Play Station 5(PS5) leaks, release, features

Play Station 5(PS5) leaks, release date- features

Play Station 5 Leaks:

Howdy gamers, are you still confusing if you have to buy PS4 (Play station 4)now or wait for PS5 (Play station 5)? When PS5 is going to launch? Don’t worry, Today I am gonna answer all these questions. So let’s begin-

In an interview with IGN, the chief architect of Sony next-gen consoles MR. Mark Cerny gave us some clues to think about the next generation play stations consoles. However, the name of that console is not specified officially but according to me, it should be Play Station 5.


It is officially confirmed that in play station 5, you will get all new CPU and GPU, by which your console supports up to 8K resolution.
In PS4 pro we got 8/16GB DDR5 RAM. So, I think in the next gen we get at least 32GB Ram or higher DDR.
Talking about the graphics card, Sony is making a new graphics card from AMD for it.

Play Station 5 Leaks


It is confirmed that in the next-gen console, Sony is going to use SSD. It basically reduces the loading screen and makes the processing of games more faster. In a seminar, Sony also demonstrated people the loading before SSD and after SSD.

In play station 4 or older versions, they used laptop hard disk, due to which it took time in terms of loading screens. But in the next-gen console, they use SSD which makes the speed quick enough so that you can’t even see the loading screens.
In the seminar, they compare the Marvel’s Spider-Man game with PS4 pro and play station 5. It was seen that the loading screen in PS5 is almost nothing. While in PS4, we get a loading screen for a few seconds.


However, the actual price is not confirmed yet, but Reading experts comments and according to me it’s price should be around $599.


It is officially confirmed that PS5 can support up to 8K at 60 fps and give you beautiful gaming experience. While in PS4 you didn’t get this facility.

Release Date:

The official Release date is not confirmed yet, But I think Sony PS5 is gonna be launched in the second half of the next year i.e. 2020.

Backwards compatibility:

Play station 5 will be backward compatible. That means you can play the PS4 games in the next-gen console. But it is not confirmed yet if you can play the PS3 games here.

Blue-Ray Discs Support:

People are saying that PS4 is the end of Blue-ray discs. But Sony denied it and It is also confirmed that in Play Station 5 also you get Blue Ray discs.

3D Audio:

Sony is finally moving towards 3D audio. With the hardcore battle royal games like PUBG, Fortnite, it is essencial to know from where the enemy is coming. So, noticing that Sony is also bringing the 3D audio system in PS5.


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