Can RTX 2070 super run games at 4k?

Can RTX 2070 super run games at 4k?

There are tons of graphics cards available in the market. But it becomes a little bit tricky to select the best one among them. Especially, when you need a graphics card that can run games at 4K, a buyer general sees two options.

One: He just buys the best graphics card which is obviously expensive also because that can give true 4K gaming. So, in this situation, a buyer attracted to the giants like RTX 2080Ti and spends $1200 for just 4K gaming.

But, what happens if you don’t want to wipe out your all money for a single GPU. Here come our second category users.

The second category users who want 4K gaming do research, just try to find out if there are any cheaper option which can run the latest games at 4K? And not surprisingly they find GPUs like RTX 2060 super, 2070 super, 2080, etc.

That’s why in this post, I am gonna discuss can RTX 2070 super really run games at 4K? Or it can just touch 4K? It is very important to know the answer before buying, because if after buying you don’t get satisfactory results, you are gonna disappointed with it.

So, let’s discuss some of the capabilities of RTX 2070 super GPU, and can it actually good for 4K gaming? or you should go with 2080 super?

Let’s begin:

Okay, to see the results of Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 super, I try it in almost 40 games and got surprising results. If it can run the latest games at 4K 60 fps, which is the baseline, it becomes the best budget GPU for 4K gaming (at least for me).

So, here is some gaming benchmark of RTX 2070 super GPU in 4K resolution.

Benchmark in games:

To do this benchmark, I have installed Intel Core i7 9700K CPU with 16 GB RAM and obviously RTX 2070 super GPU. I could also install i9 instead of i7, but since we are not using the 2080Ti, CPU will not be an issue here.

Here are the results-

GamesResolutionFrame per second
Shadow of the Tomb Raider4K59
Battlefield V4K70
Assassin’s creed odyssey4K55
Rainbow six siege4K93
Far cry New dawn4K66

After this experiment, I found that RTX 2070 super is able to run almost 80% of the games at 4K 60+ fps. While in other games it was maintaining 50+fps easily.

So, seeing the performance (I have never expected from it), ya around $550, this GPU is just awesome for 4K gaming comparing to the other expensive GPUs.

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So, its time to give answer-

Can 2070 super run games in 4K 60 fps?

Yes, RTX 2070 super can run games in 4K. Not only that, but it can also easily maintain the baseline i.e. 60 fps in 4K resolution.

As I found, it can run almost 80% games 60+ fps at 4K resolution, but in the other 20% games, it consistently maintaining 50+ fps.

So, ya, if you want a good budget graphics card for 4K gaming, 2070 super can be the best option for you.

Should you choose 2070 super for 4k gaming?

I suggest buying RTX 2070 super for those who want to play games at 4K resolution, but they don’t have a huge budget to buy 2080 super or the Ti.

As for my experiment results, 2070 super can run most of the games at 4K 60fps which is very good under $600. Moreover, after spending $1200 in a GPU, it can’t double the performance as it is in price.

Can RTX 2070 super run games at 4k?

In lemon terms, RTX 2080Ti can’t give 4K 120+fps in every game (without extreme overclocking) but its price is almost double than budget 4K GPUs.

That’s why I think, RTX 2070 super is a way better budget GPU for 4K gaming.

But, if you want to play games like PUBG, Fortnite, apex legends in this GPU, I suggest playing them in 1080P. Because, they are all competitive games, the last stands win.

That’s why in these types of games every fraction of seconds matters. And obviously, in 4K resolution with 2070 super, you can’t get that much smoothness in these types of games. So, make sure to play these games at 1080P settings only.

Now, should you choose RTX 2070 super for 4K gaming?

Well, the answer will be obvious it matters, but here are some facts to help your in selecting your opinion-

You want to play multiplayer battle royale games in 4K:

If you want to play the best multiplayer battle royal games like PUBG, Fortnite, apex legends in your PC in 4K resolution, you should not go with this GPU.

Since RTX 2070 super is a mid-range GPU (budget 4K) and it is true that it can run game sat 4K but, as I have felt it can’t give very smooth performance in battle royale games.

So, if you like eSports, competitive gaming, it just can’t fulfill all the requirements. Because here every millisecond matters.

That’s why make sure to choose the best card for running battle royale games at 4K.

You are looking for budget card:

If you are looking for the best budget graphics card which can capable of running the games at 4K, you should buy this GPU.

If we compare this GPU with the RTX 2080Ti, we can see that the price of 2080Ti is almost double of it.

  • The price of RTX 2070 super, check the latest price below.
  • The price of RTX 2080Ti, check the latest price below.

But unfortunately, 2080Ti can’t give double performance than 2070 super like its price. So, I don’t think anyone with a tight budget should buy 2080Ti.

Rather, 2070 super will be perfect for you.

Can 2070 super use freesync?

Yes, Nvidia’s GPUs support freesync features. Not only in 2070 super, GPUs like RTX 2080Ti, 2080 super, 2060, etc also supports this feature.

Wrapping up:

In this post I have described 2070 super graphics card, can it run games at 4K 60fps? If you like it make sure to follow us below.

Do you have any questions? make sure to comment down below.

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