is 16 GB RAM is sufficient for gaming?

Best RGB gaming RAMs for your PC

Are you looking for awesome RAMs that can not only play games like a beast but also look so beautiful? Then I definitely suggest you go with RGB RAMs. These beautiful RGB RAMs give beautiful look to your PC. Plus it also gives the best performance while gaming. So, Stick with me till the end and I am gonna tell you guys the best RGB RAMs for your PC.

So, without any time waste, let’s begin our post best RGB RAMs For your gaming PC

1. G.SKILL Trident Z Royal-

Best RGB RAMs for your gaming PC
G.SKILL Trident Z Royal

Do you want to have diamonds in your RAM? If you want, this RAM is made for you. Before I say something, please at least see it looks as well as it’s a performance by clicking below.

G. SKILL Trident Z Royal is a true beauty, it looks like these are made of diamonds because it’s a glass is made like crystals. Not only that, the RGB effect on the glass gives this RAM a super-duper premium look, which actually they are.

They are available in two variants, the silver one and the gold one. And they come in a kit of 2 RAM sticks. The type of RAMs are DDR 4 and comes with 3000MHZ.

Now, the main thing is its price. check its latest price form here:


Best RGB RAMs for your gaming PC

If you don’t want to spend too much in looks but also want to have RGB lighting in the budget, then these RAMs form Corsair can fill your requirements. Corsair VENGEANCE is available in black and white colors and beautiful RGB LED lighting which can completely customizable.

They are available 2×8=16GB Kit and also 32GB options. check its latest price form here:

3. G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series-

Best RGB RAMs for your gaming PC
G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series

Thes are the best RGB RAMs till 2018. But seeing its success, now tons of companies also make RGB RAMs. They are available 2×8=16GB varients. The RGB is also very good and bright and also fully customizable.

The max frequency of these RAMs is 3200MHz and drains power up to 1.35 Volt. They are also compatible with both Intel and AMD processors.

check its latest price form below:

4. Patriot Viper Gaming RGB RAMs-

Best RGB RAMs for your gaming PC
Patriot Viper Gaming RGB

Do you want to try some new RGB RAMs? Well, this Brand can give you the best RGB with the highest performance. The RGB lighting is very bright and the quality the Viper RAMs is very good.

They come with 3200MHz Frequency and 2×8=16GB and also 32GB kits. Trust me guys, these Viper RAMs can give your PC a new awesome look and can also capable to play all the modern games.

So, if you like this viper Rams, go and buy it from here:

5. HyperX Predator-

Best RGB RAMs for your gaming PC
HyperX Predator

The only reason I give HyperX predator RAM in the 5th position because it’s pricing. I think this is a little bit overpriced compared to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th one. 1st one is also expensive, but seeing it’s features I don’t want to give the tag of overpriced to it.

They come with a beautiful RGB LED effect and you can completely customize them. They come in the kit of 2 and support the DDR4 type of memory. Basically, they come with 2×8=16GB and 32GB Kits. These RAMs are compatible with both Intel and AMD processors. If you want to check the latest prices you can check by clicking below:

6. TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB-

Best RGB RAMs for your gaming PC

TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB is famous for its different designs RAMs. These RAMs are available in white and black options and the RGB lights are also too bright and customizable. They come with a frequency of 3000MHz and consumes up to 1.35 Volts.

They come with a 2×8=16GB Kit. And these RAM also have Aluminum heat spreaders as a heat spreader.

check its latest price form here:


Best RGB RAMs for your gaming PC

Gigabyte AORUS is the perfect RAM for AORUS build. Since AOrus makes all RGB gaming components, So many people want to build a PC with only AORUS RGB components. If you are one of them this RAM is for you.

But if you want to use only AORUS RAMs then also you can use them. They come with 3200MHz DDR4 RAM and 2×8=16GB and also 32GB Kits. It can consume up to 1.35 Volt.

However, I think the price of this Rams is a little bit higher. check its latest price form here:


Best RGB RAMs for your gaming PC

If you want to try some extraordinarylooking RAMs, believe me, guys these RAMs are for you. And the most important thing is that you can push the frequency up to 3600MHz. XPG RGB is also given in these RAMs. These RAMs consumes up to 1.35 Volt.

You can completely customize the beautiful RGB effect of the RAMs. And they come in the 2×8=16GB kit.
So, if you like the new variety of RAMs, you can buy these RAMs by clicking below.

9. Corsair Dominator Platinum-

Best RGB RAMs for your gaming PC
Corsair Dominator Platinum

This is also a very good RAM option from Corsair. The most important thing is that you can push its seed up to 4,800MHz.

It also has a beautiful RGB LED lighting effect which can be fully customizable and also comes in DDR4 type and it consumes up to 1.35 Volts.

It is available 16GB (8×2=16) And also a 32GB option. Check its latest price form here

Ballistix RAM can consume voltage up to 1.2V and check its latest price form here:

10. Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB-

Best RGB RAMs for your gaming PC
Ballistix Tactical

Ballistix Rams support the DDR4 RAM type. The max speed of this RAM is 2666MHz. It is available in 16GB, 32GB Kit of two RAMs.

Ballistix RAM can consume voltage up to 1.2V and check its latest price form here:

Work of RAM in your system:

RAM means Random Access Memory and its function is to speed up your programs, help processor while running heavy software. So, if you like to play games on your PC, undoubtedly you have heard about it.

Then I don’t think I have to write about what is a RAM. Let’s talk about how many Gigabyte of RAMs you should have to play the latest/modern games.

I am gonna tell you how much RAM you need here step by step-

Hard-Core gamer:

If you are a pro gamer and wanna play all the modern games at the highest resolution i.e. in 4K then I suggest you go with 32GB RAM. Many of you should ask me why not 16 GB.

Everyone is saying that 16GB is enough to play new games. Here is my answer- with time games are also more resource orienting. In early days the max size of a PC game was 1-2GB. But now, they are 30GB, 40GB, even I saw games with 100GB. Of course, you can play all of them with 16GB OF RAM, but in the upcoming 1-2 years, you must have to upgrade your RAM to at least 32 GB.

And if you want to play games at 4k then you should buy heavy GPUs like 2080Ti. So think, you are playing with a super expensive graphics card but you have only 16GB of RAM. It is quite unfair, isn’t it?

For an average PC user:

If you are an average user like you wanna play some medium (in terms of graphics) games, see YouTube, browse, etc. Then I prefer you to go with 16GB RAM.

I don’t want to waste your money. If you don’t want to play big games or have an average GPU and CPU like core i3, i5 then it is a waste of money. Because if you aren’t using your RAMs full potential then it is a waste of money. And you don’t need 32GB RAM to surf online or to do this kind of stuff.

If you have a tight budget and don’t want to buy a graphics card-

If you don’t want to buy a graphics card for since they are very expensive then what types of RAM you needed?

Well, it depends if you want to play games or not? If you want to play games then read the next paragraph and if you don’t want to play games at all then I suggest you go with 8GB. Because if you are not purchasing a graphics card then your budget should be Soo tight and you don’t want to waste even one penny.

So, I am saying to go with 8GB. Since you aren’t playing games and video editing, then 8GB RAM is perfect for tasks like internet surfing, playing YouTube videos, listening to music, etc.

If you don’t have a graphics card:

Do you know you can play GTA V with 16GB RAM without a graphics card? Wait, are you thinking then how you can literally pay it. Here is the answer-
If you want, you can play games with integrated graphics of your CPU, especially old games like GTAV, Just cause 3, Call of duty, etc. But you can’t play all games using integrated graphics. To play games like this you need a very good CPU like i5, i7 and need the best RAMs also. Because RAMs can also handle the pressure of the game (if the game is not so much graphics-oriented) and can give you smooth experience without a graphics card.

Then my suggestion is to go with at least 16 GB. If you can afford then you should go with 32GB. Because you don’t have a graphics card and for this reason, you need a very powerful RAM. But I think you should go for a graphics card if you want to play good games first:)

I hope now you are sure how much RAM is suitable for you between 8, 16, 32 GB. One more thing, there no hard and fast rule like you can’t combine 6GB, 10GB, 20GB, etc. RAM. But it is much better to go with the same RAMs in all shots. But you want to go with different GBs RAM, you can absolutely go.

Points to be noticed while buying a new RAM:

Now let’s talk about some points which are very important when you are going to buy a new RAM.

First, you have to know what type of RAM your motherboard supports-

Type of RAMs (DDR): The four types of RAMs are DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4. The age DDR, DDR2 RAM was gone. Now the market is full of DDR 3 as well as DDR 4 Rams. But if you are a hardcore gamer, I suggest you buy DDR 4 RAM. Because DDR4 is the latest and the best memory invented till now which can give you extreme performance. But they are also a little bit expensive.

But don’t forget to see which type is supported by your motherboard whether it is DDR 3 or DDR 4. Generally, new gaming motherboards support DDR 4 type.

RAM Frequency:

RAM frequency is generally measured in megahertz (MHz).

Here is the limit of types of RAMs in terms of frequency-


DDR RAM only supports 333MHz and 400MHz.


Its limit is between 400MHz and 800MHz.


If you are a gamer, please don’t go lower than DDR 3. By the way, the ran of DDR 3 RAMs is between 1066MHz and 3200 MHz.


This is the best RAM type where everyone is shifting. Similarly, motherboard companies are also making DDR4 RAM type. The frequency of DDR4 RAM is between 2133 MHz and 4266 MHz.

Note that I have also mentioned only DDR4 RAMs in this post. But if you want to know the best DDR 3 RAMs, comment below. I will write an article about it.


Some of the links of this post are Amazon affiliate links, so if you buy from our link we may get some commission (no extra cost for you).

I hope my post best RGB RAM for your PC help you on buying your favorite as well as affordable Ram. If you have any doubts please comment below.

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