Call Of Duty Mobile(beta)

Call Of Duty Mobile(beta) hands-on review

Call Of Duty Mobile(beta) hands-on review

Howdy gamer’s, welcome once again to our game review corner. Today I am gonna review a mobile game i.e. Call Of Duty: mobile(beta).
If you love multiplayer Battle Royal games, then undoubtedly you heard about this game. Because people’s are comparing this game with PUBG, the ultimate mobile multiplayer game. So, I am especially going to write this blog to say is the graphics of Call Of Duty Mobile at the same level as PUBG? So without any further delay let’s jump into the topic:


Call Of Duty Mobile is not released officially but it is given some players who registered this game earlier get this beta version for testing. As I have also given the beta service to play it I know about this get.

Call Of Duty Mobile(beta)

Call of duty has all the functions like PUBG even some additional functions are also included in it. This game is same as the call of duty PC.
In this game, you get three modes. They are Multiplayer mode, Battle Royal mode and Zombie mode(yet to be released).

Multiplayer mode:

In Multiplayer mode of Call Of Duty Mobile, you have to team of with 4 partners to make a squad. If you want to play with your friends you can also invite them and enjoy this mode but if not then you can also choose random Players.

In this mode, there is only one enemy team consisting of 4 players and both teams fight with each other. The team, which can kill opponent team players 50 times wins the match. It is not a matter if you died, because you can still play after dead till the 50 times not finished.
So, obviously, if you can kill more players you will get more rewards.


You also get some missiles option in the multiplayer mode. You can instantly kill your enemies by launching the missiles at once.

Other gears:

In multiplayer mode, you also get operator skills. Here you get war machine, Equalizer. But, you have to wait to use them.
Their damage is pretty heavy to destroy your enemies. But it can hurt you too.

Battle Royal mode:

The Battle Royal mode is exactly the same as PUBG. You can play this game with friends by inviting or random Players. Your squad is taken by an aircraft into the map. At the time of jumping, you get beautiful boosters and also a parachute.
After land, you have to collect guns, medicine, etc. Remember, the better gun you have, a better chance to win the match. There are too many guns in this game like XPR-50, M4, AK47, Type25, ASM10, PDW-57, Chicom, AKS-47U, M4LMG, Striker, BY15, Arctic50, M21 EBR.

You can also drive the vehicle, airplane, and boat also. In this mode, there are a total of 100 players, technically 25 squads. The last squad standing by destroying others becomes the winner of the game.

The revive system is also interesting in this game. Not only your teammates can revive you but also your teammates can even call back you by reviving flight by scanning your dead body. But after you once re-enter in the game, you have to recollect all the collectibles again.

Special abilities:

In the class, you get some awesome abilities like below-


EMP drones (you get these drones if you choose mechanics ability)-
You can call these drones at the battle, they attract the concentration of your enemy.
Defender (Transform shield)-
This shield can protect you from your enemy bullets.
Ninja (Grapple Gun)-
If you select ninja then you can travel a large distance at instant by applying this grapple gun. Only you have to see in the direction where you want to go and boom you can travel to the point.

Medical station
In this ability, you can create a medical station so that you can regain your health for you as well as your friends.
Toy bomb
Basically, this is an advanced form of a bomb by which you can instantly kill your enemies.
Sensor dart
If you shoot your enemy with this dirt then you can track his location at any part of the whole map no matter where he goes. But you have to hit him by bullet alteast once to activate it.

Royal pass:

Like PUBG Royal/Battle Pass is also available in this game. In this Royal pass, you get two categories, one is free another is paid. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay it with real money like PUBG. You can simply buy it with cp which you get in the game.
There are tons of cool stuff in the Battle pass. You can buy emotes, new gun skin, bomb skin, clothes, etc. But according to me, game Developer will implement real money in battle pass soon after launch officially.


The graphics of this game are pretty good. You know I hate Pubg mobile for its lagginess, charge drain, and heating problem. But in this game, I found it’s very stable (even in the beta stage) and it’s also very comfortable to play. It doesn’t heat too much, not drains too many batteries as well.
Even you get HD graphics in this game, however, it depends upon device and processors.
Overall, I must say that this game can really compete with PUBG since it has better features than Pubg and it is very stable and free.

My review:

So after playing Call Of Duty Mobile, I definitely satisfied with the game. So I am giving 8.5 out 10 to this game.

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