gaming laptop Vs Console for hardcore gamers

gaming laptop Vs Console for hardcore gamers

Do you love playing games? If you do, welcome to our gaming blog. Today’s topic is which is better for you Gaming Laptop Vs Console if you are a hardcore gamer.
If you want to do serious gaming, my first recommendation for you is a gaming desktop. But, it is very expensive to build a gaming PC and you can’t carry them all the time with you. So, I am writing this post to give you an idea of which is more better Laptop Vs Console gaming for hardcore gamers.
It is very important to know which one is better for serious gaming especially multiplayer games like fortnite, PUBG, Battlefield V, Call of Duty series, etc. So, without any time waste let’s begin our post:

Before my decision first, let’s discuss the Pros and Cons of gaming laptops vs consoles.

Pros and Cons of a Gaming laptop:


Not only for gaming:

The main benefit of a laptop is that you can not only play games but also do other stuff like surf online, watch a video, video editing, all the work which can be done on a normal desktop.

Easily transportable:

If you want to do gaming while traveling, to bring your gaming device with you, go for a gaming laptop without thinking. Because a laptop is the only option which you can carry everywhere with you.

gaming laptop Vs Console for hardcore gamers
It has a battery:

Good gaming laptops can be able to play games for almost 3-5 hours without electricity. Because they have a really powerful battery. But I prefer to do gaming while charging if you want more smoothness in your gameplay.

Lots of Variety:

Many big brands make powerful laptops nowadays. So, you get enough variety while choosing a laptop for gaming. You get laptops with GTX 1660 and also with RTX 2080, with 8GB RAM and also 32GB RAM. Overall, you get a ton of options, but you have to choose the right one.

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Now’s let’s talk about its cons:



A true gaming laptop is usually very expensive as compared to desktop and console. Because in a laptop very small stuff like small GPU, motherboard, RAMs are needed. And to combine them in such a manner so that they can easily be lifted is very difficult. So, they are pricey.

Heating problem:

Now, this is a common problem, but some gaming laptops are different. Since a gaming laptop has a small space inside its body, so obviously there is not enough space for airflow. So, we can see more heating on a laptop than a desktop.


If you are a hardcore gamer then you obviously want a bigger 4K screen so that you can attach with games story more easily and also your overall gaming experience increase. But on a laptop, you don’t get that much bigger screen. I am not saying that you don’t get a good display, but not a bigger display. According to me, a big display is very important for playing games like PUBG, fortnite, etc.

Well, this is my opinion about a gaming laptop, now let’s talk about gaming consoles:

Pros and cons of gaming Console:


Cheap compared to a gaming laptop:

Till now, gaming Consoles are very very cheap compared to gaming laptops. Since Consoles are mainly designed to play games, for this reason, the company has to focus on gaming performance only, not others. However, you have to buy a UPS and a monitor additional but then also it is very cheap than a gaming laptop.

gaming laptop Vs Console for hardcore gamers

Exclusive games:

Some companies make exclusive games. Big game publisher companies make PS4 exclusive games. And believe me if you don’t play these exclusive games, then you don’t get that ultimate experience. Marvel Spiderman, Red dead redemption 2 are PS4 exclusive games.

Awesome multiplayer experience:

If you want to play games with your friends then console can add the next level to it. You can talk with each other while gaming, can share your achievements and also can do live stream directly from a console to YouTube and twitch. Not only that you can play games like FIFA, Aus cricket, etc with two or more controllers at the same time (your friend and you).


The old gen. The console is not that good at this point. But after PS4, Xbox one’s release this conception changes. Now it can play games up to 4K resolution and the main highlight is its price. If you want a 4K gaming laptop then you have to pay almost 4 to 5 times the price of consoles.
I am also hearing in Sony’s next-gen. (upcoming) console they are bringing the power to play games at 8K resolution. If this happens, then Sony definitely brings a new revolution in the whole gaming industry.

You get enough time to fully utilize it:

Sony, Xbox, the two main Console companies launch their new consoles after 7-9 years from the old ones. So, don’t worry, if you are spending your money on Consoles, then you get a good amount of time to fully utilize it.

So, the now let’s discuss about some of its cons:

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Not portable like laptops:

You can’t bring a gaming Console with you like a laptop. If you somehow managed to do that, then how you bring the display with you? Because you can bring the main machine but can’t take the whole display. So, buying a console is a bad idea of you constantly do traveling.

Games are more expensive in the console than PC:

Generally, games are more expensive in a console compared to a PC. I always see a big difference between pc games price and console games price in the same games.

A mouse is more comfortable than the Controller (in serious gaming):

After using consoles for decades what I understand is that consoles are for enjoyment. You don’t get accuracy like a mouse in a controller while playing a game. So, when you play multiplayer games you may have to suffer sometimes.
So, I always recommend a PC especially a desktop for hard-core gaming.

You need a power supply:

Gaming Consoles can’t run without current, so you need a good UPS to play games.

What to do with CDs?

If you are using console for a long time then you know that the games came in CDs. But now, you can buy a CD or also can do a digital purchase. So, if you have lots of CDs then what you do. They are covering space of your house. This is also a problem with consoles.
According to a leak of PS5, Sony is bringing the opportunity of selling the old game disks to others. If it really comes true, then it will be very good:)

Which one you have to choose a gaming console or a gaming laptop?

In my opinion, different gaming platforms have different uses. If you want cheap but good gaming then Console is made for that and if you want hardcore/serious gaming I would suggest going with a gaming laptop. But my first preference is always a desktop for serious gaming. I am saying you only have to choose a laptop if you don’t like desktop or space issues.
Overall, for 4K gaming, enjoyment, play with friends, show off:) I suggest you to go with a gaming Console.

And if you want more hardcore, serious gaming and want to also carry with you, go with a gaming laptop.


All gaming platforms have their own value and benefits. So buy them according to your need as I mentioned above. If you find my post-Laptop Vs Console gaming for hardcore gamers helpful then please share my content and have any doubts comment below.

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