Best graphics card comparison “choose the best graphics card”

Best graphics card comparison” choose the best graphics card according to your pc”:

Howdy gamer’s welcome to my new post and today I am gonna say you gamer’s about how to choose and compare graphics card according to your other hardware.

It is not possible to buy the latest and heaviest graphics card for everyone. So I am writing this post for which graphics card is perfect for your PC comparing with other components.

Many people think that if he buys a powerful graphics card then he can increase the Fps(frame per second), play any games at a good resolution, overall it enhances the total gaming experience to an extreme level.

Well, this is true but not completely. I mean due to this kind of thinking generally people don’t pay attention to other components, they only spend their money to buy a good graphics card.

But think if you don’t have a good CPU, power supply then where you gonna run this graphics card. If your power supply can’t give sufficient power to your graphics card if your processor can’t handle the graphics card then how it works?

So I always say, a graphics card is important but if you choose a powerful graphics card then you must have an overall good system that can fully utilize the power of the graphics card. Just buy a graphics card is not enough.

So, to help you in choosing the perfect graphics card I am writing this article. So without any time waste, let’s begin with the Best graphics card comparison.

Graphics card for low-end PCs:

Now, what is the cheapest option for you? If you have a weak system configuration like Intel i3 8100 3.6GHZ or smaller (in performance) processor, 4GB RAM, then you can buy GIGABYTE GeForce GT 1030.

Let’s talk about this graphics card:

You can find graphics cards that are more cheap than it and people say that they can play GTA V with the cheaper graphics card than it in 720P resolution. I have a suggestion for those people.

GTA V is launched in 2013. Though the graphics of the game is awesome, people want to play it again and again. But the PC’s are Developed during this period even Intel’s integrated graphics (comes with the processor) can play GTA V in 720P now.

So is it right to compare the old games with a new PC or to compare with the brand new games? I prefer the second one.

So, now you ask me Jyotirmoy, then what makes this graphics card different than others (cheaper ones).

Best graphics card comparison "choose the best graphics card according to your pc"

Here is the answer: This graphics card can be able to play all the Big, exclusive titles in 720P in a good frame rate while others can play that game in the same resolution but the FPS is too low. In some places, it is really unplayable.
But if you play heavy games in 1080P then you get 40-50 fps, which is average. So I strictly recommend this graphics card for those who have a cheap budget and want somehow to play all games, high resolution doesn’t matter.
So if you want to play almost all the games in 720P and in a good resolution and you have Intel i3 8100 3.6GHZ  or similar processor, then you can go with GTX GeForce 1030.

Power supply:

Now power supply (PSU) is another major component for your GPU because it gives power to your graphics card. If your PSU is not good then you can’t expect a good result from your GPU.
If you buy this graphics card i.e. GTX GeForce 1030 then you must have a power supply higher than 300W. As I said before if you don’t have a power supply which can’t fulfill the requirement of a graphics card, then it is wasting of money.


If you have processor Intel i3, 8100 3.6GHZ, i5, AMD Ryzen 5 or similar to these processor’s then you can buy it. Also, you can buy this if you have a big processor’s like i7, i9, etc.


The average price range of this graphics card is $89.99


For average PC:

If you have an average PC like if you have processors like i5, AMD Ryzen 5  and 8-16GB of RAM, you can consider GTX 1050Ti. This graphics card can play games in 1080P and it gives fps 70-80 in extreme settings and in big, heavy games. And some medium graphics games like CS-go, you can get up to 150-163 fps.
This graphics card can give you a really cool gaming experience in 1080P. Overall this graphics card can give you good fps in extreme settings in 1080P resolution.

Power supply:

If you have graphics card like 1050 Ti then you need at least 450W from a reputed brand.


Now let’s processor’s turn, if you have processor i5, i7 or AMD Ryzen 5 like these then you can buy this graphics card.
You can easily use this graphics card with the higher processor I mentioned before. It completely depends on you.


The average price range of this graphics card is $199.99


If you have a good PC configuration :

By the term good configuration, I mean PC specification like processor’s Intel i7, AMD Ryzen 7, then you must choose GTX 1080Ti. These graphics can give you 150fps in 1080p in extreme settings. This graphics card is good for you if you play games in a very competitive mode. You play multiplayer modes, intense games with friends where a fraction of seconds also matters. So this graphics can give you a good fps in big, heavy games in 1080P ultra settings.
Here are some FPS scores of this graphics card:
Call of duty world war 2(WW2): 178-180 fps in ultra settings in 1080P resolution.
Far cry 5:
Around 110 fps in ultra settings in 1080P resolution.
Battlefield 1:
170 fps in ultra settings 1080P resolution.
Power supply:
If you buy this graphics card then you must need a power supply with 560-650W or above.
This graphics card is awesome for you if you have processors like Intel i7,i9, etc.
The average price range of this graphics card is $1,199.99


For 4K gaming:

If you want extreme gaming possible till now you must have RTX 2080Ti. Now, this graphics card can give you an average 60fps in ultra settings in 4K.
This graphics card has some special abilities like it has three fans. The middle fan moves clockwise while the other two anticlockwise, For this the hit generated by the card is minimum and you get maximum results. 
As you know it is a dream for many to play games in 4K resolution, so this graphics card is introduced to those who want real gaming.
But with high power there are some Higher needs:
Power supply:
If you buy this graphics card then I recommend you to buy a good power supply from a reputed brand like Corsair. I suggest you can go with the RMI series with 750W. This PSU is enough to supply power for your GPU.
You can combine this card with Intel i7 but I prefer Intel Core i9 9900K, AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX Processor to get the absolute performance.
Since this card is too powerful, so you need a good motherboard to control it. I recommend going with mobos like Z390 AORUS XTREME.
The average price range of this graphics card is $1,369.99


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