Does PlayStation 4 (PS4) supports 4K?

PlayStation 4 Pro is the best console in 2020, but do you know it is not the most powerful console?

Yes, if you compare Xbox one and play station 4 by their hardware, Xbox one wins the battery. However, because of PlayStation exclusive games and because of its price, PS4 pro is the best console.

But, the question occurs, can Playstation 4 pro console supports, run games at 4K resolution? Since it is the best console, you should know about its capabilities of 4K gaming before buying it.

So, in this post, let’s discuss about 4K gaming capabilities of play station consoles.

Hey guys, I am Jyotirmoy, using PlayStation consoles from 4-5 years and wanna give some valuable information to you based on my personal experience through this blog.

Can play station 4 pro run games at 4k?

Yes, PlayStation 4 pro can run games at 4k. But, not in every game. The games which use more system resources like CPU, GPU, RAM, etc, it becomes hard to get a good frame rate (at least playable) in 4k resolution in those games.

Now, which games fall in this category. Generally, high demanding, graphically heavy games like God of war series, Uncharted series, Marvel Spiderman, etc are perfect examples of them.

Note that, I am not saying PS4 pro can’t run these games at 4K, it can. But, as I personally realized, in these types of games it can’t give a good frame rate (hovers around 30fps) and you may also feel some sort of laginess during the gameplay.

But, we all know Playstation releases its new consoles after an interval of a few years. Play Station 4 Pro was also released in 2016.

So, back in 2016, it was able to run all the modern titles in 4K with a good frame per second (fps). But, with the increasing of time, games now need more resources and graphically heavy. So, it faces problems in running them in higher resolution.

Now, the question is: everyone is saying if the PlayStation4 pro console is not capable of real 4K, then how it is still managing 4k smooth gameplay (in some games). It’s very interesting, let’s discuss-

How Sony is giving 4k which is actually not 4k:

Sony is giving gameplay of 4K resolution by a feature called checkerboard rendering. With this rendering facility, a console can render games at a higher resolution than its capacity.

That’s why if you are thinking you are playing modern PS4 games at 4K, you are wrong, it’s only an upscaled version and only an existing 4K player can say the difference. Actually, the difference is pretty negligible and that’s why everyone is happy with it.

So, ya it is a very good feature of PlayStation4 pro and that’s why it is doing well with 4K with the modern, graphics-heavy games.

But, you can’t get true 4K resolution in PS4 pro Console.

Can PlayStation run games at 4K?

The basic Play station 4 model (not pro) can’t run 4K. Since Sony generally launches three different types of consoles with different specifications, they can give different performances too.

If we discuss about the Play station 4 consoles, it has mainly the basic i.e. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Slim, and PlayStation 4 pro variants and I have discussed earlier the pro one and it’s 4K capabilities.

But, talking about the base model, the PlayStation 4 can’t run games at 4K. Since the pro one is the most resource-heavy console (with higher price), the native 4K features are exclusively available only for the PlayStation 4 pro.

So, if you are thinking about play games at 4K in your PlayStation 4 console, unfortunately, it is never gonna happen. It is only limited to 1080P.

What about PS4 slim?

However Play station slim is far better than former PlayStation 3, but I don’t think it is too powerful to handle 4K. In fact, it is weaker than the base console.

Does PlayStation 4 (PS4) supports 4K?

Since the PlayStation 4 can’t deliver 4K gameplay, there is no sense expecting 4K gaming from PS4 slim.

Overall, PS4 slim is also not for 4k gaming, you can play games up to 1080P resolution in this console.

Can PlayStation 4 pro handle 4K well?

As I have discussed above, PS4 pro can run games not in 4K but near 4k, thanks to checkerboard rendering. And as a PlayStation user from the last 4-5 years, I fell that, with the increasing time the 4k performance of new graphics-heavy games is decreasing.

Nowadays, big game developer companies give attention to graphics and they are consistently increasing graphics of the games too, but we have the same console form the last 4 years.

That’s why, we can say that PlayStation 4 is in the last phase of its life, meaning Sony is launching a new Console (maybe PlayStation 5) later this year or in the next.

If you ask me this question two years back, I would say yes, but now in 2020, I think playing big (latest) titles in PlayStation 4 Pro in 4K is not a good choice. And I highly recommend you to wait and buy PlayStation 5 after some time than buying PS4 now.

will upcoming Playstation 5 support 4K?

Not only 4K, but the upcoming PlayStation 5 will also support up to 8K (I don’t know how we are gonna manage the monitor:) and if you wanna play games in 4k, it will give up to 120fps. However, since it is not launched yet, we can’t say anything firmly.

But, according to PlayStation 5 news, it can give gameplay up to 60fps 8K resolution and interestingly 4k 120fps.

So, it looks like PlayStation 5 will be able to run games at real 4K and up to 8k resolution.

Wrapping up:

It is very important to know if any console can run games at 4k especially at a good frame rate if before buying.

That’s why in This post I have discussed why does PlayStation 4 supports 4k by its different models? I hope you have learned about it and finally get some valuable information.

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That’s it for today, see you in the next post, tada:)

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