How long do gaming laptops last?

How long do gaming laptops last?

Laptops are the best option if you want a portable machine for gaming. As graphics, the play mechanics of games, hardware of laptops are evaluating, the chance of your laptop getting outdated old is much higher.

Since we are introduced to new architecture CPUs, GPUs, have you ever thought how long do your gaming laptop last? By the term last, I am meaning for how long your gaming laptop can give you smooth gaming performance.

Well, in this post I (Jyotirmoy) am gonna discuss the lifespan of laptops especially gaming laptops (in gaming), and what factors affect it most.

Gaming laptop’s lifespan:

The thing is if any part of your desktop got outdated, you can only buy the particular part and just upgrade it.

But in case of gaming laptops, you just can’t, excluding a few parts like RAM, HDD. So, it is very important to know how much the remaining time you have with your laptop.

Now, I am not gonna discuss how long your laptop can work in this post, rather it will be about how long your gaming laptop can give your good performance in gaming or run the latest titles if it can today.

So, the answer is:

A gaming laptop with the latest & powerful hardware can last up to 5-7 years, while an average gaming laptop can run games only for the next 3-5 years smoothly. Yes, it will work after that, but not useful for gaming after this time range.

But, typically the lifespan of your gaming laptop depends on these factors, you should check:

Latest hardware:

Let’s assume, I buy a laptop with GTX 1660 super with i5 and you buy another with RTX 2080 super and R9. Now, what results we get from these two:

Obviously your are richer than me:)

Also, you can play games for almost 5-8 years without any issues with that epic laptop.

But, in my case, hardly I can play games around 3-4 upcoming years after then game starts lagging. I am not saying that it will become unusable, but unplayable at 1080P.

That’s why the lasting period also varies upon how latest and powerful your laptop parts are. So, parts like CPU, GPU, RAM plays an important role in the lifespan of it. 

It is recommended (I don’t know from whom, probably from myself) to buy the latest hardware if you wanna use it for a long time.


The maintenance is also a huge factor while we talk about the lifespan of electronic items. The more you care about gadgets, the more efficiently they work.

In the case of gaming laptops also, I have seen many times because of dust, the inner part of it gets dirty. And obviously, it reduces the airflow, and also make issues for other parts.

So, if you can close your laptops panel after opening once, you should clean it at an interval of 4-6 months.

Otherwise, you can seek help from some experts like me:) kidding, I damaged my laptop first time, was trying to open without any knowledge, however now I can do it.


Many people neglect this part but believe me if you have proper cooling, your laptop can boost the overall performance by up to 10% (personal experience).

Yes, cooling is a very important part, and if your laptop doesn’t have a good cooling system, their lifespan is not gonna be too long.

So, keep the cooling factor in mind while buying a gaming laptop. It is not only bad for the lifespan of your laptop but also for the performance your get from it.

Not charging?

Well, it is not for the entire laptop, it is for the battery. If you are using your laptop with a low battery for gaming, you are doing wrong with your laptop if you want it to last more.

When you play games in low charging, first the parts like GPU, CPU, can’t work properly and you can see a dip in performance.

The second reason is, with low charge, while you do gaming, the parts have to bear more load, and if you do it continuously for years, it will definitely decrease the health of your laptop.

That’s why try to always turn on the power connection while gaming, it increases performance too, don’t believe me, try it.

Now, this issue is not as big for non-gaming laptops like MacBooks, because, you are not playing heavy games there obviously. So, without power connection also, you can’t see a huge performance dip in these types of laptops.

Overclocking too much?

Usually, laptops come with less ventilation, cooling systems (since it is a portable device). Also, you can’t upgrade it after buying.

So, overclocking in gaming laptops is a high-risk task. If you just want to overclock a little bit, then, of course, green flag for you.

But, you are thinking of overclocking your laptop like desktops, just don’t do that. It is very risky, can even burn your system if it can’t handle that much power you are putting in.

So, for extreme overclockers, please do it in desktops with powerful cooling, not with the teeny-tiny laptops.

Also, you can see only a little bit of improvement in performance after overclocking on laptops, so there is no sense in doing that, taking a high risk.

So, this is also a solid factor that determines how much your laptop lasts. Although, it doesn’t show its impact quickly, but it is capable of damaging your laptop within seconds.

My opinion:

On average, gaming laptops can give you good performance or continue giving the same performance at least for 3-4 years. However, if you buy laptops with the best and the latest hardware, it is obviously gonna last more, for 5-7 years.

Again, by the term last, I am not saying about when it stops working, no one can predict that, but I am talking about around from the year I mentioned above it will become outdated and stop giving good performance with the latest software at that time.

How long do gaming laptop batteries last?

Since gaming needs a huge amount of power and there are chances that if your laptop battery is not strong enough to handle it, it is not gonna last very long.

Usually, a good battery of gaming laptop lasts around 3-5 years (if you do gaming regularly). After that you can see problems like quick discharge, not charging quickly, etc, etc.

But, if you play games only once, twice a week, then your battery lasts way more.


Today, I have discussed exactly how long does a gaming laptop last and what are the main factors that affect it.

I hope you find it interesting. If you have any questions, make sure to comment down below or email us.

See you in the next one, tada:) keep gaming.

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