is intel Core i5 good for gaming?

is intel Core i5 good for gaming?

Intel Core i5 is known as one of the best mid-range processors and I believe it will hold its reputation until Intel stops refining it. However it is considered as the second-best mid-range CPU (after Ryzen 5 CPUs), but the question occurs is it really good for gaming.

If you love computers and wanna play games, you can bookmark this blog because here we discuss about games and PC hardware. And today I am gonna discuss about intel core i5 and is it good for gaming anymore? Here is the answer:

If you are happy enough with 1080P ultra gaming, with a powerful graphics card the latest gen. i5 CPU can provide enough fps for you in games. Moreover, if you use a really powerful graphics card like 2080 super, you can also take some of the low resource-demanding games up to 4K resolution. That’s why I think, for casual, budget gaming i5 is perfect.

Why you are playing games?

So, before going to any conclusion about i5, you have to ask yourself why you are playing games and what kind of performance you are expeting from your PC and i5. I know it looks weird, but this is very important.

Because, if you don’t have any expectation from your PC, or don’t know why you are playing games, read below to understand the thing:

See, if you are playing games for only entertainment purposes, there is no meaning buying super expensive CPUs like i9-9900K if you don’t have the budget.

But, if you are really passionate about it, wanna try your luck in the e-sports or do streaming in different social media platforms like twitch, youtube, then you should concentrate on quality output, that’s why a good processor matters undoubtedly.

Talking about Intel core i5, as I have discussed above also, if you are playing games for chilling, or in the just started your steaming career, I think, i5 is perfect for you. But, make sure to buy the latest gen. CPUs only (8th, 9th, 10th) if you want to get the best results.

So, which CPU you have to buy also depends on why are you playing games. For more info, you can check this ultimate CPU buying guide:

Now let’s discuss about your expectations:

If you want to play every latest game at 4K, more than 40-50fps, surely i5 is not for you. But, if you are satisfied with the 1080P ultra gaming, with a decent graphics card, i5 is the best option for you.

It is completely a waste of money if you are not gonna use your expensive CPU, GPU and mostly use your PC for typing and watching videos.

So, if you can spend money on expensive PC parts and are really gonna use the expensive parts, then you should go with the expensive parts.

But, for those who can’t afford 2080Ti, i9 9900K, don’t worry Intel corei5 is also a very good option for you in mid-level gaming.

Benchmark in some games?

Now, let’s see performance of Intel Core i5 in some games:

System used:

Red Dead Redemption 21080P ultra70 fps
Battlefield V1080P ultra68 fps
COD modern warfare1080P ultra100 fps
Shadow of the Tomb Raider1080P ultra90 fps
CSGO1080P ultra195 fps
GTA V 1080P ultra115 fps
Devil may cry 51080P ultra201 fps
Metro Exodus1080P ultra65 fps
PC parts are overclocked

So, after seeing the performance of Intel core i5, it is clear that it can be able to deliver good performance in the 1080P resolution. You can also run some games at 4k, but not gonna run games very smoothly like the high-end tier.

In every title, this i5 CPU is easily maintaining more than 60 fps in ultra settings, which is pretty awesome. In games like CSGO, it gives more tan 200+ fps, just crazy seeing its price.

That’s why I think for budget section i5 is a very good option, and if you are happy and satisfied with the mid-range performance, you can definitely go with it.

My opinion:

Now, its time to discuss what I think about Intel core i5, should you buy it?

Frankly, if you have a decent mid-range computer, i5 is more than enough for you. It can also give awesome output, play all the latest games in 1080P ultra settings, and also you can take its performance to the next level by overclocking it.

is intel Core i5 good for gaming?

Moreover, as I have discussed above, the fps of 9th gen. i5 is also awesome in the modern titles, and seeing them you can consider it as a budget but quiet effective PC part.

Not only that, if you analyze/compare the high-tier CPUs like i7, i9 with i5, the increase in performance is not very satisfying with the increasing price. I mean, you have to pay more than double to buy a 9th gen. i9 CPU, but if you compare the performance both of the CPUs, it does not increase by twice.

This same situation applied when we compare i5 with i7. So, the performance you are getting with i5 under $200, if you want to spend more than this budget line, probably you are not gonna get the increasing per bucks in higher tier CPUs.

I hope you have understood the fact.

Now, talking about Intel core i5, according to me it is more than enough for general users and mid-range CPUs. And if you are a gamer, as I said before don’t worry it can run everything pretty smoothly (unless you are expecting 4k from it).

Features of Intel core i5:

Intel Core i5 9600K (9th gen) comes with 6 cores and the same amount of threads. Yes, hyperthreading is not available with this CPU.

It can give 3.70GHz at Normal, but if your pc has a good cooling system, it can give up to 4.60GHz. For integrated graphics, it has Intel UHD Graphics 630.

As, I have personally used, after overclocking in this CPU impacts a huge difference from running in the normal state. I observed that the overclocking capacity of i5 is more than AMD Ryzen 5, which is considered as the budget king.

So, core i5 is pretty impressive by its features. Although it is a bit pricy than its competitors, it worth buying for gaming especially when you know how to squeeze out the best performance by overclocking.

Why you shouldn’t buy i5?

But, since this CPU doesn’t support hyperthreading, if you are thinking of fast rendering video editing, you are wrong. Due to the lack of hyperthreading, when it comes to multitasking, I don’t recommend buying this CPU for multitaskers.

Not only that, if you are doing work where multiple threads, cores required, then Ryzen 5 CPUs can give the same performance than it and specifically in cheaper than it.

Since I am writing this post for gamers only, I think for gaming this is the perfect mid-range processor you can buy.

Wrapping up:

In the end, Intel core i5 is one of the best processors for gaming and if you want to play games, record, stream them in different social media platforms, you can easily do that with i5 at the beginning level.

Otherwise, if you play games just for entertainment purposes, then also i5 is a pretty good budget option which gives an awesome performance.

So, ya i5 is a pretty good processor for gaming iff (if and only if) you buy the latest generation i5 CPUs.

I hope you like this post and after reading it you can understand why i5 is a good processor for gaming.

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That’s it for today, see you in the next post, tada:)

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