MSI MPG Z390 gaming plus review

MSI MPG Z390 gaming plus review

Currently, Z390 motherboards are in trend because of Intel’s 9th gen. CPUs. There are tons of motherboards with Z390 chipset available in the market, but if you are in the budget section a huge competitor is MSI MPG Z390 gaming plus motherboard.

But, should you buy it? Does it justify its price? What about the quality?

Don’t worry, in this post, I am gonna write a complete review about this motherboard i.e. MSI MPG Z390 gaming plus and most importantly discuss should you buy it or not?


If we compare the overall features of this motherboard, we find that it contains most of the features which a good motherboard has in 2020.

Like it supports the latest gen. CPUs, GPUs, has 4 DIMMs of RAM, full-sized ATX form factor, a little bit of lighting (boost performance 100 times:), etc.

So, under the mark of $180, this motherboard is superb. Literally, a few years back, we can’t expect running beasts like i9, 2080Ti with a $170 motherboard. I know there are cheaper motherboards then too, but they can’t give the performance like this one.

As you can see in the name of the motherboard, this is capable of gaming. And by the term gaming, I am not saying 720P gaming. Those days are gone.

I am saying about some serious gaming performance. If you use this motherboard with good PC parts, it can easily give 1080P ultra gameplay, and even 4k if you really wanna push limits by overclocking.

But, I recommend going with a high-end motherboard especially if you are gonna do high resource wanting tasks in your PC.

MSI MPG Z390 gaming plus review

Don’t worry, I will write its gaming performance in a separate section below.

Where I am, yah its specifications:)

  • As I have discussed above this mother supports Intel’s 8th, 9th gen CPUs.
  • It uses Z390 chipset and LGA 1151 socket.
  • MSI MPG Z390 can give 2nd gen. USB 3.1 output.
  • This motherboard contains 4 DIMMs of DDR4 RAM.
  • It uses awesome features like audio boost 4, extended heatsink.
  • You get two turbo M.2 SSD slots with this motherboard.

Now let’s discuss some of its important features in detail:

Extended heatsink design:

Cooling is very important if you don’t like to see decrease in your PC’s performance. And nowadays motherboards are also coming with better cooling capabilities.

In this motherboard also, uses a better, extended heatsink design to take down the additional heat generally produced when overclocking or when you are using it at its full potential.

According to the manufacturer, the extended heatsink design has more surface area and that’s why it can cool down more efficiently.

Intel Turbo 2nd gen. USB 3.1:

For high data transfer, this motherboard uses Intel’s 2nd generation turbo USB 3.1. so, with this motherboard, you are gonna get some huge spikes in data speed with these USB ports.

MSI MPG Z390 gaming plus review
credit: MSI

Overall, this motherboard has some important features which we generally see on expensive boards.

So, by specification, it is pretty good and can even beat some pricy motherboards than it.

But, the thing matters most is performance. So, to know about its performance I have played some games and I found these results:

is it good for gaming?

As MSI says, this motherboard is specifically designed for gaming, it will be pretty exciting to see how it actually performs in games.

Since games are one of the most resource-consuming activities in computers, if it can perform well in gaming, it is gonna perform well in other tasks too.

To do this analysis, I have used Intel Core i7 9700K and RTX 2070 super as GPU. Here are the complete system specifications I have used for this test:

GamesResolutionFrame per second
GTA V1080P ultra95 fps
Shadow of the tomb raider1080P ultra110 fps
Froza horizon 41080P ultra160 fps
Assassin creed odyssey1080P ultra98 fps
Far cry 51080P ultra140 fps

Note that I have overclocked my CPU and GPU as well for this test. Now, what conclusion we get from this test?

So, MSI MPG Z390 gaming plus motherboard can handle high-end PC parts pretty well. Not only that when I played the games at 1080P ultra settings I get awesome results and I never feel I am using any budget motherboard.

But, there is one thing I have noticed during this. Before, I was overclocking my GPU only and playing games.

But, when I overclocked both GPU and CPU with this motherboard, I feel something like the motherboard is running at its full limit. However, I have kept on overclocking both and get the fps on the table above.

So, I think, if you want to overclock your PC components at an extreme level special if you have high-end parts like i9, or 2080Ti, you may go with a more expensive one.

But, if you have budget CPUs like i5 or GPUs like 2060 super, you can overclock both your CPU and GPU with this motherboard pretty easily.

I am not saying that this motherboard is not capable of giving good overclocking is high-end PC parts, it obviously can, in fact at this price range, its overclocking handling capacity is awesome.

But since you are spending a huge amount of money in the other parts, so spending $100 extra on the motherboard can give you more positive results from your PC.

Otherwise, you can totally go with this motherboard for budget computer builds.

Now, is it good for gaming?

The answer is it depends. If you want to play games at 1080P ultra, medium settings, you can go with this motherboard.

MSI MPG Z390 gaming plus review

Or if you play games and also stream them on different social media platforms, you can choose this motherboard. It can fulfill your requirements pretty easily.

But, if you are passionate about gaming, related to eSports, or wanna get the best performance possible from your PC, I don’t recommend this MSI MPG Z390 gaming plus for you.

Because undoubtedly it is good but no too so that it can give a performance like top-notch motherboards.

Rather you can check this-

So, if you play games just for fun or in the beginning stage of your career where you don’t have the liberty to spend as much as you want, you should try it.

It can easily run all the latest titles in 1080P ultra settings. But what about 4K?

If you want to enjoy the authentic feeling of 4k gaming, this motherboard is not for you. Because, to get 4K 60+ fps and to stay in that particular fps or above, you must have to overclock your whole PC which needs a very powerful motherboard.

That’s why, I suggest rather go with a high-tier motherboard for 4K gaming and better than this.


In terms of ports, it has 

PCI-E x162
RAM4 DIMMs DDR4 slots
M.2 SSD port2
USB 3.1 (F)4
USB 3.1 (R)1 (gen.2 type-C)
1 (gen.2 type-A)
2 (gen.1 type-A0
AudioALC892 Codec Realtek

Should you choose it?

Under $200, this is the best full-sized motherboard I have ever found that supports not only Intel’s latest gen. CPUs but also other beast parts too.

If you are looking for a budget motherboard or just use your PC for a little bit of gaming and entertainment, you can totally go with this motherboard.

But, I have some hesitation about this motherboard if you are a hard-core PC user. So, I don’t recommend this motherboard for 4K gaming, professional video editing, and for those who do high-resource wanting works.

Otherwise, if you are using a budget PC, you can totally go with this motherboard.

Wrappping up:

In this post, I have reviewed one of the best ATX budget motherboards i.e. MSI MPG Z390 gaming plus, and wrote my opinion about it.

If you have any queries about it, make sure to comment down below or contact me via email.

If you buy from our links, we may get some commissions because of Amazon affiliate partnership.

That’s it for today, see you in the next one, tada:)

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