is gaming headset good for music?

is gaming headset good for music?

If you are a gamer you want the best headset which gives you good performance during serious gameplay, right? But, is it possible to get good music performance in a gaming headset. Here is the answer:

Although gaming headset is awesome for games but for listening to music, they are not quite effective. The sound produced by Gaming headsets sometime feels artificial but that’s why in gameplay, it can give detailed sound effects. So, I don’t recommend a gaming headset for music.

I have observed several times, gamers just buy the gaming headsets spending hundreds of dollars and get good performance in games. But, when they try to use them in music (obviously a gamer also listen to music) they can’t get the desired results.

I have done research on 15 headsets (5 mine and 10 my friends, 10 gaming headset and 5 music) to know is gaming headset good for music and I got interesting results, you should look it.

The result:

So, among those 15 headsets, 10 are proper gaming headsets and the other 5 are manufactured from music headset brands, but they are also gaming headset too.

The result is, I get too much difference among the gaming-specific headsets and the normal ones. It is obvious since both have their different working part, they obviously have differences.

is gaming headset good for music?

So, I found that the proper gaming headsets produce a little bit of artificial bass, sound sometimes. It sounds great while playing games, but when you wanna listen to calm music, the result of these headsets are not that good.

Because, while playing music, gaming headsets actually boosted the elements of the songs and that’s why it sounds a little bit artificial.

But, talking about the general headsets, they are pretty much neutral. Meaning, they are gonna give you the exact result which makes music enjoyable.

The second thing I noticed about the gaming headset is its bass. In those 10, headsets the bass is too high. Because, when we play any game, we enjoy the sound of different activities because the bass is pumped.

So, when we do any movement, fighting in-game, gamers like these types of high bass.

But, talking about normal music headset, as I said before, everything will be perfect for music here. So, you don’t get the actual gaming feel in music headsets.

The third thing, I found different in these two categories is the directional audio. When you play games like PUBG, Fortnight, Apex legends, you can easily imagine from where your enemy is coming from their footsteps right?

This is because of the directional audio.

Most of the gaming headset has very good directional audio and can give you the exact location while gaming. But, in the case of music headsets, they are made for only music.

However, some of them have these directional audio features but compared to gaming headsets they are a little bit off.

The fourth and the final thing I notice is the mic quality. Most of the music gaming headset doesn’t come with a mic but some do. But, when I compare the mic with the gaming headsets with the same category, I noticed that the gaming headset outperforms them.

As I have tested, the mic quality of the music headsets is not justified their price at all.

Overall, there are tons of differences in sound quality, features, price between a gaming headset and a music headset. In games, sounds are needed to be more bassy, saturated, and sound are sometimes not natural.

Since a game had different sounds, so to successfully listen to everything, a gaming headset has to boost things and make their sounds different.

But, in the case of music headsets, they give you a balanced performance. Nothing is boosted there and you get exact results.

Should you use a gaming headset for music?

The answer is obviously it depends. If you are a music lover and listen to music every day, then you should buy another music headphone. But, if you person like me, who hardly listens to music but plays games regularly, don’t waste your money, a gaming headset can also fulfill your thirst of music.

In gaming headsets, sound effects are more high, saturated. If a music headphone user use gaming headset for the first time, he might not like the sound of it because their purpose is different.

That’s, why if you love songs a good headset for music is not a bad option for you. But, if you don’t have a budget, and have a gaming headset, you can use it.

Overall, both headsets are made for different purposes and they have different features, own advantages, and disadvantages. So, if you have a proper budget and want the real taste of music, you should buy a headset for music specifically.

Otherwise, a gaming headset can also play music, don’t forget that.

How you can get both music and gaming?

Is it possible to get both good music and gaming performance in one headset? Well, it is not possible to get the best performance but you can get the average performance in both categories.

Since gaming headset brands only focus on features mostly used in gaming, listening to music is not fun here. But, if you buy a gaming headset from a music headset manufacturer brand, you get not only gaming features but also good music as well.

I know, you will not get the best gaming experience with the headsets from non-gaming brands, but if you want both (good music experience and gaming as well) you have to sacrifice it.

My opinion:

Overall, gaming headset and non-gaming headset both are made for different purposes and their working style is also different. So, you have to choose one according to your uses and need.

So, my recommendation will be If you have money and interested, you can buy both. But if you don’t have budget and don’t listen to music often, a gaming headset is perfect for you.

Wrapping up:

In this post, I have discussed about gaming headsets and is a gaming headset good for music? I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Make sure to comment down below if you have any questions regarding this topic.

That’s it for today, see you in the next one, tada:)

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