Best SSDs for boot drive

Best SSDs for boot drive

SSDs are very important for a fast and powerful system. They are also used as a bootable drive too where users can use it specifically for installing/booting the main operating system internally or externally. But, do you know which are the best SSDs for boot drive? Let’s find out in this post.

There are tons of SSD options available in the market, some of them are cheap, some mid-range while some unbelievably expensive. Based on their performance and price, I have shortlisted the best SSDs that I like. You can buy according to your convenience.

SSDsFeatures/My opinion
Samsung 860 EVOBest overall, 250GB SSD, supports SATA 3
Crucial MX500 500GBBudget-friendly 500GB SATA 3 SSD
Adata XPG SX8200 ProBest performance, M.2 NVMe SSD, expensive.
Western Digital SATA 3Budget-friendly SATA 3 SSD

#1. Samsung 860 EVO:

Best overall

This is the best SSD I have found and they are budget-friendly. It can be installed through the SATA 3 port and comes with 250 GB space. I know it is less but as you are buying it for boot drive specifically, I think 250GB is enough for this purpose.

I really like this SSD because it can read upto 550 MB/s.

Best SSDs for boot drive
image credit: Samsung

It can be also used for rendering big files, 4K video files, and gaming too. Just under $50, this SSD can actually make some significant difference in loading your O.S.

However I mentioned the SATA variant but it is also available in different sizes like M.2, SATA 3, etc.

I hope it will help you and your booting time as well. Check its latest price from amazon:


  • It has 550 MB/s Reading and 520 MB/s writing speed.
  • Can render 4K videos and comes with different variants.

#2. Crucial MX500 500GB:

Budget 500GB SATA 3 SSD

If you want more space, not happy in 250 GB, you can go with this one. This is basically a 500 GB SATA 3 SSD that can give up to 560 MB/s speed.

Best SSDs for boot drive
image credit: Crucial

Actually, under $60, you are getting 500GB space and this is great. However, it can’t give that top-level reading, writing speed like M.2 SSDs, but still, under $60, it is a good option.

You can check its latest price from amazon below:


  • It is boosted by 3d NAND technology.
  • Can read/write up to 560/510 MB/s.

#3. Adata XPG SX8200 Pro:

 best budget M.2 SSD

Now for those whos motherboard supports M.2 SSD, you should definitely go with this SSD. It is basically an M.2 SSD and basically M.2 SSDs are more power than SATA ones as they directly installed on the motherboard.

However, the M.2 SSDs cost more than the SATA SSDs. But if you want more performance, better loading speed, this is the best option.

Best SSDs for boot drive
image credit: Adata XPG

For 512 GB you have to pay around $100 for this. As mentioned, it is around 625% faster than the traditional SATA SSDs. It can read 3500 MB/s and 3000 MB/s writing speed. It supports NVMe 1.3, so check your motherboard, if it supports it, go ahead.

Check its latest price from amazon below:


  • It is a 512GB NVMe SSD that supports NVMe 1.3.
  • Can read 3500 MB/s and write at 3000MB/s.

#4. Western Digital SATA 3 SSD:

Popular SATA 3 SSD

This is another SSD to buy if you are specifically searching for an SSD for the boot drive. It is basically a SATA 3 SSD that supports 560MB/s reading and 530MB/s writing speed.

It also supports 3D NAND technology. And can significantly impact your booting time.

Best SSDs for boot drive
image credit: Western Digital

Although it comes with different storage options, I think the 500GB under $60 variant is sufficient enough for you as you are gonna only use it as a booting drive.

You can check its latest price from amazon below:


  • The reading and writing speed of this SSD drive is 560MB/s and 530MB/s.
  • It uses 3D NAND technology.
  • This supports SATA 3.

What is a good size SSD for boot drive?

As SSDs come with tons of different size variants and it is actually hard to select one from them. But don’t worry, I have some good advice for you.

As you are gonna use it specifically as a boot drive 500GB is more than enough. Also, you have restrictions is budget, 250GB is also not bad, average kind of option. As the size of the O.S. is increasing with passing time, although it fits well now in a 250GB SSD, in the future you might have to upgrade the SSD.

Also, there are couple of other files that you have to store excluding the main O.S. overall, all these combining captures more space in your C drive or boot drive.

So, to be safe, I recommend going with it a 500GB SSD. But, if you don’t have that much budget, 250GB is also enough for you, but not very future proof.

How should you choose the best SSD boot drive?

Now, it is a bit tricky question as there are tons of different SSDs available, based on form factor, size, etc. So, choosing the perfect SSD for booting drive depends upon these factors:


If you have a budget I recommend you going with a good M.2 NVMe SSD are they are way faster than the SATA 3 SSDs. As they are expensive, people often don’t buy them for casual uses, which is true but if you want the best performance, boot time you have to go with the M.2 SSDs.


If you are gonna just use it as a booting drive, don’t have heavy softwares, games 250GB is enough for you. But, those who also want to store some of their software and games, please go with at least 500GB SSD.

These are the main things to look for while buying a new SSD.


I have discussed some of the best, budget-friendly SSDs that you can use as boot drive. I hope you liked it. 

In the end, I have also shared some tips for buying the best SSDs so that you can select your own.

Feel free to comment down if you have any queries, see you in the next one, tada:)

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