How to stream PUBG on You-tube from your desktop?

How to stream PUBG on You-tube from your desktop?

Do you want to show your awesome PUBG skills to the whole world? Then you should stream it in different video gaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch, etc.

In this post, I especially gonna talk about how you can stream PUBG (player unknown battleground) on YouTube? So, let’s discuss-

Hey guys, I am Jyotirmoy and in this post, I am gonna discuss how you can actually stream players unknown battleground PUBG on YouTube buttery smoothly.

The player unknown battleground is a Battle Royal game by Tencent. All over the world, Pubg is the best multiplayer game and also quite popular.

How to stream PUBG on You-tube

How to stream PUBG mobile on YouTube?

PUBG Mobile is the mobile PUBG version and it can be played on PC using emulators. But, people often like to see this game because it is free. Ya, you can download it officially for free and can easily stream it on youtube.

Download PUBG mobile:

As I said before, first you have to download and install Tencent gaming buddy to run PUBG mobile on your PC.

  • After downloading, now you have to install Tencent gaming buddy. Just click on the download file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After installing the Tencent gaming buddy, now you have to download PUBG in the emulator. So, after opening it, you can see an option to download it. Just download PUBG and install it from there.

Now, your PUBG mobile is ready to run.

Now, after successfully downloading and installing pubg mobile on your PC, now we need software to stream it on YouTube. Well, there are tons of software to do the same, but according to me, the best software for this purpose is OBS software (Open Broadcaster Software).

Trust me, it looks very complicated when you open it but after spending an hour or two you can easily understand it’s working pattern and adapt it. So, don’t quite after opening OBS.

So, to download OBS software from its official website click here. After downloaded, please follow the on-screen instructions and install it, it’s pretty easy.

Now, congrats you have set up everything for streaming PUBG. To stream it just open your OBS software and do these steps:

After opening OBS you see a black screen with lots of options. So, before directly start streaming you should change the settings-

  • Click on Settings in the bottom right corner.
  • In settings, select stream option and select streaming service as YouTube.

After that you have to setup stream key, to do so-

  • Open your YouTube channel in any computer.
  • In your channel go to live streaming option and scroll down below until you get the stream key (in encoder setup).
  • Just, click on reveal the key button and copy it and paste on OBS software.
  • After successfully pasting the streaming key and selecting streaming service, save it.

You have done the settings part, now let’s stream PUBG on YouTube.

Basically OBS works with different screens. Like you can set up which seen you show first to the audience like the intro or the countdown, etc.

  • To stream it, just click on the plus icon on the screens tab and name anything.
  • Then select your tab and again click on the plus icon but in the resources tab and select windows capture.
  • After doing all of this, just press start streaming button and cheers you have successfully done it.

You can also add face came videos in this software easily. Just add screens and you can understand how to use it after some days.

Here is a video tutorial you can see, I believe it will help you in streaming PUBG mobile on YouTube.

credit: TechGumbo

Stream PUBG PC on YouTube:

Now, after PUBG mobile, I am gonna discuss how you can actually stream PUBG PC on YouTube. But, don’t worry, it is exactly same. The only difference is you have to buy pubg PC from steam.

Download/BUY PUBG PC:

If you want to steam PUBG PC, then you have to buy this game from steam. It costs around $10-$20.

So, just go to steam and buy it.

After buying download it and install it following the on-screen instructions. Now, well done you have installed Pubg PC in your system. 

How to stream PC on you-tube?

There are too many options available to stream your PUBG PC gameplay on you-tube. If you have budget you can also buy a video capture card.

But I prefer you to stream it for free please go with OBS  software. Only you have to download the software from its official website.

I have discussed how you can actually set-up and use OBS software, read that and you can easily do it.


PUBG Players spend thousands of dollars on purchasing in-game outfits, gun skins, etc. 

Gamers stream this game on YouTube and make lots of money. So, do you want to stream on YouTube like a pro? Make sure to read this post completely.

In this post, I tried to explain how to stream PUBG mobile/PC on youtube. If you like it don’t forget to share and have any doubts, please comments below.

That it for today, see you in the next one, tada:)

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