is wireless mouse good for gaming?

is wireless mouse good for gaming?

Gamers often confuse around wireless and wired mouse for gaming. A few years ago, experts (not like me:) said that wireless mouse is not good for gaming as their response time is comparatively higher. 

But in 2020, is it true since technology is evolving. So, let’s discuss in this post, is wireless mouse good for gaming?

wireless mouse for gaming:

In 2020, the wireless mouse response time is reduced but compared to a wired mouse, still we can see some response time delay in the wireless mouse. So, I don’t recommend it for hard-core gaming. But, for those who like to play campaign games, they can think about it.

Now, should you use wireless mouse for gaming.

Actually, I think if you are love to play fps, battle royal games, a wireless mouse is not good option for you.

Because, in these types of games every millisecond response time matters and since wireless mouse takes a fraction of second to show movement (just a little bit), you have to face a bit delay while playing games.

Which is not good for action game lovers.

While, if you often play campaign games like Red dead redemption 2, GTAV, you can play these games with a wireless mouse. Since in these types of games, the accurate response time doesn’t matter much.

And you can redo the missions while in battle royal games you just get one chance. So, for story games, you can think about wireless mouse (weird mice are always best).

But, if you have no problem with wires, a wired gaming mouse is always a good option for you for gaming.

Which one you should choose for gaming?

There are a couple of things you should know before actually buying a gaming mouse between these two variables:

Are you a serious gamer?

If you are a serious gamer, play often, then please don’t go with a wireless mouse. They are just for normal tasks.

For passionate gaming, I still recommend going with a wired gaming mouse since the response of them is so quick.


On avarage, the price of wired gaming mouse is way cheaper than the wireless. The wired gaming mouse can give an awesome price to performance ratio compared to wireless ones.

So, if you have any budget issues then wireless is not a great option for you. For example, in a price of average wireless gaming mouse you get a top-notch wired gaming mouse.

Do you travel often?

Do you love to explore the world and travel? Or traveling is a part of your job. In both cases wireless mouse is perfect for you.

However, they can’t give a performance like wired gaming mouse but still, you get rid of the long cables that come with the wireless variant.

But, if you want to continue getting the best performance then you have to carry a wired mouse while traveling.


I think this should be your number one priority. Because performance is everything. If a mouse can give good performance, there is no sense in buying it whether it is wired or wireless.

On average, the wired mouse can give more performance in less price range. Yes, it is more responsive, stable, and looks great with RGB lighting.

On the other hand wireless mouse are not that responsive, to get RGB you have to put batteries, charge regularly (there are only a few wireless RGB gaming mice).

Also, personally I noticed, after 1-2 years the wireless mouse causes connectivity problems like it automatically disconnected sometimes.

Now, this does not happen with every wireless mouse, but many of them (especially the budget ones, I am a cheap:)

Overall, we can see more connectivity fluctuations with wireless mice comparatively.

So, for those, performance is your first priority, you should go with a good wired gaming mouse.


Who doesn’t love an awesome RGB gaming mouse? But, with the wireless mice, you have to put batteries or charge at an regular interval to run the RGB. 

While there is no restriction with the weird mouse. You just have to connect it with cabinet and that’s it.

And for those, who don’t like the annoying cables and don’t play games much, you can definitely go with the wireless options.

So, lookewise both the variants are good according to the buyers choice.

Pros and cons wireless mouse for gaming:

Here are some pros and cons of wireless mouse, you have to face while gaming-


  • Free movement: don’t hesitate in moving your mouse too much which gaming.
  • No worries about cable management.
  • Good for traveling and common use.


  • Not quick response time.
  • Have to charge regularly or change the batteries.
  • Generally more expensive.
  • RGB is not commonly found.


So, I generally don’t recommend buying a wireless mouse for serious gamers. But, the final decision is yours. If you understand that the points I have discussed, you can easily select a gaming mouse according to your need, a comfortable one.

Make sure to comment down below if you have any questions. See you in the next post, keep gaming:)

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