably cheaper rates.

That’s why I say, competition is a good thing for us. Neither Nvidia nor AMD is our uncle (sorry, if yours:), so why they reduce the price if there is no competition.

Why I have chosen RTX 3070?

  • This GPU is giving more performance than 2080Ti at half of its price. Is there any better reason not to choose it?
  • Also, I guess the title of this post is RTX 3070 PC build.

So, we counted $499 for this GPU and the total cost is $708 now.

CPU cooler:

Cooler Master Masterliquid cooler:

You know it is pretty hard to get good RGB lighting in PCs at this budget range. But, this time I have found a good cooler which will make your PC cool.

RTX 3070 PC Build under $1500
photo credit: Cooler Master

This cooer master CPU cooler is basically an AIO (all in one) liquid cooler. It comes with two 120mm fans. Under $80, this is the best cooler, sorry RGB cooler I have found for this build.

But, you might found the fans a bit noisy when runs on full power.

Why I have chosen it?

  • It is the best budget-friendly CPU cooler I have found for this build.
  • Comes with beautiful RGB lighting.
  • Enough for CPUs like Ryzen 5 3600X.

So, it takes of overall price to $788.


Gigabyte X570 Gaming X:

Talking about motherboard, I have chosen X570 gaming X. You get almost everything on this board.

It has two M.2 SSD slots, 4 DIMMs of DDR4 memory. Also, it has addressable RGB headers, uses 10+2 phase power design. So, I think this is enough for this build.

RTX 3070 PC Build under $1500
photo credit: Gigabyte

But, you have a budget of more than $1500, you can go with a better one. Check this post to know about them:

Also Read: Best motherboards for RTX 3070.

But this motherboard is also good for gaming, especially with GPUs like Ryzen 5. If you upgrade the CPU in the future, you can also upgrade this motherboard then. Now, its completely fine.

Why I have chosen it?

  • I Supports both 2nd 3rd gen. AMD Ryzen CPUs.
  • Comes with the latest features like smart fan 5, RGB headers, etc. So why not.
  • A good option for $170.

So, this totals up out budget $958.


Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB:

Under $1500, we don’t have the privilege to go with those awesome looking RGB RAMs, so I choose this all-time favorite Corsair Vengeance RAMs. It costs around $60. But, if you can find a good RGB RAM at a cheaper price (because currently, PC hardware price is fluctuating), definitely you can buy that.

Basically, these RAMs come with two sticks 8GB each. And as the motherboard has 4DIMMs, 2 channels, you can simply install both on each channel (this increases the performance than installing both on the same channel).

It is DDR4 RAMs and supports up to 3600 MHz. Also, the X570 gaming X motherboard supports this (after setting it up in bios).

This totals up $1018.


Samsung 970 Evo 500GB M.2 NVME SSD:

See, I could have also chosen a 1TB hard drive for this build. But, in 2020, SSD is very important. That’s why for budget limitations I have to choose this Samsung 500GB SSD.

But, I have personally used it, and it a very good product. Now, obviously it is not sufficient, after a year or two you have to increase this storage. So, I have tips for you:

  • If you have budget: Just buy a new 1TB/2TB SSD when you feel this 500GB is filling.
  • If you don’t have budget: Buy a 1TB hard drive and put all the other files like photos, videos, games you are not currently playing in the harddrive.

And, things like your O.S., playing games, editing softwares, put them in the M.2 SSD storage.

Doing this you can easily maintain the budget as well as speed. But, at the beginning under $1500, 500GB is enough.

Why I have chosen it?

  • In $90, it is a pretty good option.
  • You can always upgrade the storage anytime in the future.

This SSD takes our build to $1108.


Corsair Spec-Delta RGB:

For this build, I have chosen this beautiful mid-tower case with three front RGB fans. You can add-on cooler heat radiator on the top, and one more fan on the back.

That’s why this case is perfect because we have to install the radiator and two fans from the cooler master AIO in the upper section of the case.

RTX 3070 PC Build under $1500
photo credit: Corsair

It has a total of four 120mm fans. Three of the are RGB and the remaining one is no RGB, seh. It is very important that the motherboard supports RGB because the three RGB fans only customizable through it. Otherwise, you can’t even turn them.

But don’t worry, the motherboard I have taken supports RGB pretty well, so not an issue for you.

Talking about its side panel, it is a tempered glass side panel, you get a chance to show off the lighting inside your case. It costs around $80.

So, with it, cost of our PC reach to $1188.

Power supply:

EVGA BR 700 W ATX Power Supply:

Here is the thing, the recommended PSU for 3070 is 650W. But for GPUs like 3080, 3090 the recommended is 750W. As you are going with RGB parts, so I am going with this 700W PSU. I am not saying it is not enough but if you are gonna overclock your PC extremely with RGB parts, you can go with a higher PSU, 750W.

You can go with Corsair CX Series 750 Watt PSU, although it cost 30-50 bucks more for the long run you will be in benefit. Check the latest price if Corsair Cx 750W from amazon.

But, if you have restricted budget, can’t spend more than $1500, also don’t overclock to much, then you can go with the EVGA BR 700 W PSU.

Also, Nvidia decided to change the regular 8 pin power connector that we are using for ages now. They are becoming more and more frustrating with high-end GPUs because they need more power. So, builders had to insert two, even three 8 pin power connectors.

But Nvidia decides to change this time. You get an adapter with your GPU, so you have to insert the 8 pin power connector in one end and insert it to the new 12-pin port in the GPU. I hope after a few months we see the full cable and get rid of this adapter.

Talking about the EVGA BR 700W PSU, it is an 80+ gold certified PSU and awesome for high-end PC parts.

So, this $75 PSU totals up $1263.


Asus VP28UQG 28-inch Monitor:

As RTX 3070 can give 4K 60fps performance, it is important I have at least a 4K monitor to fully utilize it. Yes, you can get a 4K monitor too under $1500. I know you are shocked:)

RTX 3070 PC Build under $1500
photo credit: Asus

However, this monitor can only give 60Hz refresh rate but for campaign lovers, this gonna be amazing.

In $249, this 28-inch monitor, comes with 1ms response time is just awesome for gaming. You can check my detailed post on the best monitors for RTX 3070 to know about the monitors.

So, this monitors l totals up to $1512, oops! $12 more.

I could easily make this build $12 cheaper if I choose a non-RGB cooler or air cooler and non-RGB case. And I don’t want to snatch this huge opportunity for 13 bucks from my readers.

I hope you have no objection to it. Otherwise, I will make a non-RGB build for you strictly under $1500 😀


In this post, I have discussed RTX 3070 PC build around $1500. Fell free to comment down below if you have any questions. I hope you are happy with my choices. See you in the next post, keep gaming:)

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