Google stadia,The new gaming sensation

Google stadia, The new gaming sensation: 

Howdy gamer’s, welcome back to my another post and in this post, I am going to write about the new product of Google called Google Stadia. Finally, Google is entering the gaming industry with a master plan.

What is the master plan? Read this article and I am going to tell you everything single detail about this product like what is the name of the intention behind it? Why Google doesn’t make a console etc.

Introduction to Stadia, how it is worked:

Basically, Stadia is an extreme gaming dream machine made by Google itself which can stream any game no matter in your PC, laptop even in your mobile. Google is making a gaming machine with the most powerful parts available in the market till now. And when their work is done they are going to run your expected games or your paid games in that machine and directly stream in your screen. Google understands his field in the whole web and if Google launches a console then their main competitor is sony(PS4).

So Google played a master plan and introduce this concept for which people can enjoy their favorite games without too much money. You have to simply take a subscription plan from Google Stadia and boom all your favorite games are in your screen. For this concept, the games which are released in all three platforms i.e. Microsoft Windows, play station 4 and Xbox one now also add Google Stadia.

It does not confirm yet but exclusive games like God of war, marvel Spider-man is not available for this platform.

During the demo in the headquarters of Google, Khaled Abel who is the product manager played one of the most popular games by Ubisoft “Assassin’s creed Odyssey” on a laptop.

After that, he took Google Pixel and attached a controller and also played the same game. And after that, he also played in a large T.V. with Comcast and that controller.
Google is making a controller by which you can play games in any type of screen no matter in your pc, laptop, TV, and mobile as well.

Google stadia,The new gaming sensation:


  • Google announced that they are giving 8K resolution with 120 fps. Nowadays people feel proud to play in 4K in 60 fps max. So think if you can play in 120 fps in 8K, nothing is better than it.
  • It is very painful and not budget friendly to buy all the new games. But now if you just purchase one year plan in Google Stadia then you can play all games within a cheap amount of money.
  • I think due to this the piracy also decreases. And it acts as Jio in India.
  • Thought Google does not announce any pricing but I am definitely sure that Google takes a minimum amount at first. But after popularity, it increases it’s pricing like Netflix.
  • If we buy a game we need to download, install software for each game, but here you don’t have to download it just go sit and play.
  • It also grows the gaming culture quickly.
  • Google also promised that the gameplay will be 3 times faster and smoother than the normal console.

Google Stadia Requirements:

since the complete process is done by streaming so you need a powerful internet connection approx 25 MB per second to play at 4K. Some countries like India, Pakistan it is hard to get this much internet speed till now but Google is obviously targeting 5G networks. Ya though the Development of 5G is on fire so this is a good sign for the gamers.

If you want to play the awesome games in your mobile then you need a controller/gamepad to control the game and if you want to play in a big screen i.e. TV then you need Google Comcast and a controller.

Surely, Google is not going to be launched this awesome service for free, but they haven’t announced anything about this topic. But I personally think you have to give a good amount of money to play games on your desired screen.

Release date:

The exact release date of stadia is not announced yet but it is hoped that this product will come in action in the next half of this year.


  • For playing a game, you need a powerful internet connection. If you live in a city then it is ok but if anyone lives in a village where internet speed is not that much fast, then you have to face many difficulties.
  • You have to pay a good amount of money for subscription of this service.
  • How it can change the complete gaming culture:
  • Google is planning to directly attach this streaming facility to the YouTube application. As you know youtube has over billions of viewers and if Google adds play button after the trailer of the game then the number of people who engage in this machine will be huge.

At last, if this product works then the whole concept of gaming will be changed. You can enjoy the games at a very cheap price. Many big game publisher companies like Ubisoft, Square Enix stand with Google and promised to publish games with stadia.

For this product, other console companies who are taking more money for a game from us have to be regret. The game with are around 1,300 Rs in stream Sony takes almost 4,000 Rs for the same game. So many people do piracy. If people can afford games they don’t do piracy.

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