Does curved monitor make any difference?

Does curved monitor make any difference?

There are tons of monitors sizes available out there in the market and one of the most interesting is the curved ones. These curved monitors are awesome by likewise and capable of giving good competition to the orthodox flat-surfaced ones.

However, curved monitors are so much popular but still, buyers often come with some important questions while buying it.

That’s why in this post, I am gonna discuss some factors you should know before buying a curved monitor, and does curved monitor make any difference? So, let’s discuss-

#1. User experience:

With wider viewing angles, a curved monitor can outperform a flat-paneled monitor by its awesome user experience. Especially if you do gaming, streaming, multitasking you should try this once.

The reason behind a curved monitor gives more productivity because of its panel. Since it is a little bit curved you don’t have to move your head here and there to look the whole screen especially if you are playing games.

In lemon terms, a curved monitor gives effects like 3D that’s why users find the graphics more realistic compared to the monitors with flat panels, they can only give 2D effect.

Moreover, to get better results, you should use a curved monitor with a big screen size so that you can get the proper feeling.

My opinion:

So, as we discussed above, in terms of user experience a curved monitor can easily beat a flat-paneled monitor. But, it is not gonna be true always.

A curved monitor is good for only certain activities like gaming, video watching, multitasking, streaming. But, while we talk about general activities, I have some hesitation going with curved monitors for those day to day life tasks. 

Since the screen seems to be stretched a bit, some software looks awkward, that’s why if you have a flat monitor, it is just okay if you are not planning for something special.

Now, let’s discuss some other good and bad things of curved monitors-

#2. Performance:

As for performance, if we compare a flat monitor with a curved monitor, we can’t see a huge difference between these two models. However, there are tons of varieties of both flat and curved monitors.

But if we compare two of them (which are almost the same category and price point),performance-wise, I say the flat monitors are a little bit ahead from curved ones.

Does curved monitor make any difference?

That’s why I don’t think, without the screen, there is not anything extraordinary in curved monitors.

So there is no sense in hoping a curved monitor can give way more performance than the other one.

But, there one thing that separates a curved monitor. Generally, mid-size, large curved monitors are more common. Since people just don’t buy small curved monitors (because of smaller viewing angles), the large, mid-sized ones are a little bit expensive.

Since people generally don’t buy a flat monitor with a very big screen, so it is a little bit tricky to compare them with their price. In other words, we can say that curved monitors a little bit expensive than flat ones.

So, in performance-wise, both can give almost the same refresh rate, response time, and color accuracy. But, if you want the best resolution (4K and beyond), you have to go with flat monitors.

#3. Gaming:

If you love gaming, I highly recommend using a curved monitor. In 2020, most of the hard-core games use multiple screens (2, 3, 4, etc) to get a better experience. But, I don’t like that type because of the bezels which cut the display.

But, don’t worry, if you use a curved monitor, you not can only do your work on one big screen but also get awesome 3D experience.

Moreover, according to a survey, a curved monitor is more comfortable for using. For example, if you use multiple screens, one big flat monitor, you have to move your head to cover every part of your monitor.

But, with the 3D effect of curved monitors, you just don’t have to do anything. You can easily enjoy everything on your desktop screen with eye movement only.

So, if you want to enjoy gaming better, get rid of those irritation multiple screens, awesome 3D viewing, you should try a curved monitor.

#4. Multitasking:

In terms of multitasking, curved monitors are awesome. For the big stretched screen, you can easily do multitasking in these monitors.

Since the screen is long and banned/curved, anyone can do multitasking in curved monitors very comfortably. But, in the case of flat monitors, you can divide into two multiple windows, but multitasking is not that comfortable as curved ones.

So, if you do multitasking, use different software, windows at the same time, a curved monitor will be a better option for you than multiple flat monitors and for your budget too.

#5. Pricing:

As I said before, it is a bit tricky to compare the prices of these two variants of monitors. However, the curved monitors were very expensive a few years ago, but finally, from the last 2-3 years, some good budget curved monitors are also available in the market.

Make sure to read till the end to know about my favorite picks.

So, we can say that the curved monitors are a little bit expensive than the traditional type, however, it is not dramatically very expensive. Actually, you are paying for what you are getting.

But, as usual, curved monitors also have its own disadvantages:

#1. Size:

If you are thinking of buying a small curved monitor, I don’t recommend it. Because, when you buy a small curved monitor, the screen looks awkward and you can’t take advantage of those 3D effects and the curved display with a small one.

That’s the only reason, most of the curved monitors are mid, large-sized nowadays, so it will be awesome if you just go with a big screen monitor.  But, that’s gonna costs a bit more.

#2. Wall Mounting:

I hope there are not a bunch of people who are thinking of mounting their monitors on their wall:) but, if you are thinking about it, unfortunately, most of the curved monitors don’t come with the facility of mounting them in the wall.

#3. Sitting position:

I don’t know anyone notices this ever, but personally, when I don’t sit center of my curved monitor, I can’t get comfortable with it. That’s a big issue since you can’t sit in the same position for hours.

When I don’t sit middle of the monitor, the curve literally irritates sometimes.

So, after discussing the main advantages and disadvantages of curved monitors, its time to give the answer:

Does curved monitor make any difference?

Yes, the curved monitor makes a huge difference but only by its physical appearance only, like we get a better viewing angle, wider screen, 3D effect, which is awesome.

But, performance-wise, I say the flat monitor is a little bit ahead from curved ones. And, if you want a good 240Hz 4K curved-screen monitor, you have to spend a big amount comparing flat monitors.

So, curved monitors are worth buying and make a difference if you know its advantages and disadvantages, about your work and do you really need it?

Here are some awesome curved monitors you can check out:

1. Dell AW3418DW:

Dell AW3418DW comes with a 34.14-inch screen and the screen ratio is 21:9. It can give up to 1440p resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. If you love gaming, this monitor is just awesome for you.

Does curved monitor make any difference?
Credit: Dell (Alienware)

Moreover, it also supports modern features like Nvidia’s G-Sync, 1000:1 contrast ratio. This monitor offers 178-degree viewing angle and the awesome big display gives 3D effect too.


Check the price of this monitor from below:

2. Asus ROG Strix XG32VQ:

If you want a budget option, you can go with this monitor from Asus. I am personally a big fan of Asus. They are very reputed and well known for their awesome gaming products.

Does curved monitor make any difference?
Credit: Asus

This curved monitor comes with a 1440p (2K) 144Hz screen. However, there are also options from 25-49 inch screen size. You can choose anyone you want. But, here I am gonna discuss the 32-inch display particularly. Note that their specifications are the same.

This monitor supports FreeSync, Asus Aura Sync lighting, Asus eye care technology. And looking at its awesome specifications, we can definitely say that around $429, this monitor is a very good one.


Check the price of Asus ROG Strix XG32VQ from here:


  • Good price to performance ratio.
  • Can give up to 2K resolution and 144Hz refresh rate.


  • Brightness is not that great.

Wrapping up:

In this post, I have discussed curved monitors, I hope you find it interesting. If you have any doubts, make sure to comment down below.

If you buy from our links we get commissions because of Amazon affiliate partnership, don’t worry, no extra cost for you.

That’s it for today, see you in the next post, tada:)

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