DISM host servicing process

DISM host servicing process, is this a virus?

Have you noticed your PC slows down when you update your windows 10 operating system? Yes, there are many cases like this where users literally bitted their nails because their windows (especially 10) update stuck or as fast as snails. There could be different reasons for this problem but one of the main reasons is that DISM host servicing process is using all your computer resources (disk space). Now you may be surprised that what is DISM host servicing process or DismHost.exe and how it causes these problems. Let’s discuss-

What is DISM Host Servicing process (DismHost.exe)?

It is basically a window command-line tool that prepares windows preinstallation environment (windows PE) for windows pictures. But, the amazing fact is that when DismHost.exe runs in the taskbar of a computer, it surprisingly uses CPU, RAM and also other resources in an extreme level also when you don’t use it. Isn’t it surprising?

Many windows 10 users have reported this problem and they suspect it as a virus or malware seeing its unusual behaviors. And not only that, attackers use the older version of this software as a trojan viruses. Now, I am gonna discuss what experts say about DismHost.exe-

According to windows/computer experts, Dism Host servicing process is not completely safe at all. But, on the other hand, this program is quite helpful for users. So, it completely depends upon you if you wanna use it not thinking of its cons or you don’t.

Experts also specialized that, in an average DismHost.exe is about 27% dangerous for your system. But, in the case of this program is located at Computer>Local Disk (C)>windows, the percentage of its harmfull effects rises up to 34% but if this file is in Computer>Local Disk (C)>program files the percentage reduces to 19%. And in Computer>Local Disk (C)>Users location it is 20% dangerous.

In lemon terms, if you have installed this in the windows folder of your C driver, there will be more chances of getting the errors like High Disk Uses. But, if you have installed it is your program files, you are quite safe compared to the other situation.

DISM host servicing process

After this information, you get to know that in that case, you don’t wanna delete DISM Host from your PC, them you install it in your program files.

Here are some issues due to which DISM host is known as a virus:

  • Sometimes it launches automatically and in a number of 10-20 tabs.
  • After uninstalling it, sometimes it won’t be uninstalled or kept on running in the background.
  • It uses a huge amount of CPU and hard disk.

Quick tips if you still want to use it:

I generally prefer not to use it or uninstall it since it is not that kind of software which requires in your daily life. But, in case you don’t want to remove it completely from your PC, follow these tips to make sure you are completely safe:

  • Install it in Computer>Local Disk (C)>program files of your system
  • Always use the latest version of DismHost.exe since the latest one is more secure than older versions.
  • Make sure to monitor its activities from time to time.

issues created by DISM host service process:

After discussing what is DISM and is it safe for your PC/is it a malware, now I am gonna discuss DISM create what types of issues or errors-

  • It creates errors like high disk uses.
  • Dism.exe slows down your system.
  • Keeps on running in the background after closing it from the taskbar.
  • Since it is a malware, so you might also face security issues.
  • It automatically generates multiple files in your computer (more than 100K files from untrusted source).
  • You can see some strange software installed in your system which you have never installed in your system.
  • Since it acts like malware, so creates different types of errors in your system apart from those I have mentioned.

How you can fix issues created by DismHost.ex?

I will discuss two best fixes for these errors, try them one by one-

#1. Uninstall it completely from your computer:

It is very easy to uninstall DismHost.exe from your PC with these steps:

DISM host servicing process
  • Got to your control panel by searching it from your start menu.
  • Go to uninstall a program and you will be in programs and features.
  • Find it and uninstall by right-clicking it.

Since DismHost.exe is a virus, sometimes it actually doesn’t remove from your PC after uninstalled it. If it happens with you, please do steps 3 and 4 with 1.

This is the best and fastest way to get rid of malware. Don’t forget to restart your PC after this whole process. Then your disk space or other errors caused by it will automatically solved.

But, some of you should not wanna delete it. Don’t worry I have solutions for them too.

#2. Scan your PC for virus or malware:

Now, here we are gonna scans our PC for virus or untrusted files so that if DISM is acting like a virus in your pc, it automatically gets removed.

For a good virus scan, we have to use Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool i.e MSRT, which is very secure. But in case you want to buy a powerful antivirus, go ahead, that could also give you results.

DISM host servicing process
  • First, we have download MSRT. To download it-
  • Open your chrome browser.
  • Click here and download MSRT from Microsoft’s official website.
  • After that download it by clicking on the download button.

Install it and start a quick scan:

  • After downloading it you have yo install it too simply following on-screen instructions.
  • Then choose a scan type from quick, full or customized (full scan needs more time).

When it will be done, you will get to know if DismHost.exe is causing issues in your PC or not?

If it is, then you should remove it completely from your computer.

Now, in some cases DISM doesn’t remove after uninstalling it also, so make sure to these steps if you are also facing the same problems after doing step 1:

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#3. Delete its files from your system:

Here we have to delete all the files created by it:

DISM host servicing process
  • First, go to the location Computer>Local Disk (C)>windows>Temp.
  • Select all the files and delete them.
  • Then, go to Computer>Local Disk (C)>users>username and delete them all.
  • Finally, go to Computer>Local Disk (C)>users>tech>Appdata>Local>Temp and delete all the files from there.
DISM host servicing process

After doing these, reboot your computer and check if DISM host servicing process has gone from your computer or not? If it is, you don’t have to do the fourth step, but if not or after deleting you are still facing virus issues, do this 4th step also:

#4. Disable it from services/host:

In this step, we are gonna permanently disable it from services so that it can’t create any problem in the future.

DISM host servicing process
  • Open your start menu and search for services and open it.
  • Right-click on Background Intelligent Transfer Service and stop it by right-clicking it.

After doing it, just restart your system once and DismHost.exe will be automatically stopped working.

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Wrapping up:

After reading this post thoroughly and apply its steps, I hope you can now get some important informations about DISM host servicing process and also how to get rid of it, should you remove it or not? 

Comment down below if your issues are fixed by these steps. Don’t forget to send your questions in the comment or you can directly email me by joining our community. That’s it for today, see you in the next one, tada:)

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