Death Stranding, another PS4 exclusive, release-all you need to know

Death Stranding, another PS4 exclusive-all you need to know

Howdy gamer’s, I am back with another upcoming PS4 exclusive game i.e. Death Stranding. We all are thinking that The Last of Us 2 should release in this year, but seeing this games trailer, I am pretty sure that The last of us 2 will be released in 2020. Since Sony doesn’t release big exclusive games at the same time. This reduces their profit.

So, personally, I think the last of us will release in the same period with play station 5(PS5). Who knows sony is planning to give us a big surprise by launching The last of us 2 with PS5. So, for these kinds of updates time to time, please follow my blog.

Now let’s talk about Death Stranding. Basically, it is a PS4 exclusive action game, going to be released on 8th November 2019.

credit: Playstation

Some interesting facts about this game:

This is an open world action game. Looking at the trailer, I am shocked thinking how is the game gonna be? The main theme of the game is the relationship between death and life.

The main character of the game is Sam. And the baby at the trailer is also a big mystery. I can’t wait to play the game.

You have to protect the baby by keeping him in saliva on the front side of your body. Daemons will come to snatch him from you. But you have to fight.

You also get a special scanner by which you can sense the presence of your enemies. Looking at the trailer, I think there is not only one type of enemy.

Your enemies can kill you by electric rods, they can also track your location by some frequencies display at the ground.

The whole storyline isn’t clear yet because the game publishers want to keep the story in suspense. But the trailer is amazing and this game is based on a powerful story.


Since this game is an open world game, as in the trailer the graphics is amazing. You can explore the whole world. But be careful of shadows. Not only that, you can climb on top of the hills.

Release date:

This game is going to be released on 8th November 2019.


This game is Developed by Kojima Productions and Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment


This game has both multiplayer and single player i.e. campaign mode.


Since it is PS4 exclusive, So this game is only releasing on Play-station 4.

Death Stranding, another PS4 exclusive, release-all you need to know

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