Are Macbooks good for gaming?

Are MacBooks good for gaming?

If anyone has a thousand bucks for buying a laptop, without thinking he goes with MacBook. Undoubtedly it can give an awesome performance in the general tasks but in specific gaming, do MacBooks justify their price?

Before you actually buy a MacBook you should think about this question if you love to play games. Because you can buy a decent gaming laptop that can run games 1080P ultra around $500-$600. Can MacBook’s worth $1000-$2000 even run games at 1080P?

Don’t worry, in this post, I am gonna discuss the gaming performance of MacBooks, and most importantly should you choose it for gaming?

Macbooks in gaming:

I know MacBooks are superb for video editing, office works, in fact, you can render 4K videos at an unbelievable speed we can ever see. But for gaming, I actually tried it several times earlier. However, I only found disappointment from it while gaming.

But, the thing is why it fails in gaming. I think these are the main reasons behind it:

Own software:

No, a matter which version Macbook you are using, if you’re not using 3rd party software, not from the apple store, you see a huge dip in performance.

Although, the latest Macbooks now trying to adjust some other 3rd party software like Photoshop, premiere pro, etc, but ultimately because of this gaming is not good on these laptops.

As we all know games come from different different companies and it is hard for Macbook to run these types of software smoothly.

Now, I am not against this small software environment of apple (not open source), it is very important for privacy and security. Since most of the Apple users buy them because of security, it is very important to restrict the environment.

But, the thing is, in this type of restricted environment even I got problems while installing big games.


We all know that for gaming some of the most important parts are CPU and GPU. Macbooks usually come with an average CPU but in the GPU category, we can’t see a very good one. They are still using those old GPU’s that are outdated for gaming now.

However, the latest pro tagged MacBooks are coming with a decent GPU but if you compare their price with a gaming PC, you can buy RTX 2080 Ti (even 2030 who knows) in this price range.

Overall, the hardware of Macbook is not gaming-centric and that’s why it lacks in the components like graphics card and RAM.

Also, if MacBooks come with a high-end GPU, then I don’t think it can maintain its slim design. Because the GPU needs a better cooling system and more ventilation for better airflow then.

Benchmark of Macbooks in some games:

I know you might be thinking exactly how much fps you get in-game with the macs, right? Don’t worry, I have some awesome data to share with you:

Macbook used for this test: MacBook Pro 2019 15-inch 

GTA V1080P med80
PUBG PC1080P med72
Shadow of the Tomb Raider1080P med57
Fortnite1080P med82
Batman Arkham City1080P med65

So, if we get this type of performance from a $2400 laptop, then I definitely don’t recommend it for gamers. You can build a 4K gaming PC in this price range.

Now, I am gonna exactly compare what specification this MacBook has and how you can build a much better gaming PC yourself in that price.

Macbook 2019 pro specifications:

CPU2.6GHz Core i7 CPU
GPURadeon Pro 555X
Screen15-inch (2280 x 1800)
specification of Macbook 2019 pro

Now, in this price, if you are a gamer, you can build your PC:

CPURTX 2080Ti $1200
GPUCore i9 9900k$500
SSD1 TB M.2 SSD$150
Monitor4k monitor$400-$500

So, in $2500, with this PC, you can play all the latest titles in 4K minimum 50-60fps, much better than 1080P medium resolution.

Are Macbooks good for gaming?

MacBook Pro vs air for gaming:

If you want to know specifically which one from MacBook pro vs air is good for gaming, then Macbook pro wins this race. However, both of the laptops are not suitable for gaming but, comparing between the two only, we can see a slightly better graphics card and CPU in MacBook pro.

However, MacBook pro costs more and that’s why they can give better gaming performance. But, in one sentence, MacBook pro can give better gaming performance than MacBook air.

So, if you are buying a MacBook for working also wanna play a little bit (just a little bit), once in a week, then you can buy MacBook pro otherwise check my opinion on gaming performance in MacBooks.

should you choose MacBook for gaming? (My opinion)

MacBooks are great because of their software, games (a few) are refined specifically for the macs. That’s why MacBooks works way better with their own software.

But, for gaming, I don’t recommend MacBooks at all. Because they are too costly and the latest 2019 15 inch MacBook pro can give a performance like GTX 1660 only. So, you will be disappointed when you get that level gaming performance from a $2400 laptop.

But, this doesn’t mean that MacBooks are not worth buying, of course, they are. I am only saying that don’t buy them for gaming.

But, if you want a laptop for video editing, portable, coding, handle your 50 chrome tabs (bloggers), you can definitely buy a MacBook. They are awesome for these cases.

Although some games are coming in the mac too. But, I don’t think gaming in MacBook is ever going to give us pleasure. See, till they don’t come with high-end GPU’s and CPU’s, they can’t compete for gaming.

I think gaming in MacBook is never gonna be good. Because it is not made for that. So, please choose a good gaming laptop if you travel often or go with a gaming PC.

Wrapping up:

In this post, I have discussed gaming in MacBooks, are they even worth their huge price for gaming.

I hope you like it and it is helpful for you.

That’s it for today, if you have any questions, make sure to comment down below or contact me via email.

See you in the next post, tada:)

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