AMD A6 vs intel i3

AMD A6 vs Intel i3, which is the best:

Every budget gamer wants a budget processor (CPU) so that they can at least play the less graphics-oriented games. That’s why today I am gonna compare the best and the cheapest CPU options available in the market i.e. AMD A6 vs intel i3.

If you want to do basic gaming, according to me these two CPUs are the baseline of it. If you go below this, you can’t expect a good performance from your computer. So, let’s discuss which one is the best budget CPU for your computer.

AMD A6 vs intel i3

With the passing of time, CPU manufacturers upgrade/refine their CPUs so that they can give higher output than before. So, both AMD and Intel CPUs are good budget options for anyone. Now, let’s discuss the latest CPUs of Intel and AMD one by one.

Intel Core i3 10th Gen. latest CPU:

Intel has just brought its 10th Gen. Core i3 processor to the market. It comes with artificial intelligence (AI) with 2.5 times accelerated performance.

Not only that, Intel’s new 10th Gen. Core i3 can be able to handle twice of graphics than before and it is also 3×faster in wireless speed.

Undoubtedly, this budget processor can play many games without any lagging most surprisingly in your budget. I have personally tested Intel i3 with Thunderbolt 3 technology and try to play games. And I got shocking results.

I can easily Play GTA Vice city, Sanandreous, Devil May Cry 4, Assassin Creed Brotherhood, unity, call of duty modern warfare 2, mass effect whole series, etc. Overall, you can say that after having Intel Core i3, you can easily play most of the non-graphics oriented games without any graphics card.

Here are some specifications of core i3 10th Gen-

  • Come with dual-Core and 4 threads.
  • 4 MB Intel Cache.
  • 10th generation.
  • 4.10 GHz Max frequency.


Just like Intel core i3 (since the use of Pentium is continuously reducing), A6 is also an entry-level CPU but from AMD. Since AMD is a tough competitor of Intel, so both the companies try to compete with each other and A3 is also launched to compete with i3.

The latest generation of A6 is 7th Gen, which is launched in 2019. Though it’s clock speed is less than Intels i3 but if you exclude that, it is quite good than other budget processors especially for gaming.

Its base clock speed is around 1.8 GHz to 2.7 GHz and in the latest one(9220) you get a really good, well-optimized processor in the budget. Not only that, but it also supports DDR4 RAM, which is the latest and fastest RAM type.

Specifications of AMD A6:

  • Dual-core with 2 threads.
  • Radeon R5 graphics.
  • 3.8GHz Max speed.
AMD A6 vs intel i3

Talking about the power consumption, it needs only 6 Watt max. power to run on your PC.

Overall, this is also a very good budget processor and it will be quite interesting to see who wins in AMD a6 vs intel i3 battle.

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Who is the winner AMD A6 vs intel i3?

Now, I am gonna directly compare both the processors in different categories of gaming, a general user want and finally, I will declare the winner.


I have installed both the CPUs in my system and played GTA V, Mass Effect 3, all the games I have mentioned earlier and I got this result-

While I play GTA V with core i3 and with 8GB RAM, I can easily play it (of course in low settings) without any kind of lag. Note that I didn’t have used any graphics card. All the game was running on i3 and I found the result quite impressive.

The average fps I got was around 40-60 fps depending upon the areas. But just think, if you can play GTA V with this, then you can easily play any small game (less resource required).

Talking about the Mass Effect 3, I can easily maintain 60+ fps with core i3 which is a really good game. Basically, if you choose core i3 with basic use you can play games also.

After that, I have installed AMD A6 and play the same games with 8GB RAM and no graphics card like before.

In Mass Effect 3, Assassin creed brotherhood I got fps around 40-50 fps. But, when I play GTA V I feel a little bit of lag. But, it is playable.

So, according to me, Core i3 can give you better performance than AMD A6. But, wait there are different factors also to say which one you should choose.


Now, the main category which is the price. Since you want to choose it in your budget so every penny matters.

Check the latest price of Intel core i3 from below-

Check the latest price AMD A6 from here-

My opinion:

I have tested both the CPUs and I see that core i3 can give more output (performance) than A6 in general uses or in gaming. Obviously, you can’t run games in 4K with this CPU but you can at least play then in the entry-level. So, if you expect performance in the budget, please go with Intel i3 but if you have a tight budget A6 is the best option available for you in the market.


Both the CPUs are good but you can buy them according to your purpose.

For those who want good performance (a little bit expensive)- Intel core i3.

For those who have a tight budget- AMD A6.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Is AMD a6 better than i5?

In performance-wise, core i5 is definitely better than AMD A6. As, I have discussed in games like GTA V, Mass effect 3, i3 gave more fps than A6.

Then obviously i5 can give far better fps and can handle more complex software. And if you have a good budget i5 is a great investment for you and I hope till the next decade you don’t need to upgrade your CPU after having i5.

But, from a budget perspective, A6 is cheaper than i3 and i5. If you are budget conscious, you should go with A6 than i5.

Which AMD processor is equivalent to i3?

There are various Intel processors that came to the market before i3. But with the time, they are almost unusable. The users of Intel Pentium, which is a low budget CPU than i3, is also going to the deadline.

Since AMD and Intel are continuously refining their CPUs so AMD A6 can far better than Pentium. But, it gives low performance than i3.

But, in budget-wise A6 has an advantage. It is way cheaper than i3. So, you can assume A6 as a competitor with i3.

How fast is AMD a6 processor?

It can give an output of 2.1GHz max.

What is better AMD or Intel?

It totally depends on your buying perspective. Generally, AMD is known for budget products and I don’t think I have to say for what Intel is known for?

So, both have their own benefits and you have to decide which one is good for you.

Wrapping up:

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, so if you buy through our links, we get some commissions, but don’t worry, no extra cost for you.

In this post, AMD a6 vs intel i3, I have discussed which is the best for you in the base of performance. I hope after reading this post you can decide which processor is good for you.

That’s it for today, see you in the next post. Tada:)

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