Can you run CPU without cooler and CPU fan?

Can you run CPU without cooler?

Nowadays, it is almost necessary to have a good CPU cooler and CPU fan, but some years before, it was not? So, the question is can you run your CPU without a cooler now also? Let’s discuss-

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What happened when I run CPU without CPU cooler?

To see if this can be done (with fear inside), I had installed an Intel Core i5 CPU on a motherboard and with a 4GB RAM. Then I attached all the power supply cables and also a monitor.

Note that, I haven’t install a CPU cooler in my motherboard, rather I just install the CPU only.

Then I turned on the PC by P.O.S.T. (power-on self-test) processor connecting front panel power connectors by a screwdriver.

Can you run CPU without cooler and CPU fan?


Surprisingly, my PC boots up. I could select and operate everything on my PC for the first 20-40 seconds. I was also monitoring the CPU temperature. But when the temperature went above 70°C my PC becomes unresponsive. Simply, I could not handle the computer after one minute. (When I remind it, it feels like a nightmare)

So, I keep on using my PC for almost 2 minutes with Core i5 processor to see what gonna happen next.

My temperature keeps on rising and when it reached 90-95°C my PC shuts down. Lightning strike was falling on my mind, I was thinking that my i5 is gone

But, I got relief when it automatically boots up again after the temperature decreased (around 70°C). But, this time my computer was seeing CPU overhead error. Then I stopped my experiment.

what do I feel throughout this whole experiment?

Note: when the temperature of CPU rises then it also consumes much power compared to normal condition. When the temperature of my CPU is 107 degree Celsius then my computer was handling it pretty well.

However it was throttling, I was able to use it. But after 70 degree it became unusable. At last, my system power off and showed CPU overheating error.

But, my i5 processor is not damaged, which is really surprising for me because at a time the temperature crosses 100°C.

Can you run your system without CPU cooler?

After doing a heartbreaking dangerous experiment-

My answer is yes, you can run your system without CPU cooler. But, please don’t do it. If you do it, chances are your CPU might be damaged because of the rising temperature.

Since I had done this experiment, I can imagine how worse it can become to run pc without a CPU cooler. If you don’t want to destroy your system completely, just buy a simple and cheap CPU cooler and save your system from damaging.

I am not saying to go with the super expensive coolers if you don’t have budget, a simple and cheap cooler can also help you a lot compared to run with no CPU cooler.

Can you run CPU without cooler and CPU fan?

How long can you run a CPU without a cooler?

The more powerful your CPU is the less time it turns on without a CPU cooler.

As I discussed above, with Core i5 I can run my CPU for around 2-3 minutes without any CPU cooler. Everything was okay until my CPU temperature reaches 70°C, then it starts lagging and finally shut does at around 100°C.

I don’t recommend to run your CPU without cooler in 2020 at all. It can not only damage your CPU, whole computer but also a very risky task.

Do you need cooler for CPU?

However you can boot up your system for some time, but it is very risky. So, you should buy a CPU cooler. In case if you don’t, your pc parts especially the processor can also be damaged.

The CPU cooler is not a very expensive part (if you choose a medium one), it generally comes with the CPU itself and can be easily usable.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Turning on pc without CPU cooler:

It is so possible to turn your PC without CPU cooler but as I discussed in my experiment before you and your system can’t handle the overheat.

In some cases, it can go beyond a hundred degrees Celsius which is really very scary and it can also damage your computer components (especially processor).

So you can turn your PC without CPU cooler. After doing this process with a heavy processor like i5 you get runtime around two to three minutes. But, in case of least power-consuming CPUs, you might also get 2-3 minutes extra run time.

Overall, it is possible but I don’t recommend it at all. Buy a CPU cooler now or nowadays most of the CPU comes with its own CPU cooler, just use it.

CPU temp without a cooler?

This is a really important question to discuss: how much temperature you get without CPU cooler?

Basically temperature doesn’t go up too early as soon as you turn on your system. It keeps in increasing and after a few minutes, it crosses 60-70°C which is very high.

Then, if you don’t turn off your system, it can go 100°C or more. And generally at this stage, your system turns off automatically. So, the CPU temperature can go above 100°C if it doesn’t turn off or you manually switch off it.

How old computer runs without a CPU cooler?

With passing off time the power consumption of computer components are also increasing. Now in 2020, a graphics card consumes the same amount of power which was consumed by a complete PC a few years earlier.

Obviously, with decreasing power consumption the heat-producing capacity is also very less and that’s why the heat-producing rate of older computers are also very less.

For this reason, earlier computers keep on running without CPU coolers. But at that time also, good computers contain CPU coolers.

Wrapping up:

In this post I have discussed can you run your system without CPU cooler how far the temperature can go without the cooler.

I hope, you have learned something new in this post and if you have any questions please comment down below. Desert for today see you in next post, tada:)

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