How to make a combine PC

How to make a combine PC:

Do you want to combine the best parts in your pc? It is the best way to get the best results in cheap price. Also, you get all powerful components altogether in one pc.

You can buy a pc/computer from any reputed brand. But do you think you can buy a PC with all the best components? Companies promise that they give you the best parts and you get awesome FPS which is true, but to one level. If you are a pro gamer, you want to stream, you want to play 4k in new games, then I suggest you that assemble PC is great for you.

Why assemble PC:

Here I Am going to write why combine PC is the best option.
1. The best part of assembling PC is you can select manually the best parts and combine them. It is not easy for any brand to give you the best things altogether. Like if anyone gives you GTX 2080Ti then you should need a powerful processor or Ram as well as good UPS. Simply if you want to go with the best parts available in the market then you have to go with assembling PC.

2. If you don’t have enough budget for a gaming PC which gives you around 70 fps in 1080 P gaming, then this is the best option for you. So before this point, you should know the price range of different PC’s. If you want smooth gaming neither high nor low, you have to pay around 80,000 rupees. But if you want to make a combine PC then you have to pay 50-60 thousand rupees, which is quite awesome. In this price range, you can play 1080 P with good fps(frame per second).In the next post, if you want, I write about the best parts.

3. For some PC is their reputation. They not only want to play games but also want to look at their PC’s great. Also, there are too many RGB effects and parts available in the market. So if you make combine PC then you have the right to combine stylish as well as powerful parts altogether.
I hope now you can get an idea of the benefits of combine PCs. So let’s discuss how to choose the parts.


The processor is the head of your computer. Any part, in your PC, can’t work properly without a good CPU. This is even called the central processing unit. People think for gaming you need a good graphics card, this is true. But if you don’t buy a good processor, then where you run it, means your graphics card is controlled by your processor.

For example, if you attach the Intel i3 processor with Nvidia GeForce 2080 Ti then, you don’t get results as you expect. Even 2080 Ti is made for 4k gaming but thought your processor is not too good, so it can’t send too many signal’s required for a graphics card. Now, this is called bottlenecking. So it more important than choosing a good or expensive graphics card. Do you know Intel Core i5 can run GTA V without lagging with 8 GB ram, without a graphics card? Yes, I even tried this and I am shocked.


The motherboard is basically the base of your PC, where all cool components sit. There are size variants according to your needs as well as a cabinet in the motherboard. But the full-size motherboard is 12×9.6 in (305 by 244 mm). The good motherboards, you have a minimum of 4 Ram,2 graphics card, SSD options. And you can also install custom CPU cooler in your motherboard. So it is better to choose a good one with lots of options.

CPU cabinet:

There are too many Cool cabinets available in the market. Like there are RGB, the Corsair, the ninja one, etc. Before buying a cabinet you have to see the motherboard size as well as the graphics card first. Because motherboards are of various sizes as I mentioned earlier, so according to your need you also find cabinets with different sizes.
Some cabinets(over 6000)also give good looking RGB CPU cooler fans, which makes the PC amazing. Expensive cabinets also have full RGB customizable facilities.


So nowadays there are lots of options for ram. For smooth gaming not high you definitely need at least 8 GB Ram. But if you want 4k gaming then you absolutely need a minimum 32 rams.
It is great to buy Ram from a reputed company. There are too many good companies like Kingston, Corsair, G-skill who provide Rams with a long warranty. Since these parts are too costly, make sure that you see the warranty period while buying.


If you are a gamer, simply SSD is a good gifted thing for you. SSD can store your frequently used Software’s/games to load and run it faster.
I am giving a small example to understand it. Guess I am playing far cry new Dawn game when you open this game today for the first time, then SSD catches the cache. And when you open the game again, then the loading time deduces according to your SSD card’s quality. This also helps to play games faster.
Some extreme gamers use SSD instead of a hard disk. This increases the speed of your PC.
But compared to hard disk, SSD is very expensive.


UPS means uninterrupted power supply, by which your PC gets power. Your computer can’t take direct current from the circuit, it requires DC current.
It is very important to choose a good UPS because if you choose a heavy ram, processor and graphics card but your ups are not capable to supply power to all, then you can’t run your PC well. Since the components don’t get enough power then your components begin damages slowly.

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CPU cooler:

General CPU cooler comes with a processor, but if you want more powerful cooler then you can also buy it. The expensive cooler has a better capability to cool down your CPU.

Hard disk:

I prefer to choose a quality hard disk since your valuable documents are stored in this device. If you choose an ordinary one then you may face data loss.


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