boot your system without graphics card

How to boot your system without graphics card?

If you are thinking is it even possible to boot your system without graphics card? Then my answer is ya, of course, it is possible to boot your system up or you can use any computer without a graphics card.

Hey guys, I am Jyotirmoy (spend my 5 years gaming in a desktop with 4GB of RAM without any GPU) and I think I can give you a better explanation of why you can use any computer without a graphics card because of my personal experience.

When I was studying back in 2005-2010, I don’t have enough money to buy those extremely expensive graphics cards and used to do all my works in an old (but gold) desktop which was bought by my father.

Here are the specifications of that PC-

  • Processor: Intel Core i3.
  • RAM: 4GB.
  • GPU: funny but it had Intel’s integrated graphics comes with the processor.

I know, you are thinking, how I used a PC with these specifications? But, I not only did my all works but also played tons of awesome games in that PC like GTA Vice City, Total overdose, IGI, etc.

So, it is absolutely possible to run your computer and use it to a level which depends upon processor, RAM and other existing parts of your computer without a GPU.

Now, let’s discuss how you can actually boot your system without a graphics card.

boot your system without graphics card

Some tips to boot your system without graphics card:

1. Choose your processor with integrated graphics:

It is very important to choose a CPU with integrated graphics especially if you are not gonna buy a GPU. Because, it helps your system in booting up, giving a smooth performance.

You get these integrated graphics in most of the CPUs (Intel HD graphics) from Intel and some CPUs with AMD. So, just make sure to buy a CPU with integrated graphics to use your PC properly.

2. Understand the connection:

If GPU is missing from your computer, I don’t recommend to connect your CPU to monitor via HDMI cable. If your monitor doesn’t have any VGA port, that case is different. But, if your monitor has a VGA port and display port, please connect it with the motherboard via these ports.

Because I have got different types of errors when I tried to connect via HDMI without a GPU. Check it if you got any error if not, you can connect it with HDMI.

A quick tip: Some people, after buying a GPU, connects monitor via motherboard VGA, HDMI port. Don’t do that, just connect your monitor from GPUs HDMI port to get GPUs full potential.

3. Buy at least 4GB of RAM:

It is really very important to buy at least 4GB of RAM for no GPU users. Fine, you can also run your PC in 2GB but it is 2020 now and 16GB RAM is also not sufficient for gaming.

So, please buy at least 4GB of RAM, 8GB if possible to get rid of lag.

Do you know, I have run GTA V without a graphics card before? Yes, I had done it, with i5 and 8GB of RAM amazingly in 720P max settings. So, it is very possible to play games without graphics card but with a good amount of RAM and a powerful processor with integrated graphics.

boot your system without graphics card

4. Use a good processor:

The processor is the brain of a computer and it is really important to choose a good brain (I mean CPU:) If you use a graphics card in the system, the processor doesn’t get too much load while running games or other stuff. But, in case of no GPU, the processor has to do both of himself and GPU jobs. That’s why choosing a powerful CPU is very important for no GPU computers.

I hope, you can now understand what factors mostly affected in running a computer without a graphics card.

Can you boot your system without integrated graphics and graphics card?

Well, it is possible to turn on the CPU without a graphics card and integrated graphics, but you can’t see anything on the monitor.

Means, if your processor doesn’t have integrated graphics and no external GPU, then your system can’t give any video output to the monitor and that’s why you can only see a blank monitor screen.

So, it is possible to turn off the CPU case but unfortunately, it doesn’t work. That’s why I am forced into buying a CPU with integrated graphics from the beginning.

Now, let’s discuss some frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Can you boot into BIOS without GPU?

Yah, it is very easy to boot into BIOS without any graphics card if you do these things perfectly.

  • Buy a processor with integrated graphics.
  • Connect your motherboard with the monitor via a VGA cable (if available).

Now, if you do these two things perfectly, just boot up your system, press F6 or the function key to go in BIOS (see in the motherboards manual) and boom! you can directly to BIOS and install any OS or check settings.

Please comment down below or mail me if you have any problems regarding this.

What happens if you don’t have a GPU?

Well if you choose a good, powerful processor and RAM nothing happens. Although you can’t play big AAA titles without a graphics card, it is perfectly okay for daily uses.

Surprisingly, without graphics card also, you can be able to do all of those things which a user can with GPU (but read the 4 points I have discussed first) but in a limit.

For example, if anyone can play GTAV in 1080P max. settings with i5 and 1660Ti and get fps around 70-80, you can also play GTAV with i5 and 8GB RAM but without GPU. The only difference is you can only play in 720P settings.

Can you boot a PC without a CPU?

Not, it is not possible to turn on a computer without a CPU. CPU is the brain of the computer and without it, the commands are not gonna be processed.

So, no, you can’t boot up your system without a CPU.

How to boot Ryzen CPU without graphics card?

In case of Ryzen, they just add a letter G after the name most of the time. Like Ryzen 2200G, G stands for Vega graphics. Which is basically an integrated graphics.

AMD said CPUs with Integrated graphics or Vega graphics whatever you say, APUs (accelerated processing units).

So, make sure to buy a CPU with these functionalities from AMD to boot your system with graphics card. And don’t forget to read all the major points I have discussed earlier.

Wrapping up:

I hope after reading this post you can now boot your system without graphics card. Read the steps carefully and also check the infographics to understand how to do it.

But if you are facing any issues regarding this topic, please comment down below or mail in

That’s it for today, see you in the next post, tada:)

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