best rubber keycaps for mechanical keyboard

Best rubber keycaps for mechanical keyboard in 2020:

Are you finding the best rubber keycaps available in the market? Don’t worry, today I am gonna discuss some best rubber keycaps you can buy to make your keyboard grippy.

Actually rubber keycaps are mostly used by gamers who want some more grip while playing around the keys. And they also feel very smooth by texture-wise and can easily pressable. So, let’s discuss which keycaps you have to go with-

#1. VULTURE Rubber Keycaps:

These Vulture rubber keycaps caps come with 18 keys in one set which are basic gaming keys that are Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, F, all arrow keys and number keys (1 to 6). In a package, you get all the essential runner keycaps you need for gaming.

Now if you have keyboards with Cherry MX switches, you can easily replace these keycaps with them because it will be a perfect fit for them. I am specifically suggesting these keycaps because of its quality.

best rubber keycaps

They are super smooth and made with non-slip textures so that you can sense its texture while gaming. You can apply these keys in 60% gaming keyboards or with 104 keys. 

The quality of the rubber is very good. But, you need to take extra care while using these types of rubber keycaps because they are not plastic and can easily damageable.


The price of these keycaps are about $27, check its latest price below:

Let’s discuss some of its features:

  • You also get a plastic keycap puller with these keycaps.
  • These keycaps are suitable for the usual 60% mechanical Keyboards.
  • The color of these keycaps is bright red, and eye-catchy too.

#2. Big Chic rubber gaming keycaps:

Like vulture keycaps, these keycaps also comes with 18 keycap sets. This set includes keycaps number 1 to 6, the arrow keys, Q, E, W, R, A, D, S, and F.

The quality of its material is very good. But, as I said before these rubber keycaps need more care since they aren’t as rigid as plastic ones.

best rubber keycaps

These rubber keycaps are specially designed for gaming. If you are fond of gaming, you are gonna love these keycaps. The rubberized finish on these keycaps is very useful while gaming.

Not only that, typing on these keycaps gives more comfort compared to other plastic keycaps. So, these are the best rubber keycaps for you if you use your PC for hours.

It comes in a variety of 10 colors and has a non-slip coating on its keycaps.


The price of these keycaps are about $38, check its latest price below:

Let’s discuss some of its features:

  • Compatible for Cheery MX switches.
  • Come with 18 keycaps in one set.
  • These rubber keycaps contain non-slip diamond texture.
  • Good for gamers and for long hour users.

#3. Pro Rubber Keycap by Foamy Lizard:

With 3 color variations, these keycaps from Foamy Lizard are also a tough competitor among all the rubber keycaps. They come with two size variety as V1 and V2.

These keycaps come in a set of 8 keycaps and a perfect fit for Cherry MX switches. The keycaps support LED RGB backlit and perfect for gaming.

best rubber keycaps

If you do competitive gaming, believe me, guys these rubber keycaps are best for. The outer texture of these keycaps is made in such a way that you can easily be able to recognize which key you are pressing without even touching.


The price of these keycaps are about $38, check its latest price below:

Let’s discuss some of its features:

  • It comes in three color variants with two size options.
  • Awesome rubber texture so that you can assume the keys without even seeing.
  • Supports RGB LED backlight.
  • It comes with 8 keycaps in a set.
  • Come with a key puller.

#4. Taihao Rubber Gaming Keycap:

Most of the rubber mechanical keycaps come with a pack of 8 or 16 keys. But if you one more, you can definitely go with Taihao Rubber gaming keycaps. Because it comes in a set of 22 keycaps.

In 5 color options, these keycaps are a perfect fit with the Cherry MX keys. One set of it contains 1-6 number keycaps, arrow keys, W, Q, A, R, E, D, S, F, Z, X, V, and C.

best rubber keycaps

The quality of these keys is superb and perfect for gaming. If you use a computer for hours, you should definitely try these rubber mechanical keycaps because they are very comfortable and not rigid.

Let’s discuss some of its features:

  • It comes with 22 keycaps in a set.
  • Perfect fit for Cherry MX switches.
  • Awesome for gamers for the texture of keycaps.


The price of these keycaps are about $38, check its latest price below:

#5. TaiHao Rubber keycaps:

I know I have discussed I have about it but this is different. These orange rubber keycaps from Taihao come 18 keys in one set.

They are perfectly compatible with the Cherry MX switches. So, if you are using a keyboard with Cherry MX switches, you can definitely go with these awesome keycaps.

best rubber keycaps

A set of keycaps contains Q, E, W, R, S, A, F, E, 1-6 number keycaps, and the Arrow keys. You also get a keycap puller with the keycaps.


The price of these keycaps are about $40, check its latest price below:

Now, let’s check some of its features:

  • Available in 7 color variants.
  • You get a keycap puller with the set.
  • It comes in a set of 18 keycaps.
  • Needs extra care since they are made of rubber.

I hope you like these rubber keycaps.

Why rubber mechanical keycaps are good?

Rubber Mechanical keycaps are very good not only for gaming but also for those who use PC for hours. Because of their rubbery, non-slipy texture, you can easily assume keys.

Not only that, because these keycaps are made of rubber, they are very smooth and that’s why users can type on these keycaps. So, make sure to use them at least once and comment down below your experience.

Wrapping Up:

I have written about the best mechanical rubber keycaps fort your ultimate keyboard. Do comment below if you have any questions in your mind.

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That’s it for today, see you in the next post, tada:)

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