Does i7 9700k need water cooling?

Does i7 9700k, i9 9900K need water cooling?

Still, in 2020, water cooling is a technology for rich people. Sad truth is that people even don’t know about water cooling technology properly and they can apply it in their PC in a minimum budget.

That’s why in this post, I am gonna give some tips on how to know which processor needs a good water cooling system and should you implement water cooling with the PCs with Intel Core i9 9900K, i7 9700K processors, RTX 2080Ti graphics cards?

Since applying water cooling with low-end PC parts doesn’t affect or boost up the performance at a high rate, we have to only focus on water cooling in the top-tier PC parts.

Obviously, processors like Intel core i9 9900K, i7 9700k, Ryzen 9 and GPUs like RTX 2080Ti falls in this high-end category, I am gonna focus them in this post.

You can install water cooling with mid-range PC parts too. But, since a decent air cooler is sufficient to cool them, spending more in water cooling doesn’t worth.

Now, let’s discuss should i7 9700k really need a powerful water cooling system:

Should you water cool your i7 9700k CPU?

Everybody uses their PC in different ways. Some play games, some watch youtube while others use it for web-browsing. But, in every case, I don’t recommend an expensive water-cool PC.

If you are not gonna utilize what you are buying, simply it doesn’t worth buying!

That’s why I have divided it into three categories so that you can easily understand:

Not gonna overclock in future:

If you are one of those who just want to use your PC at a basic level, not gonna use your heavy i7 9700K fully or no plan to overclock it, water cooling is not for you. Instead, you can go with a good air cooler.

Why I am telling that?

See, water cooling helps your CPU cabinet in cooling down with distilled water. It is very helpful to cool down your system when you overclock your PC and most importantly it is also very important for your PC health.

So, if you don’t have any intention to overclock your PC future, a good air cooler is more than enough for your i7 9700K.

Now which tasks include in this category. Generally, watching videos, scrolling social media, listening to music, etc. Overall, those things which you can say chilling can be counted in this category.

Mid-range users:

If use your PC for playing games (streaming or just for chilling), video editing, but not esports or professional video editing, chances that you are a perfect fit for this category.

Users who overclock their PC sometimes but not an extreme level, they just want to get a little bit improvement in performance or they have the fear of damaging their PC parts.

I think Playing games and streaming, editing videos, 3d modeling as a hobby with i7 doesn’t need water cooling. But in the case of i9 CPUs, my opinion will be different. Now, why you don’t need water cooling in this category?

Simply, a good air cooler is enough and can perfectly cool down your PC in mid-level gaming, streaming, video editing. Moreover, you are not using CPU like i9 9900K which needs better cooling since it gives high performance too.

That’s why I don’t think water cooling is necessary for mid-range users with i7 9700K CPU.

The top-tier users:

Now if you want to squeeze out the maximum performance you processor can give then you can think about water cooling. But, personally I don’t recommend water-cooling with i7 9700K CPU.

But, if you are esports gamer, professional designer or you need to overclock your PC frequent and you feel that your air cooler is not cooling your CPU properly, you can choose water cooling.

Actually, water colling can perform well with CPUs like i9 9900K since it is the best processor which can give frequency up to 5GHz. So, people overclock it to get better results.

So, ya, you can choose water cooling for your i7 9700K for the reasons I have described.

Does i9 9900K need water cooling?

I know Intel Core i9 9900K is the best gaming CPU according to the experts, but the truth is that it is not always necessary to install water cooling with it. Let’s discuss-

Water cooling for i9 9900K:

If you have bought i9 9900K, then obviously you want the best performance. But the thing is that can water cooling increase your computer’s performance every time?

The answer is no, it can’t. Just imagine if an air cooler can cool down your PC properly, so after installing a water cooling system it basically doesn’t impact too much since in both situations your PC is cooled properly whether it is by air cooling or by water cooling.

When you need water cooling for i9 9900K?

As I said before, there is no need for water cooling for i9 for all. It completely depends upon your uses. It is a little bit tricky to find out when you need it? Let’s me help you in that-

The biggest thing is that, if you feel that your air cooler is not capable of cooling your PC properly, I think you should think about water cooling.

As I said before, if you are connected with e-sports, competitive gaming, professional video editing, character modeling, game development, maybe water cooling can give way better performance than air coolers.

Since water coolers directly cool CPU and GPU via water, it is very effective compared to a good air cooler. 

That’s why, if you are one of those who want to get the best performance from your PC, you should consider water cooling with i9.

But, if your job is not one of them as I have mentioned above, don’t worry, a decent air cooler can cool your i9 CPU.

The only reason I am suggesting water cooling for i9 because it is the best and it produces a huge amount of heat. Since it can be overclocked up to 5GHz, you have to overclock it hard to get that.

And obviously, to give such a huge frequency, it produces a good amount of heat too. That’s why water cooling is important for those PCs.

Users like me:)

As you know, I am a gamer by heart and also started this blog a year ago, but still, I am not using water cooling PC (do you know me? I hope so).

Does i7 9700k need water cooling?

But, now I don’t use a water cool PC now simply because I don’t feel that my air cooler is not enough for my i9 9900K. Since I don’t need to overclock at an extreme level, the air cooler is fine for me.

I hope you have understood does your processor whether it is i7 or i9 need a water cooling system or not.

Wrapping up:

In this post I have described do you actually need to install a water cooling system with i7 and i9.

I hope you have understood the main factors why you should choose it and is it perfect for you?

That’s it for today, see you in the next post, tada:)