is laptop good for gaming?

is laptop good for gaming?

Often gamers ask me, “Jyotirmoy, why we are playing on the desktop while laptops are lighter, portable and also give good performance”. So, it is my responsibility to tell you guys is laptop really good for gaming?

Actually, nothing bad in gaming laptops, but you can’t get the best performance and price to performance ratio from a laptop compared to a desktop. Also because of the heating issues, small components, it is very hard to get the 4K 60+fps mark no matter how much you spend.

In this post, I am gonna discuss some factors and after reading them, you can easily assume in which whether laptop is good for gaming or not? 

Gaming Performance:

Undoubtedly, you can get good gaming performance on a good laptop but the thing is you have to pay very high compared to desktops.

The parts are comparatively small and expensive in gaming laptops. Since it is highly portable, the manufacturer can’t make it very big to better airflow.

So, we generally can see a not OP (overpowered) cooling system on laptops. Now, I am not saying about the general laptops, I am specifically talking about the gaming ones.

Since the parts in gaming laptops are way more powerful and consume more electricity, so they also need better airflow and cooling, which the modern portable gaming laptop lacks.

So, all these things combining make gaming laptops performance a bit less and expensive. Obviously you can achieve mid-range gaming performance (1080P), around $700-$1000, but if you want 4K, then the laptop is not a very good option for you.

Sometimes, with a fewer graphics game, you can touch 4k with a top tier laptop, but as my personal experience, it is too hard to hold the sweet spot of 60 fps in latest games, no matter how expensive your laptop is (I am not saying about those that come in a suitcase, they are not portable anymore:)

So, it is easy to play games on laptops, but when it comes to high-end gaming, I don’t recommend laptops at all.

Smaller=weaker Parts?

If you compare desktop and laptop parts, you can see that laptop parts are smaller. No, I am not saying about Smaller SSD, ports, etc.

But, obviously, the smaller graphics card, fans, RAMs can’t give performance like giants RTX GPUs. However, RTX 2080Ti is not a laptop model, not designed for laptops, but other RTX series GPUs in laptops are very less space-consuming than their desktops versions.

You might be thinking the size of parts doesn’t matter, right? It is true we are getting compact things in upcoming days but smaller things are not the winner always.

Have you ever thought, why a 16GB RAM smartphone can’t compete with an 8GB RAM desktop? Because desktops are huge and mobile’s RAM is nothing compared to that.

I am just wanting to say that till now the smaller GPUs, RAMs can’t give as much performance as the big desktop ones.

Price to performance ratio:

If you are looking for a great laptop for gaming, then the price is your number one priority, right? Believe me, if portability is not as an issue I highly recommend going with the desktops for gaming.

See, when you build your own PC, you get thousand of parts picking options. For the processor, if you need a mid-range CPU, you can go with CPUs like Ryzen 5 and if you think you will be ok with 1080P gaming, you can totally go with a GPU like that.

If you think you need more storage, you can setup multiple SSD, HDD in your system.

While in the case of laptops, you don’t get multiple options. The manufacturer company builds the laptop completely and you can’t do anything.

Like if you don’t want a 250GB SSD, you want more you can’t do anything. You have to be a pro to change things in a laptop. However, parts like GPU, RAM is very rare to find for laptops.

That’s why desktops cost you less. You can actually see & select the parts according to your wish and budget. While on laptops you can’t get that.

Overall, the price to performance ratio of desktops is generally higher than the laptops.


As I said before, cooling in laptops is also a big factor that holds its performance. Since gaming laptops are easily portable, lightweight, so it consists of smaller parts and generally smaller in space and airflow.

And since it uses heavy parts, with fewer airflow options, the heating issue pops up. As a result, you can see a massive dip in the laptop’s performance.

So, because of cooling the gaming performance is not as great as we can see in high-end desktops.

My opinion:

So, is laptop good for gaming? I would say it depends. If you are happy with 1080P gaming, a laptop is a good portable option for you.

However, you have to pay a bit extra, but yes if you can afford a good, strong gaming laptop, go ahead.

But, I don’t recommend going with a laptop for high-end gaming, for those who have less budget. If you have a $500 budget, a desktop with this budget range can easily run all the latest games in 1080P medium resolution.

Also, for 4K gaming, the laptop is not a very great option. Because of the lack of cooling and a smaller GPU, it is quite hard to achieve that. Also, GPUs like 2080Ti is not launched for laptop, never gonna be so it is very hard to achieve 4k 60fps.

Overall, I recommend using laptops for mid-range gaming. For budget and upper-tier desktop is always best. Otherwise, if you travel a lot, you can go with high-end gaming laptops.


I hope you have understood is gaming in laptop good, when you have to buy a laptop. Make sure to comment down or contact me if you have any questions. That is it for today, see you in the next one, tada:)

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