is UPS really necessary for computers?

is UPS really necessary for computers (gaming)?

A few years ago, UPS (uninterruptible power supply) was an essential computer part. We bought it for PCs. Most of the gamer, common users use UPS nowadays too.

But after using computers for a few decades, I realize some points about UPS and that’s why I am here to tell the real truth behind the UPS, and is it really necessary for gaming PC/computers?

See, most of the computer users buy a because of three main reasons, UPS gives battery backup, you get time to save your projects and the final one is not to damage your PC parts from an unstable voltage or sudden power cut.

So, today, we can gonna discuss these three topics and how UPS gives you benefit in these situations or they are just for nothing?  

#1. Battery backup:

We are hearing that a UPS can give good battery backup so that you can continue your work after the power cut too. But, does it really give a solid battery backup? I doubt.

A funny thing, we can see UPS ( made for computer) contains labels that say, it can run your PC 30, 40 minutes without electricity.  While buying my first PC, I also thought that ya, it is a pretty good product, and I can use my PC when the light goes.

But, when I grew up, I learn that it completely depends upon how much power your computer is using. Then, how they can say certainly that it can run 30 minutes, marketing:)

Also, I have never got the performance says from the manufacturing companies from any computer UPS. If it says it can run 30 minutes, it actually can 5-10 minutes, which is very frustrating.

Overall, according to my experience, UPS in 2020, is nothing but a junk you are carrying with your computer that is not only consuming power but also decreasing the look. 

Not, we all are not too fortunate that we get electricity 24×7. Of course, you might be getting, but still, there are tons of users who don’t get continuous current or what about power cuts.

That’s why I highly recommend you to install your computer in a good inverter, advance UPS inverter, obviously you are using one in your home, right?

Rather the small computer UPS. I assure you after connecting your pc with an inverter or inverter UPS, you can work efficiently 24×7.

But, if you have a beast PC with higher power consuming parts, then you can also buy a whole ups inverter Specifically for gaming PC.

is UPS really necessary for computers?


Just compare the batteries of computer UPS and that inverter UPS you have in your house, they look like an elephant and ant. So, just think about how your computer UPS suppose to work with that small battery.

So, I highly recommend if you think you need a UPS, don’t go with the computer UPS, rather you can connect your PC with an inverter of your house or Specifically buy a UPS with a big for your computer.

Guru tip:

If you are thinking, what is the main difference between ups and inverter, then old inverters took some seconds to switch the flow of current from the main current to battery current when the electricity goes.

While, UPS can do this shift almost at an instant, and your pc can keep on running.  So if you have an old inverter, more than 5-7 years ago, I recommend buying a newer one for high-end PC, because new inverters can also do this switch very fast.

And, talking about the UPS battery inverters, not about those small computer UPS, they were effective earlier also and now too.

#2. Get time to save your project:

This is also an interesting topic and a sild reason because of which people buy computer UPS.

My answer will be: have you ever heard about autosaving? It is everywhere, so, if you are doing any important work or gaming it automatically saves it, so if current does down suddenly, then also you don’t have to lose much.

But, certainly, this is not a solution, right?

The solution is using a UPS, but not the small computer UPS. I am talking about big inverter UPS.

As I discussed above, those are very efficient and if you like gaming, wanna play games without any disturbance after power cut also, the big battery UPS or latest inverters can run your computer for hours while small computer UPS can for a few minutes.

So, if your work is important, don’t wanna lose anything, make sure to use a good and big battery inverter or UPS.

#3. Can damage your parts?

I often hear pc users say, if you don’t use UPS, your pc parts are gonna die very soon. I am curious in nature, so I run my old PC with i3 CPU for 1 year without UPS, many time it suddenly switch off after the power cut.

But, the result I got is nothing, everything was just fine, even that PC is running now also.

So, I don’t think a sudden switch off your system can do any damage if your PSU is strong.

However, I don’t recommend it to you. PC parts are too expensive and so you shouldn’t take any risk with them.

That’s why it is always better going with a modern inverter or an external battery UPS to avoid this kind of problem.

My opinion:

According to my opinion, yes, UPS is a very important thing if you are passionate about gaming or do important computer work. But, I absolutely don’t recommend those small battery computer UPS, they can last only for a few minutes after hours of charging.

Rather, if you buy a UPS with a big battery (used in your house) or connect your PC in your house’s inverter, then you can use your PC for hours and also play games. But, make sure to use a good inverter, higher battery capacity for using more when electricity is not available.

Wrapping up:

I hope after, reading this post, you have understood that small computer UPS is a part that doesn’t deserve your awesome gaming desk. Make sure to connect your PC with a good inverter UPS for long gaming sessions without electricity.

If you have any questions, make sue to comment below or contact me via email.

That’s it for today, see you in the next post, tada:)

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