Ghost of Tsushima-release date, storyline, all you want to know

Ghost of Tsushima-release date, storyline, all you want to know:

Howdy gamer’s, welcome to my new post and today I am gonna discuss one of the biggest upcoming PS4 exclusive games which is Ghosts of Tsushima.

The main theme of this game is samurai, fighting with swords in amazing, beautiful, heart touching graphics. I am pretty sure that this game can compete with “The Red Dead Redemption2”, one more exclusive console game’s by Rockstar games.

Ghost of Tsushima-release date, storyline, all you want to know


Samurai warriors were the guard of Japan in 1274. Then the Mongol Empire invaded the island called “Tsushima“. The local population we’re afraid of the evil Empire.
After a big battle between the samurai and the evil Empire, only you are left. You, as a guard and a samurai, have to finish the evil powers and save the valuable life of common people.

This is a big masterpiece and seriously you have to buy PS4 for these games. Since this is a PS4 exclusive, so this is bad news for PC as well as Xbox users.

I know there are too many games released in a year but you can’t get games like this in every single day/month. According to my calculation, You get only 3-4 games like this per year. So, I insist you please try this game.

The graphics of this game is very promising and the detailing like when you start fighting the reflection of sunlight from the wet tree leaf’s, dancing of corn leaf’s while riding on a horse, touches your heart. The detailing and work in the graphics is simply awesome.

Not only graphics but also the fighting style of this game is also dashing. The slow-motion effect during the fight takes this game to the next level.

This game is completely open world game and you can explore the whole gaming world without any limitations. You can travel fast by riding a horse, you are also given powers of “ghost“. Overall this game should be the next monster after Marvel’s Spider-Man, red dead redemption 2 and God of war.


This game offers only one mode i.e. story mode/single-player mode. But the story looks very very beautiful.

Release date:

The awesome game is releasing on August 30, 2019. So be ready to witness an epic game.
This game is Developed by Sucker Punch and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.
This game is a PS4 exclusive and only available on play-station4.
This game is absolutely a beast. I recommend this game highly for those who love open-world game’s.
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