is a mousepad really necessary for gaming?

is a mousepad really necessary for gaming?

Nowadays, most of the pro computer user uses quality mousepads and seeing them, obviously, a beginner thinks is mouse pad really necessary for gaming? Why should they use it?

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is a mouse pad necessary?

A few decades ago, the mouse pad is almost compulsory for computer users. Because they (mouse) couldn’t send singles of movements without the mouse pad. That’s why most of the computer has a hard pad of rubber as a mousepad.

But with the increasing time, mouses with the latest design can easily send the signals to the CPU. And finally, the cursor moves. This is because the modern mouse uses optical sensors and they can do the movement of the mouse even on a table without a mouse pad.

So, a mousepad was a necessary part (cheapest) for computers almost 30 years ago. But, should you use it now?

Frankly speaking, the importance of a mouse pad completely depends upon your work and the surface you are gonna use.

If you are not associated with tasks like gaming, video editing, 3D modeling where you have o rapidly move your cursor or need a smooth experience, it is okay if you don’t use a mouse pad.

I think a mousepad is not that necessary thing for those who play around Excel sheets, online business. If you use your mouse on a good surface, you can easily manage that type of works without a mousepad.

Moreover, the surface also matters if you are not gonna use a mousepad. It is a little bit annoying using a mouse on surfaces like plastic, metal.

A helpful tip: If you are using a mouse on surfaces like plastic, metal, uncomfortable one, you can use a paper. Yes just fold paper by half and use it as your mousepad, the result will be really unbelievable.

is a mousepad really necessary for gaming?

But, if you are a hard-core PC user, I recommend buying a good mousepad (the modern one) for better controls. Don’t worry, for your convenience, I am gonna discuss some good mousepads in the last section of this post.

Although mouses can be used on most of the surfaces this time, but for the ultimate comfort level from it you have to use a mousepad.

But, it is not necessary to use only a mouse pad. For example, you can also use a thick smooth cloth or even a paper as a mousepad for general works.

Why you should use a mouse pad?

After discussing the importance of a mousepad its time to look about why you have to use a mousepad actually. The mousepad can give awesome performance, smoothness, and increase control on your mouse especially the table surface is not smooth.

There are tons of reasons to use a mousepad for your benefits. Let’s discuss some of them.


If you want to get quick response, great control on your mouse, a mousepad can be very helpful for you with that. As every fraction of second matters in gaming, it is very important to have good control on your mouse.

While playing games like PUBG, Fortnite, Apex legends, COD, it is very important that that main part of your computer i.e. your mouse plays a good role and you can see the output of the commands you have given in the screen rapidly.

Moreover, when you use a mousepad, the optical sensors can perform better, as a result, you get better gameplay.


Talking about the performance, a mousepad is more efficient especially for high-end uses and as I said before, it can increase the overall mouse performance. So, make sure to try it at least once before going to any conclusion.


If you use a good mousepad, the comfort level given by it will be just awesome. A good mousepad that is specially designed for gaming can give a very smooth feel while using your mouse.

Moreover, it can also help you to get rid of problems like mouse slipping, late response, etc. So, you should try a good mousepad if you are also using a ruff surface.


Most of the computer users use a mousepad because of their looking. Yes, it is true. A customized mousepad can enhance the overall looks and nowadays with the RGB mousepads, it is absolutely possible to take your computer setup to the next level (looking wise).

So, if you are also a huge fan of RGB parts like me and want to get good performance, you should buy an RGB mousepad.

Here are some good mousepads you can check out:

#1. Razer Firefly Chroma RGB mousepad:

If you like RGB products, this could be the best mousepad for you. This hard gaming mousepad contains micro-texture for enhanced gaming experience and with customizable Chroma RGB lighting, it becomes one of the best mousepad available.

is a mousepad really necessary for gaming?
Photo credit: amazon

According to Razer, they used non-slippy rubber texture in this pad, especially for gaming. The size of this pad is around 14″x10″. And it also comes with options like hard material, cloth.

Moreover, the entire lighting can be customized with all the Razor PC components.

So, this mousepad is very beneficial for gamers. Not only for gamers but also RGB lovers can also find this attractive.


Check the price of this mouse pad from below:


  • Quality product.
  • Awesome RGB lighting.


  • A little bit expensive.

#2. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface:

I know many of you might find the above a little bit expensive. But don’t worry, this mousepad is a budget one but offers very good quality.

is a mousepad really necessary for gaming?
Photo credit: amazon

With three sizes, this mousepad contains a non-slip rubber layer. It is a very good one for gaming or other heavy-duty work. Even, you can wash it too.

Overall, this is a pretty good budget mousepad for gaming and under $17, you can absolutely get amazing performance.


Check the price of this mousepad from below:


  • Smooth and high performance.
  • Worth its price.


  • Becomes dirty soon.

Does a mouse pad help in gaming?

The performance of a mouse increases when you use it on a smooth substance. And the mousepads are perfect for them.

If you do gaming on your PC, you need the minimum response time. So, if you use a mousepad, the sensibility of the mouse increases and that’s why you can get the maximum performance from your PC.

Moreover, while playing competitive games, it is really important to have smoothness in the mouse so that you can easily move it. And a mousepad can really help you in mouse slipping, sticking problems.

Moreover, if you want to decorate, personalize your computer, a good mousepad can help you with that. The latest mousepads also contain RGB that’s why they look amazing.

So, if you do gaming, we should go with a mousepad and enjoy gaming and get better performance.

Wrapping up:

In this post I have discussed about the mousepads, do you really need them? I hope you have understood about them after reading this post.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. We get some commissions if you buy from our links, don’t worry no extra cost for you.

If you have any questions, make sure to comment down below or contact me via email. That’s it for today, see you in the next one, tada:)

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