is 16 GB RAM sufficient for gaming?

Howdy gamer’s, I hope you are doing absolutely fine. Today I am gonna write about is 16 GB RAM is still sufficient for pro/hardcore gaming? If you are a gamer then you know that this is a big question. Because generally, people say that if you want to play modern games at a good fps then 16GB RAM is enough for you. But, now games want more power/resources, so you might be thinking should I go for some extra to get the best output?

I have tested more than 50 games with 16GB RAM, 32GB RAM in 720P, 1080P and also in 4K and get the shocking results based on which I am writing this post. So let’s go:)

I have separated this post according to your need as if you want to play games in 720P then your requirements of RAM will be definitely not same with the 1080P one. i.e. why I am gonna write in resolution wise.

is 16 Gb ram enough for gaming

RAM for 720P resolution:

Do you know that 720P resolution(ultra settings) is the minimum if you want to do gaming? If you ask me about 720P gaming, then I will rather prefer to play games at 1080P resolution. But, what happens if you just can’t afford a full HD monitor or a good graphics card. Then how many RAM sticks you have to install?
Well, if you want to play games in 720P then I would suggest you go with 8GB of RAM. I know modern games need more resources. But it is quite straight forward. If you Love to do gaming. But due to money, you can’t go for a higher level of it. So, it is quite unfair to install 16-32GB RAM for just 720P gaming.

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But, if you can increase your budget a tiny bit, then go with 16GB one. Because when I test games like Shadow of Tomb Raider, GTA V, Battlefield V in 720P max settings with Intel core i5 and 8GB RAM I feel a little bit lagginess. So, if you can increase your budget please go with 16GB of RAM but if you have a tight budget then you can choose 8GB RAM for 720P ultra gaming.

Don’t forget I don’t suggest 720P gaming. My first suggestion is to play games at 1080P resolution even for the budget gamers.
Now let’s talk about the RAM requirements for the 1080P gaming.

RAM for 1080P gaming:

1080P is the most popular and budget-friendly gaming resolution. I also personally suggest this to others. But this resolution is humongous so I am writing about 1080P medium settings and 1080P ultra settings resources requirements.

1080P medium settings:

If you have budget graphics cards like GTX 1650, 1660, etc. then you can easily do 1080P medium settings gaming and can also push it into ultra settings at some times. Now, talking about the requirements of RAM, as I tested in various games 8GB RAM definitely can’t play games at all in 1080P resolution. When I play these games with 8GB RAM in 1080P resolution I can see regular frame drops and literally it sucks! But when I increase the quantity of RAM to 16GB then I get buttery smooth gameplay in all modern games.

So, if you are a medium user like you wanted to play modern games at 1080P medium settings, then I recommend you to go with at least 16GB RAM. But if you are playing games at 1080P resolution medium settings and wanting to get more performance to like 70-80fps in 1080P ultra gaming(with a budget graphics card) then you can increase RAM a little bit.

is 16 GB RAM is sufficient for gaming?

For 1080P ultra gaming:

This is for those who have powerful graphics cards like GTX 1080Ti, 2080 Super, etc. In this category of 1080P ultra settings, you need really good hardware. Because with the graphics cards I mentioned above you can play games at 4K also, but it is too hard to get the sweet spot of 60fps in 4K with this kind of hardware. So, if you play games in 1080P ultra settings then you are gonna get very very good fps in all modern latest games. I tested with i9 and 16,32GB RAM for 1080P ultra settings. The results are- in 16GB RAM, you can undoubtedly play the game but to maintain the buttery smoothness you have to upgrade your RAMs.

Not only that if you are a 1080P ultra player then you can also want to push your limits and play some old games like GTA V in 4K. To do so, you need RAM more than 16GB. So, to be more future proof I recommend to upgrade your RAM from 16GB to 32GB.

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RAM For 4K gaming:

Now if you need 32GB for flowless 1080P ultra gaming, then the question is that should you have to buy more RAMs for 4K. Actually, it’s not like that:) I personally test games at 4K with i9 and 32GB RAM, 2080Ti and I found that games are running very very smoothly. This is because 32 GB RAM play games at 4K. It can totally manage the workload and can maintain the sweet spot of 60+fps in every latest game. But to gain that spot you rather have to focus on your graphics card.

I always say that 4K gaming is Rich people’s choice. If you want it 32GB RAM is absolutely enough but you should have a really powerful Graphics card like 2080 Super, RTX 2080Ti and processor like Intel core i9. So, ya if you have 32GB RAM and a powerful GPU and CPU as well, 4k gaming is waiting for you.


I have thoroughly discussed is 16GB RAM is enough to play modern games? According to the resolutions 720P, 1080P and 4K I suggest you how much you should install on your PC. I hope you like it, if you have any questions please comment below.

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