Best must play Racing Games of 2019

Best must play Racing Games of 2019:

Howdy gamers, I am back with another awesome post and today I am gonna write about some must play racing games for you.

there are too many racing games released so far but it is very very difficult to say which one is best and which one is not. So after a good research on this topic, I finally get my best racing games list. So without any further delay let’s begin:

1. Forza Horizon 4:

I can say that this game changes the whole concept of racing games. After the first release of Forza Horizon, I became a huge fan of this series and the big thing is that all the games from his series are awesome. I see many games which become a super hit but in the next sequel of that game, it flops.

So to carry forward the reputation and give gamers the happiness they accepted from a game is very difficult. But I must say Forza Horizon is that kind of series which gives awesome games and they maintain their reputation in the gaming industry.

Personally, I like the graphics of Forza Horizon games the most. In this game, you can play in all four seasons with awesome graphics. They do very detailed work in all the four seasons and especially I love both Winter and Autumn seasons.

The reflection of the sun in the car literally touches my heart.

After playing this game I can say that it has the best graphics quality, audio and also allows you to fully customize your characters, cars, etc.

Best must play Racing Games of 2019

Around 450 wonderful cars with 100 manufacturers are introduced in this game, my favorite is Lamborghini.

There are too many emotes, dresses, clothing options for you in this game. Overall you can completely customize everything you want.

Saying for performance, I have played this game at around 30 frames per second (fps) in 4K(max settings) and you can also play 60fps at 1080P(max settings).

What’s New in this game?

This game brings all that system which makes its previous version (Forza Horizon 3) a big hit. But it also has too many new cool features which make you crazy:
The challenges and seasons change daily, so you don’t get bored playing it.
Added too many challenges in this game.

You can play this game in all the four seasons with delightful graphics.

2. Project CARS 2:

If you want only to race then Project CARS 2 is the absolute beast. The sound, the graphics, the environment, playing modes, overall this game has all that features a racing game should have.

There are about 140 racing tracks and more than 190 cars. Not only that you get 60 different locations where you can play in the day time, night time, in hot weather also in the snow. There are tons of things in this game to explore.

The game looks completely professional. The graphics of this game is amazing, while driving the reflection of the sun, view in both side from the street is mind-blowing. Developers also did a very good job in detailing as well as in weather effects.Best must play Racing Games of 2019

This sequel continues the game from its previous game i.e Project cars and multiplayer mode is also available in this game. The weather system of this game is awesome. It looks very realistic while driving.

At last, you should try this game if you love racing. In this game, you get a lot of options to explore cars, tracks, etc. This game gives the best racing experience in comparison to others.

3. Shift 2:

SHIFT 2 is also a good racing game. The graphics of this game is very realistic and awesome. If you want to control cars in this game, you have to practice hard and perform well

.Best must play Racing Games of 2019In this game, you can also drive at the right corner.
Overall this game is a monster among racing games. There are lots of cars, tracks where you can race and enjoy. The graphics are also a big positive factor of this game. So you can try this game if you love racing games.

4. Dirt Rally 2:

Simply, this game is for hardcore gamers. In Dirt Rally, you can experience the real driving in roads. In this game, you can choose too many different tracks (about 50). But the tracks are not the same as other racing games. In this game, you have to choose Tyres, navigation, other parts of the car according to your racing track. If you choose the wrong parts, then obviously you are going to suffer in the middle of the game if you are also a pro in this game.

Best must play Racing Games of 2019

At first part of the game, type of tracks are smooth and it is very hard to control the car, but as you continue the story, you get better tracks as well as better grip option available for racing
5. Driver: San Francisco:
San Francisco is basically an action-adventure racing video game released on September 2011. In this game, you can teleport from one car to another. In fact, you also don’t have to step down from the car.
This game features story mode as well as multiplayer mode. You also get more than 19 different in this game.
You can drive more than 140 fully customizable cars in this game. The looks of the cars are very good to play with.
The game is Developed by Ubisoft and the Development process took around 5 years.
You can try this game if you love Ubisoft games.

6. F1 2016:

This game is a heaven for Motorsport racing. With awesome graphics and sound systems, it is clear that developers do a great job in this game.
Game is Developed by Codemasters and released on April 6, 2017. F1 fans waited very long for this game. The previous game of this series was released in 2013.
The graphics of this game are very very good. You can race in smooth tracks, passing by beautiful sceneries.
Best must play Racing Games of 2019
This game offers both single player and multiplayer modes so you can race with your friends in multiplayer mode.

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