How much indie games make?

How much indie games make?

With a great idea and gameplay, sometimes indie games made by a small team beat high graphics games, developed by big studios. Yes, we often neglect the true power of indie games because often they are not from a reputed, well-established company.

But, if you are a beginner and also thinking of making your own game, you should read this post because here I am gonna discuss how much indie games and its developers can make money from it.

See, it depends upon the gameplay, story quality of an indie game to sell game copies more. And the number of selling copies decide how much the game makes. If you are confident about your game and sure that once anyone plays it, he will love it, refer it too, then you the money-making probability will also high.

Moreover, if you somehow make games like Minecraft (yes, it was an Indie game), gone home, cuphead then it can change your life too.

How much money indie games generally make?

The answer will obviously depend upon how much game copies sell, but I have some amazing data that you might found interesting especially if you are also a game developer.

Minecraft, rocket league, Limbo are some of the best indie games made till now. If we count the total selling copies of these games we found that-

Minecraft: They sold up to 200M copies, according to the latest data. And to calculate only selling revenue, we can multiply it by the price. According to my research, Minecraft made almost half-billion dollars.

After that, Microsoft bought the rights of Minecraft for $2.5 billion. They also have in-game purchases. So, you can imagine how much money Minecraft made in the past few years.

Rocket league:  Almost 10M copies were sold of this game. So, it also earned millions of dollars.

So, definitely these indie game makers are dealing in billions of dollars. However, we can’t calculate the exact amount, but seeing the selling copies, we can calculate an average price.

Not only that, after getting popular, we also see the in-game purchases, like skins, weapons, etc, that’s also add on the money very quickly.

So, if your indie game will be liked by gamers/players, you can make a huge amount of money only by that game.

But, one thing I feel about indie games that you should also know:

If you look back, when the most popular indie games were released, these games were like common indie games like anyone of us (not me:) I am not a developer) can make.

But the reason that makes indie games like Minecraft, Rocket League, Punch Club because of their idea. Can you ever imagine a block game can achieve such huge figures?

Yes, if you have a unique idea, separate from the thousands games out there, ya you can make money iff the game is designed correctly.

Now, I am neither a pro developer nor made my own game, but I am trying to give my opinion.

The real truth:

If you are thinking that after making an awesome indie game, you are gonna get grands of money, forget it. I know it is heartbreaking, but this is the real truth.

I have talked with some of the indie game owners. According to them, they hired a team to design, develop their games and no doubt games are also good. I actually played their games.

Can you guess how much they spend on average, $10M. Yes, some spend $5M, some $60M from project to a complete game.

But, when the result comes, after launching their games, most of the owner’s investment even not completed.

But, this doesn’t mean if you can’t do it or you always fail, can’t make a profit, of course you can, but if you are ready to take a big risk and don’t mind if all your investment and years of work fail, or passionate about it, then only you should proceed next.

How much indie game developer make money?

If you are an indie game developer, have good skills then you can easily make a good amount of money. But, exactly how much?

Well, there are two possibilities for developers:

Make game for others:

If you are a pro developer, working for years, then I heard developer charging up to $1M for one game development

So, it completely depends upon your skill and capabilities, position in the game development team for how much you can make as an indie game developer.

Your Own boss:

But if you are making/developing game for yourself, then all the revenue comes from selling it is gonna be yours (excluding a huge 30% revenue cut down by steam).

If your game goes big hit, you get the entire money, but if flop only you have to bear the loose. So, I don’t think I have to discuss about it.

Overall, you can develop games for others in for making guaranteed and quick money (if you have good skills), and as part-time you can also make your own with that.

By doing this you can make from $0 all the way to $10M+ (can also increase charges after getting pro tag) by developing indie games.

Wrapping up:

In this post, I have discussed how much indie games can make, and how much you can earn as a developer for indie games.

I hope this post is able to help you in getting some useful information about indie games.

That is it for today, you can follow this blog if you like gaming and wanna know about PC hardware.

See you in the next post, tada:)

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