ETD control center

What is ETD control center and how to fix its errors by disabling it?

Etd stands for Elan Trackpad Device Control Center and it is responsible for all the advance multi-figure functions, shortcuts you do on your touchpad. Because of ETD, you can perform two fingers, three fingers functionalities.

This is basically a touchpad driver by ELAN Microelectronics Corporation. Now, in this post, I am gonna discuss is it safe to disable the control center and if it is how to do it and we are gonna fix the ETD control center not responding error. Let’s discuss it in detail-

What is ETD control center (ETD)?

ETD control center is basically drivers for touchpads, multi-fingure tasks. You can see it in your taskbar as ETDCtrl.exe. You don’t need to install it manually because in modern devices with touchpad (laptops) it is pre-installed.

It is managed by ETDCtrl.exe and it is found in the program files of C driver (C:\Program files). With the help of ETD Control center (ETDCtrl.exe), you can also change the multi-fingure functionalities and also add new on your computer too. Isn’t it amazing?

But, sometimes antiviruses block it and treat it like a virus. Not only that, but sometimes people also blame it for corrupting computer files. So, for some users, ETDCtrl.exe is a virus and they want to delete it from their computer.

Moreover, the ETD control center also causes different types of errors in your computer like not responding error. So, let’s discuss is it safe to delete it or should you delete it?

Should you delete ETDCtrl.exe or ETD control center?

Since ETD control center, simply ETDCtrl.exe your is an important driver for the touchpad, I recommend not to do anything if you don’t get any issues or problems. But, if you really don’t care about those shortcuts/touchpad multiple-finger functions or getting anything error then yes, you should delete ETD control center.

Frankly, these touchpad features are not necessary/important for general users in daily life. So, for ETD Control Center isn’t responding error and other ETD control center errors, you can easily delete it. It will not affect your computer’s other functions at all:)

How to delete/uninstall ETD control center?

There different types of methods to delete the ETD control center, simply ETDCtrl.exe, but this is the best and easiest method-

In this method, we have to disable it rather than deleting it. Since ETDCtrl.exe is a part of your system, there will be no impact (except those ELAN touchpad functionalities) on your laptop if you simply disable it rather than deleting it.

So, we have to go to our task manager and in the start-up section, there should be an option ETD control center. Now, we just have to disable it by selecting the disable option from the right corner. That’s all.

To open your task manager-

ETD control center
  • Go to your start menu and open Run.
  • Type taskmgr and hit enter.
  • Now, your task manager will open.
  • You can also launch it directly by Ctrl+shift +esc or from the control panel.

Disable control center-

ETD control center
  • First, go to startup option in the task manager.
  • There should be an option ETD control center.
  • Simply disable that by right-clicking it.
  • Now, ETDCtrl.exe is disabled from your computer.

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How to fix ETD control center errors on your computer?

Now, I hope you have got an account of how to disable the control center. Now, we are going to discuss how to fix some common ETD errors.

Fix ETDCtrl.exe high CPU uses and stopped working:

Though these are two different errors but their fixes are the same. Generally, after applying these steps which I am gonna discuss now, you can really get rid of any ETD control center problem no matter whether it is high uses or stopped working.

#1. Disable your ETD control center:

Your first step to fix these types of issues should disable it from your computer. Because after disabling it, it can’t run and create those problems for you.

I have discussed in detail earlier how to disable it. So, I hope you can do it after reading it. But, in case if you can’t, comment down below, I would love to help you.

Now, what you have to do if you don’t want to lose those touchpad features so don’t want to remove ETD but still wanting to fix the problems caused by it. Don’t worry, I have solutions for you too.

If you do these steps, you can simply fix al your ETD control center issues without deleting it.

#2. Update the ELAN touchpad and input drivers:

This is the best and the simplest way to fix the errors without losing the features. Here you have to update the touchpad drivers (ELAN input and touchpad drivers) such that they don’t create any issues further.

Since, new features are added and bug fixes are available through updates, so it is very very important to keep your drivers and device as well up to date. It automatically fixes strange errors. So, let’s update ELAN touchpad drivers in the device manager.

First, we have to open device manager

With the start menu:

  • Go to your start menu or search for device manager and simply open it.

By control panel:

ETD control center
  • Open your control panel and search device manager and open by clicking on it.

Now, we have to Update the driver-

ETD control center
  • In device manager, search for ELAN input devices (touchpad).
  • Right-click on it and update it.
  • Make sure to enable your internet connection.
  • Click on next and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After some time, your all touchpad drivers will be updated automatically.
  • Restart your system.

Finally, when your updating process is done, don’t forget to restart your computer to get your desired result.

I hope after this step all the issues related to CPU high uses, not responding problem is fixed. But, if not try this too-

#3. Remove load from your CPU:

If you are using smart gesture from Assus or other software like that which gives load to your CPU, I recommend to uninstall them.

The smart gesture is a diver which makes many touchpad functions like tapping, scrolling, shortcuts more smooth and perfect. But, they also cause high CPU uses problems.

That’s why you should try uninstalling it once to fix ETD problems.

ETD control center
  • Open your control panel by searching it in your start menu.
  • Then go to uninstall a program in program options.
  • Right-click on smart gesture uninstall it.
  • Restart your system and check if your problem is fixed or not.

If it is not fixed, please comment down with the error you are getting and I would love to help help you in fixing the error.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s):

What is ETD control center helper?

ETD control center helper is basically the helper of the control center. ETDCtrlHelper.exe launches the helper of ETD in which you can change the touchpad, smart pad settings.

It is not a must-have software for you. The main thing is that many people blame it for causing different errors, virus. So, if you are getting any errors just disable it as I discussed earlier.

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Wrapping up:

In this post we have discussed ETD control center and its issues, should you delete it or not?

The steps are so simple that anyone can do these easily. I have also mentioned how you can fix 50% CPU uses (Remove load from CPU) problem.

I hope this post helps you in solving the control center errors in your system. That’s it for today, see you in the next post, tada:)

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