how to download RGB profiles

How to download Corsair’s RGB profiles or create them by yourself

RGB PC components are currently in trend from the last couple of years. Though many years have passed since RGB components were introduced, there are not so many RGB effects available compared to their prices.

That’s why corsair introduced lightning RGB profiles due to which you can easily download any apply tons of RGB profiles and make your PC cool looking.

But after some time, the trend of this decrease and now it is very hard to download RGB profiles from anywhere any apply them i.e. why now you can hardly find it.

So, let’s discuss how you can download corsair RGB profiles or create them by yourself.

You can apply these RGB profiles mainly in corsair keyboards but in case you have multiple Corsair RGB parts, these RGB profiles also give different awesome RGB effects to your whole corsair PC components. So, if you believe in making your computer fancy, this post is for you.

I as said before corsairs website for those fabulous RGB profiles is also not available (due to updating process) that’s why a verified corsair component buyer can’t download RGB profiles and also they can’t share their creations with the world through this website as they can before.

But, don’t worry. I can help you in creating awesome RGB profiles/effects with Corsair iCUE software and believe me, it is so simple and also you can download some of the profiles.

Corsairs RGB website was known as rgbshare. From the time of launching, thousands of RGB profiles had been added there. Some of them are the rainbow effect, the splash effect, the wave effect, etc.

And the most amazing thing is that you can customize them according to your needs. Since RGB share is no more, Corsair tries to put all the features in their iCUE software and believe me if you know how to make them once, you can simply create never-ending RGB effects.

Now, let’s discuss how you can easily download custom corsair RGB profiles for free:

How to download Corsairs RGB profiles?

As I said before, RGB profiles are not on their official website due to update issues, but there are different websites from which you can easily download them and apply them to your system.

But, if you ask me, I prefer to create them yourself and enjoy to escape from security issues.

So, please at least try to create it by yourself. 

download corsairs rgb profiles

How to create awesome custom corsair RGB profiles by yourself?

You know, making RGB profiles by yourself is much easier than download and install them. You can do all the steps by yourself. But before directly creating any RGB profiles first you have to know about the software which we are gonna use to create these RGB profiles i.e. iCUE software.

download corsairs rgb profiles
you can download it after giving your email id

A quick overview of corsairs RGB lighting controlling software (iCUE):

Before starting here is a quick tip

The more you play with corsairs iCUE software, the more you can create awesome RGB profiles, understand the settings.

First, go to corsair’s official website and download iCUE software. After downloading and installing you are ready to play with it to create different color effects for different PC parts.

Now, after opening it, you can see all the corsairs devices inserted in your PC there. You can select them one by one to change/add different RGB lightings or RGB profiles. And you also get all the options to adjust different types of RGB lightings from this software.

This CUE software has one pre-installed RGB profile. To see it, just tap on the device and you can see it after clicking on any devices.

Since creating an RGB profile in a keyboard is way more complicated than in mouse, CPU fans, i.e.why I am gonna make an RGB profile only for the keyboard. Now, let’s create an awesome RGB profile

How to create an RGB profile?

If you do this by following the process as I am gonna tell you, surely by experimenting with settings as well as the colors you can easily create others too.

I recommend not to touch anything in device settings until you don’t know in detail about them, So don’t change device settings.

Now, let’s make a solid RGB profile such that when you press any key, it’s color changes.

Our first step to choose a constant (static/solid) color with the help of iCUE software. Then you have to add a gradient layer and do some settings and boom. Every time when you click on any key it blinks with another bright light and faded after 1-2 seconds.

To create it-

  • Open your iCUE software.
  • Among the devices available in your PC, just select that for which you wanna make this RGB profile (I am making one for my keyboard). 
  • Now, to make your own RGB custom lighting effect, we have to do it from the profiles option in the left corner.
  • There you can see you complete profiles you created in the past but in case you haven’t created any, there should be a default one.
  • To make your own, first, create a new profile by clicking on the plus icon at the top right corner of the profiles window, then name and a new profile will be added.

Now, its time for actions. Just click on the plus icon below the previous one and select an action.

The most important part is RGB lighting:

After that, you have to add lighting effects. To do it, go to lighting effects and as before and click on the plus icon. There you can see different options as rainbow wave, visior, rain, color pulse with up, down, speed options.

  • First add a solid color which you like blue, while, etc in lightning options and don’t forget to make it wave and you can adjust its brightness according to your wish.
  • A quick tip: to apply colors in just some keys, drag with the mouse cursor or press control+mouse click and you get colors only for that keys you have selected.

Create a gradient:

Now create a gradient by simply pressing the plus icon in lighting effect and then to make it fade over time, select any gradient color and set it 100% to 0% and set the options as I am describing. Select start and click om on the key pressed, also tick on the play on a pressed key box, and set stop after and write 1 time in the below box.

Then after clicking any key, you get amazing effect when you hit one button.

This is the complete process by which you can create complete RGB profiles and off course, if you try different effects with different colors, lighting, you get different results.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s):

How do I add iCUE profiles?

There are multiple ways by which you can add various RGB profiles in your iCUE software. TO add it-

  • Simply open it.
  • Select your device.
  • Click on the add icon and you have to select it from the computer hard disk.
  • Then apply it and that’s it.

Where are iCUE profiles saved?

Mainly, iCUE profiles show in the category of its devices inserted in a system. But, to find any RGB profile in the computer hard drive, it is saved where you have installed the software.

How do I change the color of my Corsair keyboard?

It is very simple to change the color. Do these steps-

  • Just download and open iCUE software.
  • Select the device for which you wanna apply these RGB lighting.
  • Select lightning profile and boom, the default rainbow wave will automatically start.

(if you want to change the effects to as I described above)

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Wrapping Up:

I hope after reading this post you can finally get introduced with corsairs iCUE software and now can create awesome RG B profiles no matter for your keyboard, for mouse, fans, etc. Overall, I suggest to create them by yourself to avoid any risks or security issues.

If you have any questions please comment me below. I would love to help you. That’s it for today, see you in the next one, tada:)

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