is gaming really a waste of time and money?

is gaming really a waste of time and money?

Gaming is an emotion. Who doesn’t get emotionally attached to games like Last of Us, Uncharted, GTA, etc? But, people (some so-called experts in society) always describes gaming is a waste of time and money. What do you think about gaming?

Hey guys, Jyotirmoy here and today I am gonna discuss gaming that we all love, a waste of time or it is just an inappropriate objection that most of the parents made because they are not seeing any development (money coming) through it.

Before starting, who am I to say about gaming? Well, I am (Jyotirmoy) in this gaming niche for more than a decade now. I played hundreds of games and also run this blog i.e. about gaming and PC hardware.

As a gamer (co-op game lover), I am making enough i.e. sufficient for living and have the capacity to buy upcoming PS5, RTX 2030Ti from what I am making from gaming:)

That’s why I think I have enough experience to exactly tell about carriers in the gaming industry.

is gaming waste of time?

See, there are two ways you can see a thing. If you are playing games for entertainment purposes, then gaming is not a time waste for you.

Some people like to see movies, some shows, whether some love to play games, there is no sense in judging them for play games. They are doing it for only entertainment purpose.

Have you ever heard, don’t see movies, it is a waste of time, which really is true seeing the degradation of quality movies. Rather, gaming is a quiet satisfactory method to pass your boring time, if you wanna chill.

Stick till the end to know why gaming is actually better than seeing movies:)

The second thing, if you are really passionate about gaming, you can make a living with it. No, I am not saying about eSports, of course, you can try your luck there too but excluding eSports also gaming is a very big community.

Fun fact: the gaming industry is much larger than the world's music and movie industry combined.

There are so many options, developer, design, story writer, streaming, blogging, youtube, social media where you can use your skills (gaming) and write about it and make a good living. Which I am doing.

So, if you are really passionate about gaming, you know you can do something in this field, yes gaming is definitely not a waste of time for you.

So, you should ask yourself The Purpose of your gaming, Why are you gaming?

Why you are gaming?

As I said before, is gaming a waste of time mostly depends upon why you are playing games. There might be two cases here:

1. Entertainment/ chilling:

Gaming a good source of entertainment, especially better than those movies. Why? Let’s figure it out:

It feels good while you finish any mission/task. Yes, most of our life is boring because we keep following the same routine life, there is no exciting task to accomplish.

The day you can think you’ll have to finish this new interesting task today, your life becomes exiting. But, unfortunately, it is not the case.

So, in games, you get certain missions that you have to complete to pass that level. After successfully completing that task, you get good satisfaction.

Since you are not getting satisfaction in real life if you get it while gaming, it is better than any unlogical movie for your mind, right?

So, if you play games for chilling or entertainment purposes, gaming is not a time waste for you iff (if and only if) you take it as entertainment only.

But, if you are playing for 4-5 hours a day for entertainment, it is not okay. You should play games maximum for an hour or two or on the weekends for chilling.

2. Passionate about it:

Now if you are playing games and you are really focusing it as your carrier, well it is never a waste of time for you.

I know most of the elders hate this thing. Because they aren’t seeing money coming or they don’t know about its scope. So, first, you have to convince your parents.

The best thing to do that is actually making a living. Until you can’t show your parents that you can make your living from gaming, they are not gonna trust you.

So, if you are passionate about gaming, yah! You should play games. But, please take care of your health. 

In this case, also, you should be able to control your Enzyte for gaming. Otherwise, doing too much can impact negatively on your physic.

My experience:

As for my personal experience, gaming is not just a waste of time. It is much broader, anyone can imagine it’s power when he involves it.

It completely depends upon you if you wanna make gaming a time waste for you or not.

is gaming really a waste of time and money?

Personally, I am not any pro gamer, never compete in eSports, but I love this field from heart. That’s why I want to just stick to it. 

So, now I can say that where I am or gonna be it is just because of gaming. I am so fortunate that I can make my career in my favorite thing, you can do it too:)

Just stick to it with a strong mind.

At the end of this part, gaming is definitely not a waste of time, if you know why you are gaming.

For those, who play it for entertainment, 2-3 hours a day can be called entertainment. But, if you are playing 5-6 hours in the name of entertainment, you are losing working hours for gaming.

This case is mostly seen in the case of students. Still, I suggest playing games rather than watching a movie, because gaming gives more satisfaction for accomplishing tasks, which is important for mental health. And a gamer’s reflexes are also quick.

But, it will be better if you do in control (1-2 hours per day).

And for those who want to stick to it, make their living from gaming, gaming is never a waste of time for you. You just have to stick to it.

is gaming Waste of money:

See, to build a decent gaming PC in 2020 that can touch 4k at least $1000. So, there is no doubt that gaming is expensive, but is it really a waste of money?

Ok, my straight answer will be no, it is not. Because if anyone playing games for entertainment only then he can do gaming on any laptop or desktop with decent parts. Don’t have to buy anything specifically for gaming.

So, a $500-700 PC is also good for gaming if you are playing for just chilling and the best thing is that you can do your other online works in that too.

Moreover, for serious gamers, they have to buy a good PC or console. But, they can make way more than buying cost, so in this case, so I don’t think gaming is a waste of money.

However, parents find it difficult to buy a $399 console just fire gaming, but if you are serious about it, I know you will find a way to cover the cost:)


I hope you have learned why gaming is not a waste of time and money after reading this post. And you can decide is gaming time waste for you or not?

That’s it for today, see you in the next one, tada:)

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