How much does gaming chair cost?

How much does gaming chair cost?

The popularity of gaming chairs is increasing as they are comfortable, portable, and good for gaming. However the gaming chairs are a bit expensive but still, they are a good option especially if you do computer work.

So, in this post, I am gonna discuss how much gaming chairs cost so that you can easily decide your budget and can select your favorite gaming chair according to that.

Gaming chairs cost:

So, the cost of gaming chair can vary from $150 to $400 and higher depending upon how much luxurious and expensive the chair is. Here are some of the top gaming chairs, let’s see how much they actually cost:

Gaming ChairPrice
Secretlab Titan$399
GTRacing Pro Series$179
OFM Essentials Racing Chair$149
NZXT SL5000$249
Arozzi Verona Junior$280
Price of some popular gaming chairs

So, as we can see in the table, the average cost of gaming chairs varies from $150 up to $400. But, practically under $200, the gaming chairs are budget ones and obviously you shouldn’t expect features like the expensive ones from them.

However, if you know which features you need, a budget gaming chair can also give you great output, only yo have to choose the right one.

Are you wondering which are the main features that make a gaming chair expensive? Let’s discuss:

How to recognize expensive gaming chairs?

Actually, I personally saw many cases where people just buy cheap gaming chairs at a high rate (obviously from the offline market) thinking that they are the expensive ones.

So that it doesn’t happen with you, here are some features by which you can know which gaming chairs are expensive and which are budget ones.


The main thing to consider before buying any gaming chair is to check its comfort level. I know you might be thinking, Jyotirmoy, how do I know about it? I always shop online.

Don’t worry, just see the reviews of users, and you can also check about the specific chair on google, about its comfortability.

Now, I am not saying that the budget gaming chairs can’t give good comfortability, it obviously can. But comparing to the expensive ones, most of the time budget gaming chairs lose in this field.

So, make sure to check the comfortability of the gaming chair you are buying, it should be your number one priority.


Now, the budget/cheap gaming chairs often come with 1D, 2D (D=directional) armrest while the expensive chairs come with 3D, 4D armrest.

With 1 directional, 2 directional armrests you can’t adjust it anywhere you want. But, with 3, 4 directional armrest you can do adjustments as you like.

The armrest is also a very important thing for gaming. You have to keep your arm there. So, if you can’t adjust it properly according to your comfort, the experience is not gonna be that great.


Looks also matter. Yes, as for my personal experience all the fancy looking, custom gaming chairs are expensive. And most of the cheap gaming chairs I have noticed don’t look that great compared to the expensive chairs.

So, if you can find a budget gaming chair with a great look, comfortability, and features, go ahead. But, if not you can also go with an expensive one.

But, remember make sure to research that chair before you are gonna buy, is it really deserve the money?

is cheap gaming chair not good?

No, cheap/budget gaming chairs are not bad at all. They are perfect for them you can’t spend $300-$400 on a chair.

But, the thing is in a $150 gaming chair, you can’t get all the features as the expensive one. You have to sacrifice something if you don’t have the budget.

However, now most of the budget gaming chairs are also coming with great quality and comfortability. So, we can expect good and cheap chairs in the future.

But, for now, I suggest don’t go with the too cheap chairs, try to get at least a $200 to achieve that awesome gaming experience.


So, gaming chairs are very good and comfortable for sitting:) and they cost anywhere from $150 to $500 in general if you are not in a mood of buying a super-duper expensive one.

I hope this post is helpful for you. Make sure to comment down below if you have any questions.

That is it for today, see you in the next one, keep gaming.

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