Best graphics cards for 4k gaming

Best graphics cards for 4k gaming

It is very easy to get mid-range i.e. 1080P resolution in gaming with any decent graphics card, but when it comes to 4K gaming, if you are not selecting the right GPU, you are not gonna get the good performance.

That’s why, in this post, I am gonna discuss some of the best graphics cards that are actually good for 4k gaming, and can run all the latest titles in 3840x2160P or 4096x2160P resolution.

Now before starting, all the graphics cards I am gonna discuss today are definitely not gonna be cheap. They are quite expensive and having a good CPU, cooling, RAM also matters for getting 4K resolution with a good GPU.

The Flagship:

If you are looking for the best and the most expensive GPU, here it is. It is a true flagship and till now the best GPU in the market.

#1. Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080Ti:

As you know, RTX 2080Ti is the best graphics card in the market. Although it is unbelievably expensive, still it is the best and can maintain 60+ fps in 4k resolution.

As it is the best GPU, generally it is the most expensive one too. If you can afford that (which generally many gamers can’t:) undoubtedly it can run the latest games at 4K and up to 100fps in some games.

Best graphics cards for 4k gaming
Photo credit: Nvidia

RTX 2080Ti is based on Nvidias latest Turing architecture, TU102. It uses 12 nm processor. However, the upcoming 3080 series is coming with 7nm, but still, till now it is the best one.

The base clock speed of RTX 2080Ti is around 1350 MHz that can be boosted up to 1545 MHz.

It contains 11GB GDDR6 VRAM with 352-memory bus. Also, It can give 616.0 GB/s bandwidth.

I got a new 2080Ti a month before, and as a trusty gamer do, I played almost 4-5 games including the death stranding, Red dead redemption 2, GTA V, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, etc.

Who doesn’t want to play 4K with GPUs like 2080Ti?  Literally, I haven’t moved from 4K from the last month, now what are the results I have found throughout this experiment.

First, don’t expect fps like 1080P resolution in 4K, at least now it is not possible to get 120-140fps in 4K resolution. With 2080Ti also, you have to stay under 60-110 fps.

Actually, you don’t notice much. After some time I forget about fps or other things, I was only enjoying the graphics.

So, I think 2080Ti is a very good GPU for 4k gaming, it can run games at 4K resolution easily and maintain the sweet spot of 60fps.

However I don’t think it justify its price completely. 

The mid-range 4K:

If you don’t have budget for 2080Ti, still want to enjoy 4K gaming (low fps) 2080 super is the best for you.

#2. Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 super:

If you don’t have a high budget to buy 2080Ti, for 4K gaming, RTX 2080 super is the second-best option for you. Actually, these super cards a bit modified from their real versions i.e. RTX 2080.

Now, can it handle 4K? Well, definitely you are not gonna get a performance like 2080Ti, but surprisingly, it can run almost every high graphics game around 45-85fps, which is not bad.

Best graphics cards for 4k gaming
Photo credit: Nvidia

Now, in some crowded scenes, we can see fps dips up to 40-45 fps with this card, however, games are still playable in 4k resolution with this GPU.

On average, it can maintain 40-70 fps in games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, GTA V, Battlefield V, etc. So, it is pretty decent in 4K resolution, also at a cheaper price.

Talking about its specifications, RTX 2080 super is based on Nvidia’s Turing architecture and supports real-time ray tracing.

The clock speed of it is 1615 MHz that can be boosted up to 1815 MHz. It generally comes with 8GB GDDR6 VRAM and offers 15.5 Gbps speed. It runs on 256 memory bus.

Now, RTX 2080 super can’t give 60fps in all games continuously. But, it is very good if you just want to experience 4K gaming, or don’t have enough budget.

Also, it is definitely not future proof for 4K gaming. There is no doubt that 2080 super can run games at 1080P for many upcoming years, but in 4K resolution, after 2-3 years I don’t think it can smoothly play the heavy games at that time.

So, make sure to choose according to your need.

Best budget:

Now if you want to enjoy 4K gaming at the cheapest, RTX 2070 super is for you. However, it can’t give playable fps in a few games at 4K but still, it is the cheapest.

#3. Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 super

If you have a really tight budget, RTX 2070 super will be perfect for you. But, the thing is, it is just entry-level GPU for 4K gaming.

With 2070 super you can only touch the 4K line and it can’t run all the games in 4K. For example, in games like Red dead redemption 2, this GPU can give only 30-35fps in 4K, so as I said before it is not good for heavy games in 4K.

Best graphics cards for 4k gaming
Photo credit: Nvidia

But, the games like Battlefield V, GTA V, they are quite playable at 4K with this GPU, it gives around 50-60 fps in these games.

Talking about specifications, it is based on Nvidia’s Turing TU104 architecture and comes with 8GB GDDR6 VRAM. The clock speed of this GPU is around 1605 MHz that can be boosted up to 1770 MHz.

Now, I only recommend this GPU for 4K gaming, if you really can’t afford the two I have mentioned above. Yes, you can play 95% games in 4K with this GPU, but after a few years, I don’t think it can do the same for you.

So, it is good for those who just want to check how 4K gaming feels (don’t play too often at 4K) and like to play at 1080P resolution. Because in 1080P, it is awesome.

Putting everything in the basket:

In this post, I have discussed some of the best graphics cards that you can choose for 4K gaming in 2020. I hope you have got the answer to your questions.

Make sure to contact me or comment down below if you have any queries. That is it for today, see you in the next one, keep gaming.

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