Intel Core i9 vs i7

Intel Core i9 vs i7: should you buy i9 or i7?

Are you looking for a good processor that is capable of high-end gaming? Well, if you are an Intel fan, Core i7 and i9 are the top two most powerful CPUs for this purpose. 

But the problem occurs when you have to choose the best one with a good price to performance ratio. That’s why, in this post, I am gonna compare Intel Core i9 vs i7.

In this post, I am gonna compare them in the three main categories i.e. price, performance, and gaming benchmark. From these three categories and anyone can get sufficient information after comparing i9 and i7. I hope after reading, you can choose the best from the two according to your needs.

#1. Price:

Intel Core i9 vs i7

This is one of the most important topics when you have ever choose computer parts. Nobody wants to spend their money on a product that can’t give output compared to its value. So, it is really very important to research about the part first before buying.

Obviously, The price of Intel core i9 is higher than Intel core i7, almost $150 more. But the question is, can it give more performance than i7 or justify its price?

Before going further:

The price of commonly used Intel Core i9 processors are:

Processorslaunch PriceLatest price
Intel Core i9 9900K$499($541)
Intel Core i9 9900$449($509)
Intel Core i9 9820X $889($579)

The price of some popular Intel Core i7 processors are:

Processorslaunch PriceLatest price
Intel Core i7 9700K$385($421.51)
Intel Core i7-7700$312 ($329)
Intel Core i7 8700K$359($369)

Since Intel and other CPU companies continuously refining the CPUs, so we can see a little bit higher price now than the launch price. So, don’t hesitate to pay a few bucks extra for significant performance increase.

On average, we can see that the best gaming CPU i.e. i9 9900K costs around $540 while i7 9700k costs around $420. So, is it a good decision to spend an additional $120 for i9? Let’s discuss-

If you want to experience the best performance possible from your PC, then you should go with the CPUs like Core i9, it gives you the ultimate experience possible till now.

But, in case, you don’t have enough budget or you don’t need the best performance from your computer, ya, you can definitely buy i7.

Why you should buy i9?

Note that, Core i7 is not too far from i9 performance wise. In my personal experience, in games, I got around 10-20fps(frame per second) difference in different gameplays from these two processors. And, i7 can also run all the latest games in 4K 60+fps.

So, if you are gonna do only gaming other tasks where single-core performance matters much, then you can easily buy i7 processors. But, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy i9 at all?

Intel Core i9 9900K has its own benefits. Not only the single-core performance of this CPU is good, but also for the 16 threads this CPU beat i7 in tasks like video rendering, 3d modeling by a huge margin.

Since these tasks need good multiple core performance, i9 can be the best option for you.

Overall, if you don’t have any budget limitations, please go with i9 CPUs as they are more future proof. This CPU is perfect for serious, competitive gaming, video editing, 3d modeling, game developing, high-end tasks.

But for those who want to stream their games on youtube, stream, play games at 4K but not in competitive gaming, you can definitely buy i7 CPUs.

#2. Performance:

Intel Core i9 vs i7

If you are serious about digital life (e-life), yes performance matters the most. Off course, Intel Core i9 can easily beat i7 not only in the double core but also in single-core performance. But, can Core i9 give more performance than i7 as their price difference? let’s discuss-

Most of the Core i9 processors come with 8 cores and 16 threads and remember CPUs like 9900K also supports hyper-threading. While Core i7 contains 8 cores and 8 threads.

Specifications of some i9 processors:

ProcessorsMax. frequencyCoresThreads
Core i9 9900K5GHz8 16
Core i9 9900Ks5GHz 816
Core i9 9900T4.4GHz816
Core i9 8950Hk 4.8GHz612
Core i9 9980Hk 5GHz816

Specifications of some i7 processors:

Processors Max. frequencyCoresThreads
Intel Core i7 9700K 4.9GHz 88
Intel Core i7 8700K4.7GHz612
Intel Core i7 7820X 4.3GHz816
Intel Core i7 77004.2GHz48
Intel Core i7 6950X3.5GHz1020

As you can see on the above charts, Intel core i9 can give more performance than i7. The max. frequency of i9 CPUs is around 5GHz while 9th. gen i7 can give 4.7GHz-4.9GHz and you have to overclock i7 at an extreme level to get 4.9GHz.

So, it is clear i9 can give more clock frequency than i7 which is pretty obvious but does only this worth $150 higher price?

If you ask me, ya, the price of i9 is a little bit higher than i7. Because, if we compare i7 and i5, then you get that their price difference is not that big and also i7 can give way better performance than i9 vs i7. But, this time, in i9 you can’t get a remarkable performance difference than i7.

But, if you compare other features of i9 and i7 then in the feature category, i9 can give tons of awesome features that are in trend and also very beneficial for gamers.

Like, compared to other high-end CPUs, Core i9 produces less heat (when overclocked) and can run in comparatively less powerful cooling systems than Core i7, Ryzen 9, etc. But, if you overclock it up to 5GHz, obviously it produces heat in this case, but less than others.

So, give importance to your cooling system. It also beats i7 by threads since it has 16 threads, which is also helpful for multitasking.

Overall, both i7 and i9 has its own benefits and can give different performances (but the difference is not very huge). 

i9 processors give users lots of comfort and variety and perfect for professionals, the pros:) while i7 is best for higher general users or non-competitive gamers. So, select one according to your need.

#3. Benchmark in games:

After discussing their price and performance, its time for how they actually work in games. Don’t worry, I have purchased a digital copy of GTA V, which was broken before:(

I have used the best GPU 2080Ti with i9, i7 processors in some trending and graphics, resource-oriented games to see how both the CPUs work.

The testing specifications-

GamesResolutioni9 9900Ki7 9700K
Shadow of the Tomb Raider4K ultra80 fps70 fps
Battlefield V4K ultra60 fps50 fps
GTA V4K ultra85 fps 60 fps
Fraza Horizon 44K ultra90 fps 70 fps
Assassin Creed Odyssey 4K ultra 70 fps60 fps

So, from the above result, it is clear that the performance of i9 is a little bit better than i7. But, when I installed i7 CPU with beasts like 2080Ti, I got some frame drops when CPU is 100% used.

When the game displays crowded places, I use to face bottlenecking, one or two times with i7. So, I don’t think it is a good idea to install RTX 2080Ti with i7.

If you play in 1080P settings, most probably don’t have to face bottlenecking with i7 and GPUs like 2080Ti.

Should you buy i9 or i7?

After analyzing the price, performance and gaming benchmark of i7 and i9 finally the question arises that which one you have to buy? So, here obviously the answer will not be straight forward, like just buy i7, i9.

That why I am gonna break it down to different categories for better understanding.

Tight Budget:

As I said before, if you have a tight budget, I prefer to buy i7 and spending much in other parts like GPU (graphics card is a pretty expensive part). 

Since the performance difference between i7 and i9 is not very big, i7 can also give you good user experience.

But, make sure to use the latest i7 CPUs to avoid bottlenecking with good GPUs.

General uses:

If you know that you are not a hard-core user, don’t gonna use your computer at an extreme level or overclock it, i9 is not for you. Rather i7 will be a good option for you.

However, Ryzen 5 is considered as the best budget CPU for general pc users. But i7 can give more performance than Ryzen 5 and the perfect fit for non-competitive gamers.

Competitive gaming:

Have you heard about e-sports, competitive gaming? If you are interested in this field, you should choose the best components which can give the best possible output.

So, i9 will be the perfect processor for them who is in this category. However, these parts are expensive but should consider high-end PC parts for the tasks like this. Because in e-sports every second matters.

Professional video editing:

If you like video editing, wanna make a career in this field, i9 is the CPU from Intel you should buy. The 16 threads of this CPU can help in rendering videos in a higher resolution (4k, 8k).

Moreover, the Ryzen CPUs are also considered very good for video editing because of their higher cores and threads. Don’t forget to check them out too.

YouTube/Twitch streaming:

Streaming games in twitch, YouTube and twitch are very popular right now. Gamers are making a decent amount of money from it.

According to me, for steaming i7 is a sufficient CPU at least till now. If you use a video capturing card, then i7 is the best for you.

But, if you use software’s like OBS, you can think about i9.

Netflix and chill:)

I am pretty sure, a huge amount of people are interested in Netflix (including me). So, if you are gonna only enjoy Netflix or scroll Google, YouTube, go with i5 or i7.

Wrapping up:

In this post, I have discussed about Intel Core i9 vs i7, which is the best and which one you have to choose. Actually, It depends on your needs and budget.

If you buy from our Amazon affiliate link, we may get some commission, but don’t worry, no extra cost for you.

If you have any questions, please comment down below or email me.

That’s it for today, see you in the next post, tada:)

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